Has anyone regretted traveling the world?

Now or never: why you should travel when you are young

May 20, 2013

To travel? Later, yeah, later.
I say: fuck later. Go travel now.


It's never too early. But definitely too late.

"Yes, but ... what about my friend?"

"Yes, but ... what about my career?"

"Yes, but ... what will others think of me?"

These are not excuses, these are fears. And no, they don't make you look classy.


Do you know how many emails I get every day with these three excuses and a request for support?

Guys what can i say ..

Except: Forget the “Yes, but…”. It is killing you of your dreams.

I think that sooner rather than later you should pack your backpack and go.

I was 15.

And here you can read how it all started when I was young.


Traveling is without a doubt one of the coolest and most soul-filling things in the world.

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to start traveling young.


1. Travel promotes your independence.

Organizing flights and accommodation, navigating through foreign countries, managing money and documents - all together, traveling is like a little crash course in life.

You are responsible for yourself and your life, because everything depends on you along the way. Your family and friends at home? Nope, not there.

If you start traveling at a young age, you will become independent faster. I don't mean to grow up faster, but simply become an independent person faster.


2. Travel makes you a more interesting and tolerant person.

And a horny pig.


When you travel, you gather experiences that shape you.

When you travel you have a story to tell.

When you travel a lot, you make travel your story.

My life story? Mostly has to do with other countries and my backpack.

And what could be more interesting than talking to someone who has something to say?

Aren't unpainted pictures boring?

You will also have to take off your blinkers. Because, oops, the world out there, outside of your hometown and Germany and Europe, is quite different.

Suddenly you will see things from a different perspective and realize that every culture is different, every person in it is different. And that it's incredibly fascinating and that you can get addicted to it.

Did I mention backpackers are sexy and intelligent?


3. Young = fewer ties = more freedom.

On average, the whole thing goes like this:

You get older, you sit down, you pile up things like a career, a house, a car, and kids. Usually a lot more.

And then you will say: "Oh, I can't just give up or leave it all behind!"

No, of course, but hey, we all know that it is a matter of wanting and not being able to.

In any case, you also know that when you are young and not yet have all that fuss sticking to your cheek, you are freer. And have less responsibility.

And especially:

You haven't been sucked into the routine of life yet.

You are even more adventurous, more flexible and yes, with a high probability also healthier and fitter.

Fuck what are you waiting for?


4. No Regrets! - No one has ever regretted a trip.

"I wish I had…!"

"Why am I not ...!"

Did you know the article about the 5 things old people regret on their deathbed? Nope? But then read something immediately.

And you know what?

I don't know anyone who has ever said

"If only I hadn't made my trip around the world!"


"Why did I only travel through Southeast Asia for three months!"

Or have you heard someone say that before?

Unbelievable? Neither do I.

The situation will be clear then.


Later? Forget later. The best time is always now.

Pack your backpack and discover the world.

Taste, smell and feel the fullness of life.

And who knows, who knows, maybe traveling will help you find out earlier in life what you really want from your life. Whether it is really the 40-hour job or whether the meaning for you is somewhere else.

What if you're not that young anymore? Then on. Now. Right away. Yesterday.


When did you start traveling Or are you still waiting for it to happen sometime? What else did you learn from traveling?


Photo Credit: Justin Ornellas via Compfightcc