Why doesn't my colleague like me

Dealing with colleagues you don't like.

rock star:

As already mentioned here, I would just flip the switch to ZEN and always think about what a much better person you are in character

Well, I don't want to open old wounds, but when I think of how Glimmer once insulted me as a racist (and got into it really badly, even though I tried to make it clear that she didn't mean it the way she did it understood), because I accidentally once expressed myself a little unhappy, I don't think that you have to advise her that extra. She probably still hates me and feels like something extremely much better. She set her opinion of me in stone. If it were important to me, I could turn myself upside down or do something, I still wouldn't have a chance with her. But that fits this thread and apparently also with your general behavior towards others. I think it's a shame and limited.

I just want to leave the following quote here:

Problems often arise because one is too resentful and too intolerant. Nobody is flawless, slip-ups happen to everyone and people are different, have different backgrounds and tastes. By learning to accept others and also to treat them to something and also to let all 5 be right, you will also be able to deal with yourself better.

Otherwise I agree - like last time there was such a thread (but I don't remember the thread starter at that time until someone feels stepped on their feet again and gets in ;-)) - Socials Post. That's exactly how I behave. But not because I'm the wrong person, but because I honestly believe that this is the best way to get discrepancies, misunderstandings and antipathies out of the way and not only make dealing with them less stressful, but maybe even really nice (depends from the other person, but most of them become sociable). That's why I consciously refer to Socials Post, because that's the best way to explain it.