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Faz 05/14/13

Wassily Kandinsky already settled
hypnotize to get more exciting
to paint. The Canadian artist
Tamara Henderson has it too
tried and amazing things
found out. Features, page 27
The FDP represent in the city council of Kahla
and free voters the strongest force.
On the streets and squares of th-
Ringischen city it looks different.
Home for Nazis? Politics, page 3
The displeasure with the European
Union is growing. Even government
members speak up for you
Exit from. A referendum on
EU plans Prime Minister Cameron
not until 2017. Politics, page 6
No other racing team in the
mel 1 has such big problems with
the new regulations for tires
like the Swabians. Are in training
they have a power in the race though
no chance. Sport, page 23
The Freiburg district of Vauban
belongs politically to Germany
greenest spots. Living is here
not cheap, but Jrgen Trittins tax
Many have not yet planned to
Noticed. Politics, page 5
Many companies are looking for
struggling staff, and on welfare
the employees so that they can
if you still want to stick with it,
some. Even new careers are
created. Economy, page 12
With the new S-Class, which was launched on
Wednesday is presented, cultured
Mercedes-Benz the art of intelligent
gentenous representation: the star
on the hood and the torch in the
view. Technology and engine, page T1
Almost everything has its time
The sleepy modern
The competence team that the f-
publicly administered dropwise
is enough for Peer Steinbrck
nes of those rituals that he is at heart
thinks for dumbbells. Nevertheless
after a few weeks it almost serves him
already penetrating bad press
as a welcome relief. Now
is no longer just on the gold wa-
laid what he said himself. Content
are distributed over many shoulders. U.N-
It can be pleasant for the Chancellor
only become didats when things go like that
like with the professor from Heidelberg
mountain. But then it was Gerhard
Schrder, Angela Merkel and Paul
Kirchhof a deciding factor
Fettnapf in the way. today
the government doesn't have to do anything to
to scare away a crowd of journalists
chen, always looking for an open
Word greed for a politician then
to turn quickly in the mouth. peer
Steinbrck is therefore already in the
Go down in history.
That touches on the second reason
why is the topic of conversation
men of the competence team, fr
the SPD is so important. She is looking for that
Discussion about the content of the
the Chancellor's party persists
lich withdrew. Everything is on the person
Ms. Merkels turned off into a
Brigitte election campaign starts in the
they supposedly do what they never do
becomes, namely control over their
very personal secrets too
to lose. More than how is Angela
Merkel really can do the CDU with it
not yet offer, apart from
that their asymmetrical demobilization
of the most personal difficulty
the CSU is thwarted.
Whether that will be done by election day in September
over will be rich? Of these only
be convinced of those who
the Peer Steinbrck and his compe-
underestimate the tenzteam or Euro-
pa still consider a topic that the
Union also via Ms. Merkel
can slaughter. But here you
prsidial occurrence the age
native to Germany borders. The
SPD, on the other hand, continues to focus on domestic
and set socio-political issues,
for which also the first three names of the
Competence teams are there as always
with clear signals to theirs
Regular voters who have been
elections have stayed at home.
Should the drop-wise administration
act like stimulants,
could be Wiesehgel's motto
for withdrawal from union
post as red-green election campaign
hit in a head-to-head race
NEN prove: hopp or top.
sat. BERLIN, May 13th. The Chairman
of the trade union IG Bauen-Agrar-Um-
welt (IG BAU), Klaus Wiesehgel, has
terminated on the union day in
September no longer for this office
to run. He said that on Monday in
Berlin, after the SPD candidate for Chancellor
Peer Steinbrck called him for work and
responsible member of his committee
had presented competence teams. I have
I decided hopp or top, said
Wiesehgel. (See page 4.)
Glowing past Everything has its time / stones
collect, scatter stones, / plant trees, trees-
haun, / live and die and quarrel, sang the puhdys who
also had their time. Told about it on Sunday evening in
the Chancellor at a Berlin cinema. She presented her favorite
film before: The Legend of Paul and Paula from 1973, with
the flower-wreathed Winfried Glatzeder and Angelica
Domrse, crowning. The film is a glowing love affair
dream and blatant GDR everyday life, so love in the trailer and
Hauling coal. Page 25 Photo Picture Alliance
Tax haven
Rumor in London
Key search at Mercedes
The state-supporting cooler
Letters to the editors. . . . . . . . . . . . 30th
Technology and engine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T1
Imprint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4th
Germany and the world. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7th
Current affairs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8th
Economy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12th
People and economy. . . . . . . . . . . . 14th
Market and Strategy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15th
Weather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Financial market. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17th
Courses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20th
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Feuilleton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25th
Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Television and radio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Wiesehgel does not step
again for IG BAU
enn./chs. BERLIN / PARIS, May 13th.
