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i am new to the python world. I only started to familiarize myself with Python last week. There is no particular reason for this. Python is kind of just damn cool

It's so much fun that I have implemented all the standard algorithms, quicksort, mergesort, etc. that I learned at university in Python. So finger exercises before I dare to do something bigger. The learning curve is really good with Python. And python is fun.

There seems to be a post above that is aimed at school and university students. But there seem to be few of them here. In any case, there are no X entries here with questions about a HelloWord program or bubble sort. Java forums are full of them. Can I therefore conclude that Python is hardly taught at all in universities and schools? There was actually no place for Python in my studies. It started with Scheme, then Java, Prolog, Verilog, Assembler and finally C. So there is actually no more room for Python. Maybe it is not even necessary to teach Python in universities. You can learn it on your own so quickly

But why don't you find a python in school? Isn't it the perfect language for schoolchildren? Java has so much overhead to get a HelloWorld running first. I can still remember when our teacher said that we don't have to get it, we just have to memorize it. A simple program really needs a lot: brackets, a class, this weird static, private / public, void ?, a cryptic main ( public static void main (String [] args) { ), Return values ​​etc ... Then everything has to be in the correct order. It's not easy for a student. If you don't know what these commands mean, it's not easy. Learning the importance of before writing a program is also complicated. Students can be expected to do that. But students? EDIT: I forgot System.out.println ("").

At the moment I am studying English and then in two years I will teach computer science and English at a school. But I'm already curious and wondering what reasons there are not to teach Python in school. Could it be because teachers just don't know how to do Python? The older generation of teachers sometimes has less idea than the students themselves
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