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Exhaust tuning

The exhaust system is a complex area on the car that offers the resourceful screwdriver a number of options. Knowledge of the structure and function are the basic requirements for any change requests. With a little patience and time as well as the necessary budget, interesting effects can be achieved through exhaust tuning.

When working on your own car, however, it is always important to ensure that the framework conditions are right. Safety - especially road safety - and feasibility should never be lost sight of when tinkering with the exhaust. Here you can find out what options are available and how best to proceed.

Tuning - what is it actually?

Auto tuning is seen as a typical men's hobby in large parts of society. The scene is very large and often young people are already working on their mopeds and then later transfer this hobby to their own car. Younger men, but women too, enjoy changing their own car in a wide variety of ways.

The visual appearance or rather, the individual and very personal look are a great motivation. Color, height of the chassis, rear, exhaust, music system, tires, engine - the starting points for hobbyists on their own vehicle are very different and also require a certain know-how, which is gladly shared and heatedly debated in the relevant circles.

The exhaust of the automobile is a little more complex compared to the moped. Between the manifold and the rear silencer, there is the Y-pipe, also known as the flame pipe, the catalytic converter and other silencers.

Need a new exhaust?

In our shop you will find a wide selection of exhaust systems. Take a look around and find the right exhaust for your car or truck. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Conventional rear silencer vs. sports exhaust

While the normal rear silencer, which is in the car, so to speak, only fulfills its basic tasks - the quietest possible removal of the exhaust gases and the interception of pressure surges - a sports exhaust does more. If it is matched to the vehicle model and engine, this can influence the performance of the car by reducing the amount of congestion in the exhaust gas flow and thus achieving better tightening behavior. Such a sport rear silencer can directly increase the performance of the car.

The possibilities: what can be tuned?

Depending on whether you want to increase the performance of the car or just the visual perception, the necessary purchases and thus the amount of the costs arise. You can achieve an extravagant exhaust appearance by buying a tailpipe cover. It looks sporty and can be selected according to your own wishes.

Under certain circumstances, a state-of-the-art exhaust system can increase the car's performance by up to 10 percent. For this, a partial or even complete exchange or an adjustment up to the catalytic converter is recommended. At least the pipe system, the manifold and the rear, front and center silencers are affected. Solid stainless steel not only offers top quality and improves the sound of the car, but is also more durable.

Retrofit the exhaust for a better look

Retrofit the exhaust for a better look

Changes in optics are particularly noticeable, even for laypeople. From the simple, somewhat sporty exhaust model to a number of trims or the professional sports tailpipe trim, everything is conceivable. Depending on the make, the exhaust can be placed on the left or right side, if desired also in the middle of the car. A wide tube is just as conceivable as a double tube or an extra wide, oval design and much more. Length and dimensions also affect the sound and the direction of the exhaust gas emissions. Exhaust sports systems can also be constructed so that one exhaust pipe is placed on the left and one on the right.


Exhaust tuning for a better sound

Active sound technology is the latest craze on the exhaust technology market and allows the unpopular "knuckle" to be suppressed in favor of a rich exhaust and engine noise. This can sound high and mechanical or deep and cool. A gentle and at the same time full-bodied purr fills every tuner's heart. Audi builds such sound systems e.g. Some of them are standard, but upgrades offer endless possibilities for many vehicles.


Performance increase through exhaust tuning

Exhaust tuning should always be tailored to the model and make. The acquisition of new parts that are of higher quality and possibly support the engine properties is easily possible, but the installation mostly professional work - also for legal reasons. Modern stainless steel parts bring out a few more horsepower and under certain circumstances increase the performance by 20, 30 or more horsepower.

Tuning options at a glance:

  • Replacing the end pot: frequently and without risk, e.g. B. Sports muffler
  • Exactly fitting replacement of further parts made of stainless steel
  • Tuning the silencers
  • new, precisely matched catalytic converter (also consider lambda probe!)
  • Complicated conversions are always carried out by the specialist workshop within the scope of the emissions regulations

Tuning yourself or off to the workshop?

