Which safe bets didn't work out

Serious betting sites in comparison

By depositing and making sports bets, users not only go with their money, but also with their trust in advance payments. Betting odds, bonuses and the best betting offer are of no use if the betting site lacks seriousness, transparency and security.

We have taken a look at well-known providers on the German sports betting market for you and explain how you can distinguish serious betting sites from the black sheep.

Full transparency, no ifs or buts!

Play with open cards right from the start, this also applies to sports betting. The be-all and end-all of a bookmaker's trustworthiness. It plays a central role for reputable betting sites. As a customer, customers tend to be more skeptical and cautious about things, especially on the web.

However, betting providers with the necessary experience know how to approach their customers with sufficient sensitivity. In principle, you should ask yourself whether people are trying to withhold information from you. If inconsistencies pile up and it is difficult to understand whether the website has its right to exist, then you should stay away from it at all costs.

Answers about topics such as the betting license, odds / conditions, deposits and withdrawals, company headquarters and Co. should not be a problem for serious betting sites.

The look of the website / app

The website of a betting provider is the first point of contact for the customer and therefore the first thing they come into contact with. Before actively searching for information, it is completely normal to first examine the exterior. It is not for nothing that the eye eats with them.

You will quickly see that the best betting sites have invested time and effort in their website in order to optimally pass on the functionality of the platform to you in terms of design. If a page has hardly any elements to show, is littered with display errors and malfunctions, then caution is required.

Even if the first impression was positive and you now want to deposit your money with the provider with a clear conscience, you should pay attention to the details again at this point. When making a deposit, it is important as a customer to be provided with several options and possibilities to top up the betting account with credit.

If the provider refers to a few and unknown payment institutions, it is imperative that you take a closer look. For reputable betting sites, it is no problem to offer payment methods such as credit cards, Skrill and PayPal. The latter has proven to be particularly trustworthy when making deposits and withdrawals.

In addition to the payment methods, especially when paying out winnings, the speed is decisive for whether a provider really works properly. Inexplicable delays, missing or incorrect payouts are definitely an alarm signal for the customer.

Customer service: Your contact for questions and problems

For reputable betting sites, good customer service is another important component in order to help you as a customer to be more secure when betting. If you ever get into the critical situation that your money transfer did not work properly, for example, then good customer service can literally be worth its weight in gold.

Customer service is your direct contact for the respective betting provider. Especially at this point, a bookmaker should not save. Unanswered questions about the betting site bonus or problems using the platform are ultimately a disadvantage for both sides. It is much harder to win back a disappointed customer than to keep a satisfied customer.

In the best case, customer service includes various communication options in your language, can be reached continuously and does not cause any additional costs.

Betting licenses: The mainstay of reputable betting sites

Another topic related to sports betting is betting licenses. Suppose the bookmaker has the best website, the most competent customer service and the best bonuses and odds. Nonetheless, all of this is of significantly less value if there is no valid license to operate the portal in which you live.

In this case, Germany is regarded as a not uncomplicated market in which certain requirements must be met by the regulations of the European Union and the federal government. A betting site without a license for the EU or Germany does not necessarily have to be dubious. However, the betting licenses are well thought out and include some security measures to protect you as a customer.

Therefore, you should look in advance whether and how the license has been identified. By adhering to the strict guidelines, reputable betting sites guarantee that you can implement your sports bets without hesitation.

Digital security measures for safe sports betting

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Internet and the general use of customer-related data has changed fundamentally. Companies, public institutions, hospitals as well as online shops and many more - they all now have to meticulously adhere to the rules of the game when it comes to your data.

Who would like to have their data handled negligently? From the address to the bank details, sensitive data must be adequately protected in times of continuous digitization.

Be careful with the bank details at the latest. Betting sites with PayPal have a clear advantage here, because: No IBAN, credit card number or other data has to be transmitted directly to a bookmaker.

In addition, reputable betting sites are aware of their responsibility to protect their customers from risks, for example from gambling addiction. With account verification, deposit limits and contact points in the event of suspected gambling addiction, providers can avoid major financial damage in an emergency. In our opinion it is also a very important part of a good bookmaker.

Better safe than sorry!

A single criterion may not necessarily mean that a betting provider is automatically classified as serious and trustworthy. Similar to a puzzle, it needs all the pieces in the right place to put the picture together. In this case, for us it is reputable betting sites that should ensure that you as a customer are guided through their website - with maximum security and transparency.

You shouldn't miss the few minutes to find out about the respective provider.