Can you skate at lunch?

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Since it's very cold, we can Ice scating.
Since it's very cold, we can skate.
Flappy, loves the baby penguin on the ice Ice scating, but May has ...
Flappy, the baby penguin loves to skate on the ice, but May has a great passion ...
In winter, when the lake freezes over, you can walk on it Ice scating or take a walk to the island.
In the winter when the lake freezes over, you can ice-skate or walk up to the island.
Since you can in winter Ice scating and in summer have a quiet picnic on the lake shore, right in the heart of Moscow.
You can ice-skate here in the winter, and have a quite lake-side picnic in the summer, right in the heart of Moscow.
On the natural lake you can go boating and Ice scating.
Guests can boat and ice skate on the natural lake.
In winter you can do very well here Ice scating.
In the winter you can ice skate very well here.
We went last Sunday Ice scating in the park.
Here goes: Last Sunday, we went ice-skating at the park.
You can go in the park Ice scating.
And you can skate in the parks.
In winter you can too Ice scating and try out a sleigh ride.
In winter you can also skate and sleigh ride.
And my present for your birthday is that we are there together in winter Ice scating.
And my gift for your birthday is, That we skating together in winter.
We were riding, hiking in the hills, he gave me that Ice scating taught.
We've been riding, walking in the hills ... he taught me to skate.
In theory, you could also go on Lake Zurich itself Ice scating, but only when the lake is completely frozen - the last time that happened in the winter of 1963.
In theory, it is even possible to skate on the lake itself - although only when it is completely frozen over. And the last time that happened was in winter 1963 ...
The region offers various water sports, such as the idyllic Weiermoarteich in Seckau, where you can also do in winter Ice scating can.
The region offers various water sports, such as the idyllic Weiermoarteich in Seckau, where in winter you can skate well.
For this good work there is sometimes a reward - e.g. together Ice scating or eat pizza.
Then sometimes beckons for the good work a treat- e.g. together skating and eating pizza.
What could Ice scating Can you top it under the Eiffel Tower?
What could beat skating under the Eiffel Tower?
Those interested can here Ice scating, Play hockey or just enjoy sliding around on the black ice.
Visitors are welcome to skate, play games of ice hockey or just have fun on the ice.
In winter there is an artificial ice rink in Hrádek Ice scating.
In winter, the town Hrádek has an ice pavillion for skating.
Skiing is a real joy in winter. Here you will find the best slopes in southern Sweden. Cross-country skiing and Ice scatingIf the ice allows it, offers more enjoyable activities.
Skiing is the obvious pleasure in the winter. You are practically in the middle of one of southern Sweden's best ski slopes. Long-distance skiing or skating when the ice permits are other beauty activities.
So here you can Ice scating, the village has a bowling alley and the Forum des Eaux wellness and fitness center provides the necessary relaxation.
So you can skate here, the village has a bowling alley, and the Wellness and Fitness Center Forum des Eaux provides the necessary relaxation.
There is no way you will today Ice scating walk.
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