Germany and France want theirs
joint efforts in battle
against the high youth unemployment in
Strengthen Europe. Federal Minister of Labor
Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) and
the French Minister of Labor, Michel
Sapin want one in Paris at the end of May
new initiative against youth unemployment
initiate speed. From the ley-
ens spokesman confirmed on Monday in
Berlin, the minister will be like you fran
Zsischer colleague on May 28th in Paris
that of billionaire Nicolas Berggruen
organized Town Hall Meeting
men. Also take part in the meeting
Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schuble
(CDU) and the French Finance Minister
ter Pierre Moscovici. On the co-
in the future, measures should be
that lead to a better
should lead to employment of young people,
said von der Leyen's spokesman. There
it’s also about loans.
Government spokesman Seibert said,
Because of its comparative
wise low youth unemployment the
Commitment to successful models in the
To bring in discussion. On European
shear level had been decided until
by 2020 six billion euros
the fight against the youth unemployed
in the hardest hit people
Member States to make available. Now
it's about making sure like that
Money arrives best.
One element of the project from the
Leyens and Sapins, under the title
New Deal for Europe, are also
additional loans from the European investors
investment bank (EIB) for companies that
Jobs and apprenticeships for young people
create infinite. EIB President Wer-
ner Hoyer told the newspaper Rhei-
niche post, he can imagine a
relationship between credit balances
editions and job creation and
To create apprenticeships. Thinking
The targeted promotion of the
Expansion of the dual education system in
Southern Europe or the extension of the
Erasmus program for universities
on the non-academic area,
an Erasmus for everyone, say-
te Hoyer. (Continuation and further
Richt page 2, see also features section, page
25; Comment on page 8.)
on a trade war between
the United States and Chi-
well is often spoken of. Lately is
a new form of debate
added: the computer
war, the cyber war. This war
has been running for a few years,
but in the meantime he has
enough that makes him the big issue
makes. In the new annual report of the
Pentagons dealing with China's dispute
there is a section
about cyber activities against the
Ministry of Defense addressed
are. The point there is that Chinese
hackers in American compu-
networks penetrate state and domestic
industrial and defense-related
steal te data. Access and ability
ten for such interventions are identical
with those who were responsible for attacks on computers
networks are required
the Pentagon warned.
It's not the first warning of this
Art. In February an American
computer security company
men more than 140 attacks on his
Traced customers to China,
more precisely: to a twelve-piece bro-
building on the outskirts of Shanghai.
There the unit 61398 of the chi-
Nesian armed forces housed
his cyber warrior from the realm of
Center. Their attacks were aimed at
take care of the critical infrastructure
drive: power grids, water supply
supply, gas pipes. Anyone in such a network
ze penetrates, can cities of millions
paralyze and environmental disasters
bring about. Of course, Beijing argued
the allegations. An agreement was reached
Washington on a working group
to fight against cyber attacks.
Experts can only laugh about it
unless they laugh in
Jibe gets stuck.
Because cyber wars have their own
laws. Or lawlessness.
It is part of their nature that
gripper stay hidden and a lot
are more difficult to crack open than with a
a conventional attack. The
Fighter of the presumed unity
61398 don't wear uniforms, are
not marked as militrs. Of-
the Chinese government could half
in these as in all previous cases
wash their hands in innocence:
we have nothing to do with! So ah-
Beijing is by no means empty. Nevertheless:
Every customer can hack hackers for a
Advertise or buy for a limited time.
In the digital age, loyalty is one
Question of payment.
The actors with no boundaries correspond to
have unlimited goals. True, each will
Army of the world try to defend the military
management and communication
disabling their opponents' systems
ten. But they are usually ambes-
valued. This is how soft goals come about
Targeted: In modern states that is
Infrastructure used by private companies
take is operated. This sub-
take their first look at their
winn, then for security holes.
Of course, this contradicts this
of warfare or even just the
preparation for international law.