Replacing the end piece is in fact not a complicated challenge, just a rather small intervention on your car. Compared to other tuning work such as designing the rear or upgrading with new tires, however, work on the complex exhaust system is difficult.

The reason for the complexity is the exact settings of the engine, catalytic converter and numerous important individual parts that have to be precisely matched to one another. Legislators require that only experts are allowed to drive the car in the case of profound repairs or tuning, as otherwise the car's approval will expire.

You should stay away from that

Aside from certain mechanical repairs, you should also be careful when choosing your replacement parts for your new exhaust. Cheap imports from Asia are never a good idea. Money that you supposedly save on shopping will have to be invested many times over in a very short time to have damage repaired that has been caused by scrap parts. Not to mention the dangers in road traffic that you expose yourself and others to when you drive a car in which defective individual parts are installed. In the best case scenario, your car will simply stay where it is. Tuning is a hobby and your car and your safety should be worth something to you. You should therefore use high-quality exhausts from well-known manufacturers.

Exhaust tuning - costs & consumption

The cost of a new exhaust depends on the quality of the material and the purpose. Purely visual improvements are possible from 200 euros. If the performance is to be increased a bit, you sometimes have to dig deeper into your pocket. This can cost a few thousand euros. However, upgrading the exhaust with high-quality materials also contributes to its longevity. Corrosion occurs less frequently and quickly and in the longer term you save money on repairs.

Reduced fuel consumption by upgrading the exhaust?

A rumor has it that a modern and good exhaust system not only increases the performance of the car, but also minimizes fuel consumption. Unfortunately, we have to tick this off as a fairy tale. The manufacturers are already based on numerous guidelines, so that the fuel consumption is as low as possible, depending on the model, and further improvements are hardly or not at all possible. Savings are much more likely to result from intelligent driving behavior and the selection of the correct fuel.

Acquisition & maintenance costs for exhaust tuning

Thanks to the upgrade with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, certain signs of wear such as corrosion can be reduced. Regardless of the tuning, regular maintenance of the entire exhaust is essential. This is mainly due to the fact that the individual components are so different and z. T. perform complicated tasks, such as the catalyst.

Maintenance tips after tuning the exhaust:

  • Regularly remove dirt and rust, if necessary, from the exhaust
  • never clean heated parts (let them cool down)
  • Thoroughly clean the exhaust
  • Allow care products to work in sufficiently, but not for too long
  • Use care substances that guarantee polycarbonate compatibility
  • Polishing the exhaust (buy polishing attachments for the drill)

Penalties & fines: What is allowed in road traffic?

There are three key points that the exhaust must ensure. First of all, he must comply with the guidelines. B. do not protrude massively beyond certain dimensions (operating permit). The noise development must not violate the permissible limits and thus affect others, and finally, thanks to a fully functioning catalytic converter, the exhaust gas emissions must be within the specified limit values.

Exhaust tuning: overview of fines incurred

  • Annoyance to others through unnecessary noise and exhaust emissions - 10 euros
  • No ABE or type approval - 10 euros
  • Exhaust pipe protrudes backwards / laterally over the edge of the vehicle - 20 euros
  • Driving without an operating permit - 50 euros
  • Exceeding the dimensions - 60 euros & 1 point
  • Driving without a cat - fine / tax procedure

Our conclusion on exhaust tuning

Tuning: with a sense of proportion, the right products and according to safety guidelines!

In summary, it can be said for you that the design and modification of your exhaust system involves a whole range of exciting, e. T. offers very beneficial and at least beautifying opportunities. The demands on ability and feasibility are very different depending on the change and scope and exceed the skills of the layman in the case of far-reaching changes. In these cases, changes must be implemented by a specialist in order to comply with the relevant standards and safety regulations.

Standards are also important with regard to the new properties of the exhaust, which must not have any negative impact on road traffic. With a professional implementation of high-quality spare parts and exhaust components, nothing stands in the way of extensive tuning pleasure. Invest some time and money in your exhaust and enjoy the great end result.

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