How many Facebook friends follow me

The wrong and the right way to get the first 1000 Facebook fans

You have just created your Facebook page and want to get your first Facebook fans quickly.

While everyone else already has hundreds or even thousands of fans, you feel like the late arrival who missed the best part of the party and only got the remains of the buffet.

That's not fun.

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Why begging is the wrong way to get new Facebook fans and what you should do instead @SandraHolze

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So you start doing everything you can to get new fans and you make a colossal mistake in the process.

You beg

Begging likes or likes is not only annoying. It doesn't get you the fans you need either.

When you send friend requests on Facebook and immediately after acceptance send a message that sounds something like this:
Thank you for confirming my acceptance of my friendship. I would be happy if you like my Facebook page ...

... you just don't make friends. You also damage yourself twice:

  • You signal that you don't care at all about the other person, because you just wanted to get a new fan for your site in a cheap way. You only had yourself on your mind. Worse, you disguised it as an act of friendship.
  • You don't know if the person is even interested in you and your topics. A new fan is more important to you than a real new fan. That's short-sighted. Because that's how you collect sleepers - fans who don't react to your content later. The fewer people who respond to your content, the lower the reach of your posts. Because Facebook correctly assumes that nobody is interested in your posts.

Get the first 1000 Facebook fans

1. Pretend

You think, because you don't have any fans yet, you don't have to regularly share great content on your Facebook page? Not correct! On the contrary: share your best tips, your funniest sayings or your most beautiful pictures right from the start. This is how the people who visit your page will see what you are about and that you are worth following. Your regular communication signals that you are reliable and take customer contact seriously. From the start, act like you already have 1,000 fans.

Tip: All the beautiful content that very few people see at the beginning is not created for free. You can share the content again on Facebook every few weeks.

If you are now wondering what kind of content you should share on Facebook at the beginning, here is my answer: Concentrate on content that stimulates reflection or a mutual exchange, for example - offer them a platform for discussion, communication and inspiration. Short (live) videos, in which you can interact directly with your Facebook fans, are also a great way to retain them in the long term. In this way they get to know the person behind the Facebook page and can identify with you and develop sympathy for you. In this way you not only reach a lot of people quickly, but also create a personal bond with your fans - easier said than done, I know.

Which content is particularly popular

  1. Content that has a high practical value because it solves a problem or answers a question: By sharing it, people want to help their Facebook friends or fans. So ask yourself which questions and problems torment your customers. Then put the solution in a blog article and link it to Facebook or create little Facebook tips as a graphic.
  2. Content that allows identification with a thing / idea: People share content that shows their affiliation or values. We want to show on the internet who we are, what we think and want to talk to others. This applies to content creators as well as users. The digital exchange with one another is more important than ever now. Try to involve your fans through questions and give them the opportunity to express their opinion and talk about interests. Don't forget to respond to your fans' comments and show them that you care about their opinion. You can use this for yourself in the future to make the content even more interesting for your fans.
  3. Content that entertains and makes us laugh: Even as entrepreneurs, we shouldn't forget that most people visit Facebook to briefly distract or be entertained during a short break. Make sure that the post is still related to your business.

2. Be nice to others

Your Facebook page doesn't exist in a vacuum. Just like you hope other people or other sites will share your content, you should also share other people's content the other way around if it is of interest to your audience.

This is how you kill 2 birds with one stone:

  • Other Facebook pages will notice you and who knows, in the future they might also share your content if it is relevant.
  • Sharing other people's relevant content helps you stay on the ball and post regularly, even if you don't have a post of your own.

3. Send everyone to your Facebook page

Instead of just sending all the people who are somehow interested in you to your website, send them to your Facebook page.

  • Invite your email contacts and newsletter readers to become fans of your site.
  • Use other social networks, such as your Xing profile, to draw attention to your Facebook page. Tell people what's in store for them instead of just saying “Become a fan of my new Facebook page”.

4. Run a Facebook ad

I'm going to end up with this tip on purpose, because sharing good content and networking are the activities you should start FIRST. If you actively post, you can also start running ads.

But remember: just because you get fans with an ad doesn't mean you can stop communicating every day!

Unfortunately, many site operators do this wrong and then have 1000 fans who came via advertisements, but zero and no exchange with the site. These so-called sleepers do not bring you anything for your business.

Read here the 10 elements of successful Facebook pages and learn more tips with which you can quickly get the first 1000 Facebook fans.

Conclusion: why small is not bad

An advantage that you can look forward to if you still have few fans: The reach of your posts is much greater than with large sites. You reach more fans in percentage terms. Use this for yourself to get into conversation with your fans and get to know them really well. Be grateful for a loyal community that is in contact with you and be aware that one active follower is always more valuable than 10 inactive ones.

This will help you to hone your Facebook posts and your content in order to get even more people excited about you in the future.