But how should one
to attract who hide?
Classic deterrence also leads
no further: it sets a clearly identifiable
feasible opponent ahead, the red one
Lines are drawn. Of course they do
The United States, for example, is threatened
attackers with military
validity. But in the case of China, they moved
then prepare a working group.
NATO also wants digital attacks
not automatically as an attack after work
Article 5 evaluate what a collective
defensive reaction would result. in the
Strategic concept of the alliance
in this case only consultants
options provided.
Because the tried and tested mechanisms
deterrence and containment
of attackers in the digital age
no longer work, are wars
become feasible again. No country
knows better than the United
States. After all, from Is-
rael supports, even to the digital one
Blow out: with the computer
virus Stuxnet, which in 2009 up to
send centrifuges in the Iranian
Natans uranium enrichment plant
troubled. Although Washington and gave
Tel Aviv never reveals their authorship
officially, but government employees
all sorts of details of the
home operation olympic games
leak out. They were here too
Boundaries between espionage and
grip flowing: the cyber warriors pro-
first programmed a code that
Natans scouted.
As much as computer experts this one
ingenious attack was admired
ben, his success was short-lived
Duration. The Iranian nuclear program
was returned for several months
thrown today rotate more than double
pelt as many centrifuges as there were back then
in even better shielded places.
In addition, Iran has its own capacities
built for cyber attacks; the saudi
Oil company Aramco got it
can already be felt.
The arms race in cyberspace
ce has been in full swing since Stuxnet,
nobody can stop this development
hold. Above all, she will harm
highly developed, open states
with a large private sector. you
are, at relatively low cost
ten, easily wounded. Already today
if a few hundred cyber wars succeed
like week after week, the super
makes United States in one
to meet them that they will never accept
if it were conventional
le attacks acted.
ms. FRANKFURT, May 13th. The federal
Ministry of Defense has the billion
the program for the procurement of
the Euro Hawk drone
ben, although it has evidently known for years
that the unmanned aerial vehicle does not
Approval for the German and European
airspace. According to information
this newspaper is also the one with
the procurement of the drone
Authorities and authorities have been
knows that the obstacles that
oppose approval, hardly any
let side. Nevertheless,
made as if everything were in the best order,
said a confidante familiar with the dossier
defense politician of this newspaper.
According to information from an Air Force
experts, the Bundeswehr has 1.3 billion
the euro into that of the american
Defense company Northrop Grumman
built aircraft and its European
aerospace company
EADS developed reconnaissance technology
invested. Further millions of euros flow
sen in the conversion of the air force stand
place Jagel, where the five Euro Hawk
to be stationed from 2014 on-
ten. Members of the Defense
Shots didn't want to go out on Monday
conclude that the Ministry of Defense
rium the emergency brake this week
pulls and the billion-dollar project
The drone can travel up to 20 kilometers
ter height without stopping up to
Covering 6000 kilometers. The German
The German Air Force announced the purchase of the
operated stuff with great vigor,
although it according to experts
gave early indications that
me when registering the aircraft
indicated. Ten years ago it was already in
a presentation pointed out
been that the Euro Hawk does not have
has a system that does automatically
warns of a collision in the airspace and
an autonomous evasive maneuver without
intervention from the ground station
allows. Such a scythe and
Avoid system is designed for operation in the
vil controlled airspace German
lands and 190 other countries in the
Earth, the members of the International
Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are
but mandatory. (Continued
on page 2.)
ami. BERLIN, May 13th. Dispute in the university
on has led to the Wednesday
planned adoption of a new one
Legal framework for drilling for gas
and l in deep rock layers, the so-
called fracking, again from the day
order has been taken. If
the factions disagree, ma-
che it also makes no sense to use the cabinet
to deal with the subject, it said. Not clear
is whether the reform is now ahead of the election
comes. (See Economics, page 9.)
sha. BERLIN, May 13th. At the beginning
the trial of the fatal beating
tacke at Alexanderplatz in Berlin
are the six defendants guilty
disputed on the death of Jonny K. To-
They partly countered this.
sided. I didn't hit him
still stepped, it said in the personal
Chen declaration by the 19 year old
Onur U., who was his lawyer before the country
read court. He got with death
of the twenty-year-old doing nothing that
others wanted to blame everything on him.
