What crazy things do women do

Crazy Women - Perfect or Relationship Killer?

I've been a dating coach for a while, and I've found that most men who are crazy about women tell a very similar story to how they came up with their claims.

If they come from conservative families, they start out with extraordinarily high standards. They believe any woman they meet, either (1) just a boyfriend or (2) a potential boyfriendso that they take care that a woman "the one" is before they get emotional with her.
Then, when they learn the truth about women, dating, sex, and relationships (e.g., by reading the articles on this website), they realize that they are not meeting nearly enough women in their life ... that they drastically theirs Lower demands and meet with as many women as possible as soon as possible.

That is when they experience women who have given them very stressful relationships, and they slowly increase their demands again. Now they want to make up for everything that has been missed as effectively as possible and are looking for a hot "crazy" woman. And that's perfectly fine. Experience has shown that crazy women are the best in a relationship and you can experience incredible things with them. Most of the time, crazy women offer very good conditions for a long and happy relationship.
But CAUTION! When a woman is TOO insane, all happiness can quickly turn into its opposite, and you end up in an absolutely unhappy relationship with an unpredictable, moody woman.
My advice? Learn to recognize what a "crazy woman" qualified in today's dating scene. This article is going to introduce you to the most common types of crazy women and how to spot them.

What qualifies as "crazy?"

I'm pretty sure you already have some idea of ​​what qualifies as a "crazy woman" in dating, like gold diggers just wanting your money. These women are easy to spot and easy to avoid.
What REALLY turns out to be "crazy" qualified, the drama queens are - not only can they ruin you financially, they can ruin your ENTIRE LIFE. I'm not exaggerating when I say these women can gouge you like a fish. So try to find out which woman is right for you before you go on a date.
The following list enumerates the sure signs of a mad woman. If you notice any signs of this in a woman you hang out with, remember my words - stay as far away from her emotionally as possible ... or you will be sorry.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Sign # 1: She makes you addicted to her love

Have you ever met a woman who fell hopelessly in love with you instantly? She's the one who bombarded you with her love, attention, and affection - she made you feel like a real man.
She's the one who is completely amazed and excited about you ... who can't stop thinking about you ... and who can't stop telling you how much she loves you and how happy she is to have you in her life .

Well, the feeling you get from such a woman is always pleasant, especially if you've never been flattered by a woman. But understand that this can be a trap by making you addicted to her love.
Once you become addicted to her praise, you basically associate her with lots of good feelings ... and if she suddenly withdraws her love and attention, even a little, you will immediately start chasing after her just to get those good feelings back. This is how she makes you addicted.
Here's the problem: It doesn't matter whether she does this on purpose or not. No matter what you do to fix the problem - in a conversation with her, in a discussion with her, even if you give her an ultimatum - it won't work.
So here is my advice: If you ever feel like she is taking things too quickly, then she's probably trying to get you addicted to her love (or she accidentally catches you - which is just as bad).
Take things slowly - if she really likes you, she will slow down. If she doesn't, she will leave you to find someone who is gullible.

Sign # 2: She has extreme mood swings

When a woman has mood swings, it usually means that she has some problems in her life. She is confused and insecure in her life and she takes it out on her love life. So if she really cares about you for one moment and hesitates again the next moment, then something is probably bothering her.
However, if she changes her mind EXTREMELY, from absolute admiration to absolute hatred of you, then that is a HUGE sign that you definitely shouldn't bother with her anymore.

This problem is not just a dating problem because:
Once you're trapped in a relationship with her, the way she criticizes you and gets you down is going to make you hate yourself.
If you say or do something that she doesn't like, she could publicly embarrass you - she could post your dirtiest secrets online on Facebook or Twitter, or tell her friends and family. She might say that you treat her badly and so on.
If she knows where you work, she can cost you your job.
Here is the problem - it doesn't matter if you're really not doing anything wrong. In her head, you do it - and that's all it takes for her to move on and ruin your reputation.
My advice: If she has mood swings, avoid contact with her.

Sign # 3: Every man she has been with has been violent

If you're new to this site (and new to dating) then you will likely have frowned at the above headline. If she has been in many violent relationships in the past and is currently in at least a semi-stable relationship with you, isn't that a reason NOT to leave you?
My answer: consider the following ...
Unless you like drama, stay away from it ... because relationships with overly dramatic women almost never work.
There's a pretty good chance her former boyfriend wasn't violent - she just THINKS it was him. In a sense, her reputation is ruined by telling you that she was violent - a way to get revenge on him for not satisfying her. (And if you don't satisfy them, then you are next).
It is also possible that she is the type of woman who subconsciously encourages other people to mistreat her. For example, she might have extremely low self-esteem or social skills ... that's another reason to stay away from her.
Usually, if a person (man or woman) has had some traumatic experiences in the past, they would NOT speak about it to someone they just met. If she tells you about her bad ex-boyfriend on your first or second date ... stay out of her way.

Do you think you have to "save" her?

I understand how hard it is to ignore a woman who is practically at your feet, worships you, or tells you to save her - it seems rude and it is inappropriate.
But at the same time you have to remember not to want to help her "right way" is - it's just a natural instinct from Mother Nature that almost all guys have.

It's both a force and a weakness, and some women out there know it's a weakness. This is exactly how they manipulate a man to do what she wants - she puts him in a position where it seems right "Yes" to say and "No" saying would make him a pushover, and there's no middle ground in between.
What usually happens is that you keep repeating "Yes" Saying to her increasingly insane demands ... until you're fed up and finally "No" say. And after the breakdown, she tells other people that you are a violent one "Ex boyfriend" are out of their life.
If this has never happened to you, then it is next to impossible not to take their actions personally. But if you know there are crazy women out there ... and if you know the obvious signs of a crazy woman ... then it will be easier for you to avoid things getting out of hand with her.
My advice? Don't try to women "rescue" - if they cannot save themselves on their own, then neither can you. You are much better off saving your time, money, and energy for regular women.

What if you're trapped with a crazy woman?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a crazy woman but are now free? Congratulations - you did something incredibly difficult. Now make sure that you never fall into the same trap again.
But if you're IN a relationship with a crazy woman, here's the bitter pill to swallow - if you want to regain your sanity, self-esteem, and happiness then you have to break up with her ASAP.

Stop spending time with her. Stop contacting them. Stop responding to their calls for help. Break off contact with her and never come back. Learn how to get rid of this woman.
It doesn't matter how much you love her or how much you've already invested in the relationship - if it doesn't work, cut the line.
You will be an emotional wreck for the next several months, but this is a natural step in the process of regaining your old strong, confident, independent self.
And from now on, you choose the women with whom you meet very precisely!