How can one fulfill one's purpose in life?

The biography of many people who have had a lasting impact on our culture, our thinking and our entire life on this planet always reads the same. Your way can always be only fully understand in the rearview mirror, just like the importance that their actions and thought had for everyone. While everything was just beginning, her world was determined by Doubts, fears and not infrequently from Scorn and ridicule of the others who weren't as far as she was.

They still had this irresistible urge to make their light shine, In other words, to fully develop their talents and abilities, which were given to them at birth, and to bring them into a meaningful task, one Bring purpose in life.

Why is it so important to live your calling?

There are two answers to that. The first affects every single person. Your life will be completely different when you are Live your purpose in life, your vocation, than simply doing something to survive or doing something because it's better paid for.

The second answer concerns the big picture. I want to remind you of the biographies of the people who influenced and changed this world. What if these people hadn't made their light shine? What if Gandhi had fearfully withdrawn, Martin Luther King had simply given up, if all the inventors of technical, medical and other achievements had been discouraged by their failures?

But let's look at each one in turn.

The personal benefit of the best possible further development

We humans have basic needs. For example, the desire to feel safe. If the ground is shaking beneath your feet or you are balancing over a precipice, then yours is yours Self-actualization I don't care right now, I guess. But even if everything is too safe and always in the same direction, then we need something that brings tension and a minimum of uncertainty into our life and thus makes it attractive.

The desire for Belonging and love, as Respect and recognition in society is also one of these needs. But there is also a deep desire in us to make a contribution and to grow as a personality and develop yourself. This pursuit Growth and development is inherent in every living being and often takes place over several generations.

With us humans, however, an individual can trigger a quantum leap for everyone and that within a single life - even if, on closer inspection, of course, one must not forget the previous development. But the point here is that you and I and every other person have brought a certain potential into this world. Talents, inclinations, skills, our environment, what has shaped us, what we have experienced and what conclusions we have drawn from it. All of this is our working basis and on this basis it is important to exploit this potential fully, or at least as best as possible.

Only if we do this Realize potential and dedicate to a specific purpose, we will Feel happiness and fulfillment in what we do. So it's also a bit of positive egoism if we don't make any compromises here.

the whole thing is more than the sum of its parts

Beyond the benefit for ourselves, it also has an impact on the bigger picture, whether we make our light shine or for some reason forego it.

As mentioned above, the world would be different if theirs Direction giver and changer would not have lived their purpose in life. If the thought leaders hadn't been ready to be laughed at by the less farsighted. If the technical pioneers hadn't been prepared to expose themselves to ridicule with their unsuccessful attempts. If the visionaries hadn't been ready to think beyond their own death.

They all had, consciously or unconsciously, their role in the big picture above your own comfort zone and sometimes above your own safety. Only in this way could the world and mankind develop further.

It remains to be seen whether humanity has always made something positive out of it. After all, you can have every development, every achievement for the benefit or the harm of people deploy. Knowledge about the usability of energy for protection and warmth, or for the most effective weapons possible to kill others.

The benefit for the big picture doesn't always have to be as spectacular as with Gandhi, Einstein or Edison. The supporting roles also have to be well cast and sometimes you need someone who the ungrateful roles takes over - but we'll go into that a little more later. Then we will clarify why it is important to find your passion, even if in the end someone else might take the fame for it.

What if I am not living my purpose in life?

But first of all an example from the Microcosm of our own body. What would happen if your liver suddenly decided that detoxifying is just a real sh ... job and now it would like to be responsible for breathing as well. An absurd idea, isn't it?

Or if the eyes decided that they had seen enough now and they wanted to work in the background and take over digestion, the spleen would like to do that visual impressions collect for everyone.

Thank God our organs are working according to their purpose, because that is the basis for the big picture, namely our body, to function. An analogy that can be applied to our lives.

Spiritual guides, such as Deepak Chopra claim everyone has a job a purpose in life that only he or she can fulfill in his / her own way. If this is blocked by this person, or if it is not fulfilled for whatever reason, the whole is missing. Nobody else can do that. If that's true, it explains, at least in part, the circumstances that still partially prevail.