The case had developments all over Germany
put provoked. According to the state
waltschaft should the young man who fr
Submerged in Turkey for months
provoked the attack. There-
at also became a friend of Jonny
K. seriously injured in the head. Onur U.
had only after a long legal period
Confrontation posed. Federal
Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had
contact the Turkish authorities in
turned the case on. Jonny K. was
according to the indictment on the night of October 14th
in 2012 with powerful blows so-
like kicks in front of the town hall passages
so violently attacked that he
crashed and hit the pavement
hit. One day later he died of
cerebral hemorrhage. A 24 year old
according to the public prosecutor Jon-
ny K. had kicked in the head
ben, when he was already motionless on the ground
lay. (See Germany and the world.)
Cabinet moves
Fracking decision
War in secret
By Thomas Gutschker
Euro Hawk reconnaissance drone will not be approved
Despite early warnings, Berlin invested more than a billion euros / SPD angrily
oops FRANKFURT, May 13th. In Saudi
Arabia are two other cases of indigenous
infections with the new coronavirus
became known. The virus, which is also carried by
To be transmitted person to person
can is related to the Sars pathogen.
The German virologist Christian Drosten
said that the infectious agents discovered to date
ten couldn't be the only ones. It
there must be many more cases that
but were probably more harmless. (Please refer
Germany and the world.)
Berlin and Paris fighting together
against youth unemployment
Germany's special obligation / loans from the European Investment Bank
I have him
neither beaten
still kicked
More cases of
Coronavirus infections
The arms race in
Cyberspace is in full swing
Gear; this develop-
development is unstoppable.
Drop by drop
From Jasper von Altenbockum
4 : n; V; V; n; l
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Who the debates in Hessian
Landtag persecuted, often frightened
the hardship of the argument.
If the CDU has its way, it will settle soon
a code of conduct for members of parliament
met each other. Politics, page 4
As the only one of the parties in
The Greens could be rich in all
four state elections in this one
Year to record gains.
They are courted accordingly
now from all sides. Politics, page 5
Even if an international sy-
rien conference in Switzerland
tangible result probably not
Needed she might be the last chance
be at war with diplomatic
To settle funds. Politics, page 6
In Turkey is not only since
the bloody attack on
Weekend discussed how
the civil war in the neighboring country is increasing
to be brought to a happy end
could. Current affairs, page 8
The European one filled 50 years ago
Court a groundbreaking
Decision: He justified the
European legal community.
Citizens were now legal
subjects. Current affairs, page 8
Two days after the double
strike in the Turkish border town
have rescue teams far
re victim found is of 49 dead
now the talk. The search for
measured lasts. Politics, page 6
he universe costs one euro.
This is how much the state of Bremen will
lay for the assumption of knowledge
and adventure center, the
attracts 200,000 visitors annually.
Without the takeover, one of the
most sought-after places in Bremen
have to close. The economic de-
putation of citizenship was right
the purchase unanimously to an un-
Similar all-party coalition fr
a nationalization. For operation
becomes the indebted federal state
now spend 500,000 euros annually
have to; the already high entry fee
holes are probably already at the top
threshold. The Greens called it
Universe the face of modern
nen Bremen, the Left Party holds it
for irreplaceable. The CDU praised that
distinctive architecture contributes to the identity
ttsbildung at.
Hardly any other institution
Hanseatic city has so many numbers
de visitors. Many of the 250 exhibits
are designed to participate
Creation of waves, of sand
pe, air bubbles are clearly
clarifies, brave people can
gen of the San Francisco earthquake
experience as a simulation. Since
Construction thirteen years ago came close
to five million guests, although the
Facility is on the outskirts. The
Concept of the operator (the building
already belongs to the state) went anyway
not on. Modifications are now required
which are largely made up of EU members
be worn.
The universe stands, says citizens
master Jens Bhrnsen, for the turning point
Bremen to a science location.
In fact stand right next to that
Science Center in the green the university
versitt as well as laboratories of high-tech
logistic company. In the universe
children and adolescents feel,
how exciting nature, technology and research
can be schung, entwined around the
Main topics human, earth, cosmos.
The unity, which is rare for Bremen
fierce debates and a pa-
pier from the finance department with a
Thinking about bankruptcy-
out. However, all parties found
that get the spectator magnet
must become. ROBERT OF LUCIUS
Enlightenment criticism of democracy
The Frankfurter Rundschau sees the pirates as
fails, but still considers them important:
So there are two types of protest. The populist
the constant no-sayers to whom Parliament has already
was always more of a chat room than a place of participation.
