What is v25

Alesis V25

Compact USB-MIDI controller keyboard

With its 25 buttons, eight pads and four assignable knobs and buttons, the V25 offers solid control of virtual instruments in the DAW. It can be used to play bass lines, chords and melodies and also control effects. The V-series was first introduced in 2014 at NAMM and is the successor to the Q-series from Alesis. With the V25, musicians and producers will find a simply equipped USB-MIDI controller keyboard with a lightweight keyboard that can convince with its versatile MIDI functions. This controller enables an uncomplicated workflow and is compatible with every DAW.

Easy control of virtual instruments

With the 25 keys you have a range of two octaves plus a high C. The pitch can be transposed by one octave using the two octave selection switches. In addition to playing in with the keyboard, the four knobs can be assigned MIDI functions, so that you can use them to create filter sweeps, change the volume and crank up effect sends. Functions can also be assigned to the four buttons. Thanks to the blue background lighting, you have an overview of what is currently active here. A USB-MIDI controller keyboard should of course not be missing the pitch bend and modulation wheel, which are available here in a compact version. The eight velocity-sensitive drum pads can not only be used to program drums - they can also be used to start clips and samples or to activate individual tracks. A sustain pedal can be connected to the back.

Seamless integration into any DAW

The V25 can be seamlessly integrated into any DAW via a USB connection. Beginners and advanced users in the field of music production will enjoy the included version of the DAW Ableton Live Lite 9 as well as the XPAND! 2 sampler from Air Music Technology. This allows you to arrange and mix your own songs in an intuitive audio / MIDI environment. The DAW offers a variety of effects, the virtual instrument an extensive library of sounds, which includes acoustic instruments such as pianos, guitars and drums as well as synthetic sounds. The housing of the V25 is robust and slim, so that it can also prove itself in mobile situations without any problems.

About Alesis

The company Alesis was founded in 1984 by Keith Barr in Hollywood, California and has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of signal processors, drum computers, synthesizers and various studio equipment. The most successful products of the early years were the MIDIverb, the HR-16 drum machine and the ADAT multitrack digital recorder. Since 2001, Alesis has been under the management of Jack O'Donnell, the owner of Numark, who also brought AKAI, Denon and many other manufacturers on board and currently unites numerous brands under the umbrella of InMusic. Alesis has played a decisive role in the field of e-drums for many years and offers products in all price ranges in this segment.

Assignment of MIDI functions with the software editor

With the software editor you can assign MIDI channels and functions to the pads, knobs and buttons. The modulation wheel, the pads and the sustain pedal can also execute MIDI-CC commands here. The four assignable buttons can be used to send program change messages. The four controls can be set so that aftertouch data can also be sent with them. The software editor can be downloaded from the Internet and is compatible with the Windows and OSX operating systems. The V25 is supplied with power via the supplied USB cable, so that no additional power supply unit is required.

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