What makes someone a failure

Feelings of inferiority and self-doubt: poison for soul and body

Look for your strengths.
Make a list of your positive traits, traits and your previous successes and accomplishments. You are sure to find some if you think about what you could see as a success or what others see as positive in you. Your properties do not have to be unique or always present.


  • "I am mostly ..."
  • "I succeeded ..."
  • "What I like about myself is that I (mostly) ..."
  • "I'm proud of ..."
  • "I'm happy that I ..."

Read through this list every day and don't forget to keep adding to it.

Start a love affair or friendship with yourself.
Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Speak out loud to yourself in a loving voice: ".... (your first name), I like you the way you are". Talk to yourself as if you were speaking to a good friend. Repeat the exercise even if you don't feel friendly towards yourself at first. These will come in time.

Think of your body as a teammate.
Caress your body and say to him: "It's nice that you are with me. You belong to me. We are a team".

Stock up on compliments.
Write down compliments and praise from your friends, parents, colleagues, your children, your partner and your boss. Then read this list through when you have doubts about yourself.

Treat yourself as well as you would a good friend.
Think about how you would act towards your best friend or your best friend. Ask yourself: Would I blame her / him for this too? Would I also take his courage away and say that he can't do it? Would I tell him I don't like him? Or would I comfort him in case of mistakes, give him courage, like him despite his weaknesses, often praise him, tell him again and again that it is nice to be with her / him ...?

You are and will remain lovable the way you are.
Remember: there are no inferior or worthless people. All people have strengths and weaknesses. It is okay if you compare yourself to others about a specific behavior and find that you are less good at it or have less of it. In no case should you conclude that you are worth less. Your behavior and a lack of certain skills do not change your worth. You are and will remain lovable whatever you do.