And the enlightening pirates as a democracy
tics in the sense of democracy. As a party, the pirates are
failed. Your criticism of the political process
serves more, liquid feedback.
Fire under the tailcoat
Also the Mittelbayerische Zeitung (Regensburg)
thinks the pirate's appearance will leave a lasting mark
At least the pirates have the other parties
dignified fire under the tailcoat. You have the
Freedom in the global network, data protection, copyright
e and digital grassroots democracy put on the agenda.
In the meantime, everyone seems to be somehow pirate
ternet-affine. That remains even if the pirate project is im
Fall should be shipwrecked.
Say it with Wilhelm Busch
The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung can at the
Pirates do not recognize a serious policy:
The previous parties should stop being louder
Dedication to the ominous network policy
ner from the pirates. Certainly came from this
Corner of one or the other interesting impulse. But
what should one think of a party that is now
next to unpunished 30 grams of hashish in the bag
She promises an unconditional basic income
and happy free rail travel? Wil-
helm Busch: You often meet someone who paints a lot of pictures
seldom who pays them.
Arrived in the system
The Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung thinks the pirates
have become a normal party:
The former, unconventional Internet participation
tei arrived in the party system at the weekend
men. And so the pirates stand against time
spirit that has worn her so much in the past.
To change positions or to have none at all.
After all, ben was the social trend of
which the pirates benefited from. Of course that would be all
half as wild, if the party admit this too
would. But don't do it. She still suggests
that her refreshing self-discovery process is still
is far from the end. The truth is
another. The pirates are no better now
but not worse than others either. Come in addition,
that just shown the staff over the past few months
how politics quickly condescends to the intrigue
men can.
A breath of fresh air
The Leipziger Volkszeitung, on the other hand, sees the
advise new momentum:
The pirate boat has a heavy list. The fri-
wind that pushed the internet activists forward
te, has died down. That is why Chief Pirate Bernd Schlmer has
his PC-proven team did it again yesterday
really rocked awake. With a sharp political attack
against political competition. Attack is the best
te defense. In Neumarkt the pirates mainly
lem took care of a fresh breeze himself. If this
Admittedly it will be enough to actually pass the Bundestag
boarding is completely open.
Identified the right topics
The Delmenhorster Kreisblatt also sees one
Future for the pirates:
On the way to a modern citizens' party
are the pirates standing where they were 30 years ago
stand: you have the future topics of the company
recognized and are in their solutions,
about social and family policy, the established ones
Parties ahead. Nevertheless, on their pirate
to continue to learn to drive towards the Bundestag.
Utopian demands
The Nordwest-Zeitung (Oldenburg) thinks that the age
native for Germany is now taking the niche
the pirate one:
The way from net activism to the party platform
is long. Demands for an unconditional
Basic income and a free local
Transport both financed from taxes are utopian.
That the pirates bitter about the so-called, permanent
General meeting on the Internet because they were in
own cause the Internet with its manipulation
suddenly distrust possibilities and data holes,
is significant. While the once so confident
Pirates are worried about entering the Bundestag, for-
Another protest party, the euro-critical one
Alternative for Germany (AfD). See demoscopes
the AfD on the rise. The doldrums continue for the pirates.
Focused on marginal issues
The Nrnberger Nachrichten misses the Piraeus
ten statements on important policy areas:
The thematic gaps in the program are large
of the pirates there are no statements on key issues of the
Foreign and Defense Policy. Too very focused
the party focused on marginal issues in Neumarkt
about the abolition of the time change in the program
recorded. She rubs herself too hard in poisonous discus
purely procedural issues to the debate
the, permanent general meeting seems to be the party
almost to tear. Serise politics looks different.