We could possibly have been this world long too a peaceful, inspiring place if more people have made your Passion follow and their Find purpose and live would.

What is stopping you from living your calling?

Often times the answer to this question is simple. It is: "I have no idea what my calling actually is." But even if you have a clue about it, or maybe even sure where it might be, that doesn't mean that you will follow it.

“Maybe I can't make a living from it? What if it goes wrong? I might have to quit my current job and who will pay the rent then? What will the others think of me? What if I'm fought or laughed at for it? … “I'm sure you will remember a few more concerns when you think about it.

I personally believe that we need to develop a certain trust a feeling of being guided - by whom or whatever. If there is one overriding sense and purpose for our actions and our lives, then many things will fall into place. Then, through our doing, our deliberation and hesitation, we can at most block it.

I do not mean to claim that there are no limits to our possibilities, or that everything is possible for everyone. I'm also not sure if there is this one thing for everyone. Rather, it is probably our job, our talents, skills and abilities a worthwhile task to make available, or in other words - to find a worthwhile use for it.

What about the losers? What was their purpose in life?

A valid objection that I do not want to hide here is that it is to every world changer there was also at least one competitor who also tried to assert itself in the same area.

India, for example, became due to the peaceful resistance of people around Gandhi liberated, but not only. There were also a great many armed resistance campaigns. Just like Martin Luther King not only initiated equality, but also the radical Malcolm X contributed to it.

Edison wasn't the only one working on either the development of the light bulb, some even doubt that he was the first at all. In any case, there were other inventors working on it. Or physical theories, just like Albert Einstein. What about the losers who expressed all their skills, abilities and talents, but were unsuccessful? At least not in the sense of Fame and money.

Your role in the big picture can also be a thankless one

Well, on a personal level, these people may well have gotten into what they did and found Fulfillment in their work. That is a lot more than many others can claim. Nevertheless, of course, the icing on the cake is missing, the reward, the crown on your own work.

I guess we are one here romantic Hollywood imagination Gone up by the happy ending. The few who stand out from the crowd are portrayed as a worthwhile example and we tend to only look at the celebrated heroes at the end of the story. The time when these people tend to tragic everyday heroes We generously ignore the fact that they are the head of an army of people who have contributed to their success.

Can you see it, Elon Musk, the current CEO of Tesla is celebrated today as a pioneer in the field of electric cars. He lives like no other, his Talents and skills to get things going, to drive developments, combined with a great spirit of research, technical know-how and business acumen. An extremely interesting and by no means easy personality - but could he have achieved something with his talents and abilities on his own?

No of course not. At Tesla, as well as SpaceX and other companies, he needed people who would bring their talents and skills to bloom, who would complement and strengthen his. This also applies to his Adversaries and competitors. Without this, he would not have been forced to achieve this top performance.

From the big picture considered, was the role of the engineers, marketing staff and competitors involved now important or unimportant?

Your own vocation is often unspectacular and yet fulfilling

If we from Purpose and calling When we talk, we almost inevitably think of people like Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Goethe, Schiller, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and whatever their names are, those History made to have.

But in fact it often is much less spectacular the to live one's own calling. It can mean making people's lives easier in an old people's home and helping them to spend their old age with dignity. It can mean teaching children and preparing them for life. It can mean protecting people, them to heal, to inspire, or to clean up.

Maybe you just can more delightful purposes in life think of it as cleaning it up, but take any company building or your own house if no one is cleaning it for a week - what would our world look like? Or what would it look like without the work of the garbage collector or the street cleaner? What would we live on without the work of farmers? What about ours Prosperity and standard of living left without electricity?

I'll end the list of examples at this point, but you can think of enough roles that need to be filled so that we can live the way we'd like to.

Living your own calling, your own purpose in life - that doesn't necessarily mean that you will go down in the history books with it, and even 100 years after your death Songs of praise to be sung about you. It can also just be the best possible completion of the tasks be the one that life presents to you. Perhaps this one task for which you are intended? Who knows?

Do not shirk this responsibility. In your own personal interest, but also in the interest of the bigger picture.

All the best on your way.
See you soon
Gerd Ziegler