What is the SAT scholarship after 10th.


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Where do the funds for the scholarship come from?

Due to the great popularity of the audience and the extensive coverage by the media, university sport is far more important in the USA than in most other countries in the world. The income from television money and ticket proceeds ensures an excellent financial basis for the college teams. The television rights for golf, track and field, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball and football from the NCAA in 2010 alone cost the television broadcaster CBS $ 10 trillion. These funds are used, among other things, to award sports scholarships.

Why do universities give scholarships?

American universities have a long tradition of university sports. The teams of the universities are the figurehead and with the successes of the teams the university receives not only ticket and advertising revenues but also many new students. For young Americans, the strength of the college teams plays a big role, as they cheer for the teams as fans. In this context, the sports teams also serve as a marketing tool for the universities to recruit new students. For this reason, the universities provide the coaches with budgets to promote talented athletes from home and abroad. The athletes can use it to (fully or partially) cover their tuition fees and living expenses.

What are the requirements for studying in the US or Canada on an athletic scholarship?

In order to be eligible to start / play in the American college leagues, you must have completed a technical diploma or a high school diploma. If you are currently studying, it is possible to transfer credits that have already been earned. In order to qualify for a sports scholarship, you have to pay attention to the special regulations regarding maximum age and the number of semesters already completed. In Division 1 there is a maximum age of 25 years. There is no maximum age in Division 2 and the NAIA. In all leagues you can have studied a total of 8 full-time semesters. So if you study 4 full-time semesters, for example, whether in Germany or the USA, you still have 4 semesters available to start for a university. The NCAA reviews the eligibility of each individual athlete in the NCAA divisions. It grants the athletes a license, so to speak, without which they are not allowed to compete in NCAA I or II. The factors that determine whether a player receives this player rating or not are his SAT and TOEFL results as well as the grades of the school leaving certificate. In addition, the NCAA checks whether an athlete fulfills the "amateur status" according to their statutes. The NCAA clearinghouse is the final authority for an athlete's authorization to start.

How do I get a sports scholarship?

For athletes outside the US, it is difficult to get an athletic scholarship in the US without professional help and excellent contacts. There are numerous rules and regulations by the organizations that govern college sports to protect athletes. This quickly complicates the process. Scholarbook provides talented athletes with the expertise and network they need to get great deals from the United States. We supported you throughout the process. You can find the specific sporting requirements for each sport on our homepage.

How is the amount of a scholarship based?

A scholarship mainly depends on your athletic level. The trainer has a certain budget available each year, which he can distribute in his own way. Depending on how interested he is in you, he will make you an offer for, for example, 60%, 80% or even 100% of the costs. American universities also promote good school performance with academic scholarships that are awarded in addition to sports scholarships. These depend mainly on the SAT and TOEFL results and the school grades.

What part of the costs does a sports scholarship cover?

It depends on your athletic and academic performance. Through our contacts with trainers and regular trips to the USA, your chances of a high scholarship are very good after a positive assessment of your chances. There are costs for tuition, food and living on campus and averages about $ 25,000 per year. If a coach offers you a "full scholarship" (100% scholarship), as with 90% of our customers, this means for you that the university will pay you all the costs mentioned. This depends on your level of performance within the team. The coach will offer you a percentage of these total costs, which is normally between 60% and 100%. A sports scholarship does not cover your personal costs, such as pocket money, flight money, excursions, etc. In the case of particularly strong athletes, books and insurance may also be included as part of the scholarship.

What period does a scholarship relate to?

At the beginning you will be guaranteed a sports scholarship for one year. After each year you can renegotiate with the coach and, if you perform well, increase the percentage of your sports scholarship. It is common that once you have received an athletic scholarship, it is usually valid for four years. You can of course end it yourself at any time.

Can I lose my scholarship?

You cannot lose your scholarship due to poor performance or injury. The coach knows that it is part of the sport and has to plan injuries and form lows. On the other hand, you can lose your scholarship if you cheat on a school exam, your grade point average falls below a minimum (around 4 on average), you are unfair in sports, or you don't abide by college rules.

How can Scholarbook help me?

College coaches are constantly looking for good athletes for their teams. Every semester they receive hundreds of applications from potential candidates from all over the world who dream of a sports scholarship. A coach needs very specific information so that he can even look at your application. Often the dream fails because of certain documents that are, for example, incorrectly translated. Scholarbook not only looks for and selects talents from German-speaking countries for the coaches, we also help you to get the best offers. Our personal contact with coaches from universities spread across the United States is particularly important.

How high are the chances of receiving a full scholarship or what conditions do you have to meet in order to receive it?

First and foremost, the amount of the sports scholarship depends on your athletic performance. The better you are, the higher the chances of receiving a full scholarship. Since we carefully check in advance which athletes we are working with and always give a fair assessment of the chances, with a positive assessment you already have a very good chance of receiving a full scholarship. Even if you receive an 80% scholarship in the first year, for example, this can be increased to a full scholarship in the next year if you have good academic and athletic performance.