Internet party offline
The Tagesspiegel (Berlin) sees nothing that the pirate
make even more attractive than the other parties
Torn between utopian quirkiness and
the forced desire to be ready to take responsibility
society, tormented by politically unsuitable egomaniacs,
the pirates stay offline even wherever they go
have a few centimeters of water under the keel: the online
Vote rejected by a show of hands. The
would not have made the others worse either. And
types like the Berlin MP, his
Girlfriend employed as an employee, but questions
after declining as an imposition, she even already has that
least. ISTANBUL, May 13th. At the two
th Bulgarian parliamentary election since
EU accession in 2007 is the previous one
Ruling party Citizens for a European
cal development of Bulgaria (Gerb) as
strongest force has been confirmed, had to
but accept significant losses. Just
four parties managed to jump over the
Four percent threshold to move into the par-
lament. Given the expected there-
the majority, the parties must
teifhrer either their election promises
break, with certain forces not to
cooperate, or in new elections
chick. Already the election on Sunday had to be
be brought forward after the director
appointment of the former bodyguard and
Cash company operator Boyko Borissow im
February under the pressure of social protests
te resigned closed. Late
at least in July, however, part-
parliamentary elections must take place.
Gerb is the first party in Bulgaria to the
it in democratic elections after the
The collapse of communism succeeded when
strongest force in the country to be confirmed
the. However, their losses were high.
As a Gerb in July 2009 for the first time
The party won parliamentary elections
almost 40 percent of the vote and won
117 of the 240 seats in Sabranie, the par
lament. Tolerated by the nationalist
Ataka and later also by
civil forces, she could almost four
Rule alone for years. On Sunday
were omitted according to preliminary information from
Election commission 30.7 percent on tanning
and 27.6 percent on the Bulgarian
socialist party (BSP) of the previous
former opposition leader Sergej Sta-
Nišev-dominated coalition for Bulgaria
Mostly from the Turks and
other Muslim minorities of the
State's elected movement for rights
and Freedoms (DPS) received about 10.4
Percent of the vote. When the fourth force pulled
with 7.4 percent of the vote, the national
nalist party Ataka (party slogan:
Bulgaria about everything) turn into that
Parliament a. For the first time not represented there
ten is the former Prime Minister Ivan
Kostow, whose democrats were a star
kes Bulgaria only three percent of the
men received. After the disastrous
Kostow had that during the reign of the BSP
Country reformed between 1997 and 2001
and saved from being a failed state in
post-Soviet conditions after Ukrainian
schema pattern to slide off. Under the Fh
as notoriously compromising
hig valid Kostow had the br-
judicial camp then however in always
more par-
parts split. It is noteworthy that
a new one from the Turkish government
supported Turkish party on Sunday
without any notable success with the Wh-
learning stayed. Although their guide is the
support of the Turkish Prime Minister
ten Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his au-
enministers Ahmet Davutoglu had,
it is not long for the new strength to
nance of the established, withdrawn from Ankara
refused to break Turkish Party DPS.
This relativizes the Bulgarian national
nalist circles often expressed
litter, the Turks of Bulgaria provide them
around ten percent of the population
a remote-controlled fifth column
As the strongest force, according to the
version to be issued by the President of
de mandate to form a government now
Next tanning for seven days, however
As things stand, no partners are available
Has continued their work. The GNP of
Stanishev, who lived between 2005 and 2009
Prime Minister and the country in one
At that time still expansion-friendly
environment led to EU accession,
also enters into a cooperation with Gerb
as categorical as the Turkish party
DPS. Ataka boss Wolen Siderow, the
Gerb in the last legislative period
or helped to rule through toleration,
announced that he also saw no opportunities
ce, like a
Government could be formed. He
have nothing against new elections, say-
te Siderow and added,
the election results confirm that national
lism as a corrective to the established ones
Parties have their place in Bulgaria.
The turnout was only around 50
Percent and thus fell significantly
same as in 2009, when there were more than 60
Percent of eligible voters at the
mood involved. Major intermediate
There were no cases on election day. The
The election campaign itself, on the other hand, was
rich serious allegations. U.N-
among other things, Borisov accused one
Opposition leader, he had his
murder planned. (Comment on page 8.)
Disarmament in Wiesbaden
Austria verde
Hope for Geneva
Arms for Syria?
The question of power
Mourning in Reyhanli
On their way to potential operational
The drone would therefore only command
May overfly areas in which
this provision does not apply. To do this
len about the oceans, Alaska or
Greenland. Flew over this area
a Euro Hawk on July 20th and 21st
2011 on her ferry flight from
the western coast of the United States
to Manching in Bavaria; the air-
Road authorities had the flight over
American territory under
says. In various opinions
men shared the federal government and
the Ministry of Defense with,
the operation of unmanned military
cal flight systems will not be affected by
civil, rather than military
Aviation authorities approved.The EU-
European Aviation Safety Agency
(EASA), meanwhile, calls for the military
examinations and traffic
approval of unmanned aerial systems
the same standards as for
manned aircraft
the weight class. That the euro
Hawk does not meet these standards,
would have the Ministry of Defense
must have been clear for years, says one
Aviation expert.
