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Ms. Weh is a primary school teacher and blogs about it once a week. Our "teacher of the week" reports in an interview how she always keeps her good mood.

Ms. Weh, how long has the kuschelpaedagogik blog been around? How often do you blog?
Ms. Weh: “I started blogging almost exactly four years ago. The frequency varies. Now in the time of the testimony, one contribution per week is usually online. If something burns on my soul, it can happen that I post for several days in a row. "

They report a lot about their everyday life as a teacher in a primary school. Which moments do you particularly appreciate?
Ms. Weh: “It goes without saying that no two days are the same. Our job is a lot, but it's never boring. "

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What challenges do you face again and again?
Ms. Weh: “The challenges are as complex and varied as the students I teach. On the one hand, we are responsible for imparting basic knowledge in primary school, which forms the basis for all further learning processes. On the other hand, the educational aspect of our work has increased in recent years. The responsibility we bear is not an easy one. "


Surname: Mrs. Weh
School: a primary school somewhere in the Ruhr area
Subjects: almost all
Today's students ...
are the reason we are there.
The school of tomorrow ...
lives from the decisions that are made today.
I will never forget that ...
Cat litter in elementary school is almost more important than blackboard and chalk.

Are there many colleagues from primary school who follow you? How is your readership made up?
Ms. Weh: “I have between 2500 and 3000 readers. Around half of them are regular readers who have subscribed to the blog. This includes, of course, many primary school colleagues, but also teachers from other types of school. But being a teacher is definitely not a prerequisite for reading my blog and having fun. I know, for example, of a psychiatrist and two firefighters who have been with us since my early days and who always speak up with their own point of view. "

You get the feeling that there is a lot of love in your blog. How do you create the balance between work, class preparation and follow-up, family life and blogging?
Mrs. Weh: “Now you should actually write Mrs. Weh laughs out loud! I regularly ask myself the question of the compatibility between work, family and self on my blog. There is no perfect answer to that. The fact is, I like to write and it relaxes me. In addition, I have a remarkably benevolent and constructive readership that I enjoy writing for. "

How is your blog different from other teacher blogs?
Ms. Weh: “Kuschelpaedagogik is the blog that I would like to read myself. A mixture of narrative texts, very personal thoughts on being a teacher, but also not quite as serious articles as the currently very popular section of the 'educational outfit', in which I reflect on the dress code in primary schools with my own photos. I often get feedback from my readers that they landed on the page by chance and stuck to it straight away. That pleases me!"

What tips do you have for other teachers who want to start a blog?
Ms. Weh: “It certainly doesn't hurt to think about a few things in advance. The most important thought is: What do I want to write about? There are many options between an anecdote blog under a pseudonym and a didactic material blog. And then? Just start! "

How do you network with fellow teachers online?
Ms. Weh: “Of course there are teacher blogs that I also follow. I've met some of the blogging colleagues in the past few years. This also resulted in friendships that for me are of particular quality. We probably wouldn't have met without our blogs. Otherwise, I'm more of the classic 'let's have a coffee' person. That then happens more in the same way. "

What do you want for your next school year?
(Here Mrs. Weh laughs again.)
Ms. Weh: "Unfortunately, everyday school life is more about 'So isses' than 'Make a wish'. But if a fairy godmother would fly by now, calmness and consistency would be at the top of my wish list. Just teach, without having to implement groundbreaking school policy innovations or ministerial ideas. That would be something! "

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Cover picture: Frau Weh / sofatutor

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