How do I rob a house

Two men are said to have attacked an 89-year-old woman in her apartment on Wednesday evening. The woman believes the perpetrators tried her a week earlier.

Eiterfeld - The police are looking for witnesses to the incident that occurred around 9 p.m. in Bahnhofstrasse. The perpetrators pried open a door to get into the living rooms. They held the elderly lady and pushed her to the ground. Then they went looking for valuables. The woman was slightly injured. According to the police, the property damage is around 500 euros.

The Eiterfelderin describes the perpetrators as follows: One was about 40 years old, about 1.75 meters tall, slim and athletic. He was wearing a dark jacket. The other was older, about 1.70 meters tall and sturdy. He wore a dark jacket and a cap on his head. Both perpetrators spoke with an Eastern European accent.

According to the woman, the two men should have rang her doorbell on Thursday (17.09.2020). One of the two stated that he wanted to go into the house to read the water consumption for the current year. The other observed the situation from the garden gate. The woman remained suspicious and did not open the door. It is possible that the perpetrators tried to use this scam to gain access to other households.

Information about the two men or suspicious vehicles in the area of ​​the crime scene is requested from the police on 0661/1050 or via the online guard.