Among professionals to whom
he officers of the Air Force and fellow
worker of the former Federal Office
for defense technology and procurement
(BWB) today's Federal Office fr
Equipment, information technology and
Use, be in the past
years repeatedly
been shown that an admission
even for restricted military areas
could be difficult because the
united states the security-relevant
vanten construction plans of the euro
Hawk do not want to provide
A proper document
tation is for the approval process
but indispensable, says an aviation
expert. Nevertheless, the federal
we held on to the full
Scale demonstrator, the first of the
five planned for the Bundeswehr
Euro Hawk, by Northrop Grumman
to be bought and converted by EADS
to let. This was presumably
just under a billion euros knowingly
put in the sand, says a federal
day member. Although in March
the Parliamentary State Secretary
at the Ministry of Defense Thomas
Kossendey (CDU) in a letter
to the SPD MP Hans-Peter
Bartels difficulties with the admission
solution admitted and the project for the first time
officially questioned, the federal
deswehr a second on April 9th
Test flight carried out over Manching.
The Defense Committee of the
The Bundestag will deal with these
developments at its meeting on
deal week. The SPD had that
Ministry of Defense in advance
gen transmitted and shows itself to the highest
unsatisfied with the answers. We
therefore have State Secretary Stphane
Beemelmans summoned to
to teach shot personally,
says SPD defense chairman Rai-
ner Arnold. It should be in the meeting
mainly about why that
Ministry of Defense despite everything
Notes and warnings the Euro
Hawk procurement has not stopped.
The government in Paris has due to the
high youth unemployment in France
great interest in new initiatives
ven. The countermeasures introduced so far
so far have not led to the
desired results. So subsidi-
does the government work in state
take and charities
Jobs for unemployed young people who
three quarters of the state minimum
wages pays. But until the end of April are in
Under this program only around
20,000 contracts have been signed.
The goal of 100,000 contracts by the year
the end should be hard to reach. In spite of
companies are reluctant to
and facilities due to scarce
by means with attitudes because they
Teaching efforts with an uncertain outcome
require gear.
France's Minister of Labor, Michel
Sapin therefore wants the subsidies on
the private sector companies
expand. However, this could be the
the state budget is heavily
chen. The French President Fran-
ois Hollande had last
Year used to ensure that on European
shear level 120 billion euros for the
Growth stimulus
be practiced. A large part of the funds
should, according to the resolutions of the European
heads of government via the EIB
to be paid.
FRANKFURT, May 13th. The international
le Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, a
Sub-organization of the United Nations
nen, has recently warned strongly:
The long-term consequences of high youth work
unemployment will still be in decades
to be felt, if not decided soon
which will be counteracted. Because the work
demotivate and dequalify unemployment
grace entire generations. The payment
speak a clear language. To
ILO estimates are currently more than 73
Million young people under 25
ren officially unemployed, which is an increase
means by 3.5 million since 2007. The
Unemployment rate is 12.6 percent.
The worst is the situation in the
in the east (28.3), preferably in the south-east
asia (9.3). The development
development in the classic industrialized countries.
Here the average was up until 2012
a quarter to 18 percent. Germany
belongs to the six industrial nations
a rate below ten percent.
When it comes to youth welfare, Germany
unemployment together with Austria
the best record in Europe. in the
March was the quota according to information from
European statistical agency Eurostat
just 7.6 percent. The through
cut in the euro area and the whole
Union is already a good 24 percent. And
behind the remedy are still hiding
far more dramatic numbers of individuals
Member States. In Greece the
Statistics as early as January, newer figures
are not available in front of more than 59 percent,
in Spain it was just under 56 in March
Percent, in Portugal and Italy, respectively
more than 38 percent. And also countries like
France and Sweden are above
of the EU average. That means though
not, as is often claimed that in Greece
country or Spain more than anyone
Second under 25 is unemployed.
Because in the statistics only
People available to the labor market
stand up. Who about still the school
or attended university, is therefore
not recorded. At the gloomy basic
however, this does not change anything, as many