How can I meet Sadhguru for free

Sunday with Sadhguru. Or: Why you can't buy my opinion

Anyone who was out and about in Berlin in the past few weeks could not ignore the posters with the mildly smiling man with a long beard. Yesterday, Sunday, Sadhguru was a guest in the Tempodrom and was supposed to talk to the actress Palina Rojinski, well-known from Joko & Claas, about his new book “The wisdom of a yogi - how inner change is really possible”.

Why Palina Rojinski?But really exciting in itselfI thought to myself when the invitation from the press agency fluttered into the house. We should come to the event in Berlin and then also conduct an interview with Sadhguru. A reasonable budget for media cooperation was also provided.

Impressed by the fact that the guru understood blogger relations really well, I said yes. I was also very happy to be able to pester an enlightened person with all my questions about the meaning of life and to get money for it.

I didn't get the answers to my questions. Partly because I didn't even ask them. Or better: wanted to ask.

But let's start from the beginning.

My friend for enlightenment talks Laura and I finally arrive at the Tempodrom after a long search for a parking space. The first impression: nice people. Among the 2000 visitors we meet old friends and people who look mainly nice, sometimes hipster, but pretty normal.

Laura says to me half joking: "Just imagine, the two of us go in there and really meet our guru." We grin widely and make our way to our press area near the stage.

Normally, these seats would have cost 180 euros each. Perhaps one reason why the rows of the Tempodrom are only two-thirds full.

If you believe the event organizer on stage, the investment has paid off. One could consider oneself lucky to have got hold of a ticket, because soon even the Waldbühne would not be enough for an event with this teacher (Editor's note: the audience area of ​​the Waldbühne offers space for 22,290 people). I'm not so sure about that, but I would like to let everything come my way.

Finally the woman asks Palina Rojinski on stage. Why Palina Rojinski? Palina briefly talks about her current film and what she's currently doing professionally. Then we see a short corporate film about the noble deeds and adventures of the Sadhguru. We are perfectly prepared to greet him with thunderous applause.

The woman is obviously a student of Sadhguru and the actual moderator. Not Palina. Because she does not have a say. It's a shame, she would have spiced up the conversation a bit.

The conversation babbles and revolves around the question Who am I? Quite a probing question, but I'm bored. Most of the time the guru is speaking. Once Palina throws in the thesis that spirituality has now also arrived in the mainstream and the woman rumbles something about vegan.

Laura actually fell asleep next to me and I wonder if I really want to sacrifice my beloved Sunday afternoon for such a string of platitudes.

I sympathize with the guru himself.

A lightning-smart man, charismatic, funny and extremely quick-witted. He also has that special aura that only Indian, supposedly enlightened men with white beards and wise eyes have. That's why I try to concentrate and learn something about self-awareness. For example, how that can work with enlightenment in the madness of normal everyday life.

In is the only way out.

The guru gives examples and tells stories, I listen. He differentiates seeker (Seekers) and believer (Believers). Seekers have understood that the answer lies within us, believers look for it outside and in groups. "In is the only way out!" Yes, Sadhguru, I am completely with you, but why are we here then? And what does going in mean for my everyday life?

Slowly, resentment spreads in me.

After everything I read on his website, I was looking forward to a down-to-earth guru. To someone who understands the ups and downs of human life instead of preaching down from the enlightened steed. For someone who wants to help people from a place of wisdom to a happy and free life in a very practical way.

After an hour it is clear to me: I cannot find answers here.

Enlightenment theory has never helped me navigate hard times well. The thought of drawing the attention of FLGH readers to this guru with a paid interview creates a big knot in my chest. I just wanna go

I fight with myself for the last ten minutes. Should I stay or should I go? I would like to stick to my agreement and do the interview. Even if I've already written off the money for the advertorial internally. There won't be a Go Guru article, but canceling the press talk seems unprofessional to me.

We cannot determine the answer, but we can decide who to ask.

With the Q&A it gets too colorful for me: "Trauma is caused by you“, The guru exclaims without much explanation. I have to think of terrible abuse stories. To adult women who slowly and very carefully learn to live with their childhood experiences and torment themselves with feelings of guilt. From the perspective of an enlightened guru, the statement may even be true. It will probably not help those affected to heal wounds and find a little happiness in life.

I've heard enough. I don't want to ask this man anything. So I'll grab Laura and we'll leave the arena.

When we go out we get stuck at the merchandise stands.

In the meantime, volunteers have nicely draped copper goblets, books and plastic Adiyogi statues on the tables. There are also these 90s stickers for cell phones, which are supposed to protect us from dangerous radiation. The guru probably drinks his water from copper cups, the statues were seen in the image film. The medium-sized one costs just under 300 euros.

As we step out into the cold November afternoon, I feel relief.

The event in the Tempodrom strikes me as absurd. I don't want to send anyone to such places. Not even for 1000 euros.

The question of why the Foundation brought Palina Rojinski onto the stage has not been clarified. Because she likes yoga? Or because with her presence she should inspire new target groups for the guru? Or because she has a lot of followers on Instagram? One does not know. In any case, I am sure that Palina has also seen more refreshing Sunday afternoons.

What the afternoon taught me: I cannot find the truth in dark halls.

Sadhguru explained basic concepts of yoga philosophy in a simple and understandable way. Although I'm a big fan of delving deep into the ancient teachings and learning about enlightenment, I'm missing something here. The Guru explains that in order to experience real happiness, we need to put a distance between ourselves and our emotions and thoughts. That may all be true, but the big question is: How does it work?

Laura later says in the café: “This was actually not about me. I didn't feel that the guru was serious about mine inner wellbeing is interested. " So she hits the point. I heard a lot of words without them triggering anything in me.

Maybe I'm just too tired, maybe I've heard talks like this too often and maybe the event contrasts too much with my experiences earlier in the day.

Because I had a real spiritual experience in the morning on the yoga mat.

In the asana intensive with the ingenious yoga teacher Pankaj Sharma, I explored the subtleties of different asanas over the weekend. With the aim of finding lightness, balance and joy in practice.

On Sunday morning, Pankaj clamped a broomstick between his head and arms and let me practice drop-backs: from a standing position, I should bend back and land in Urdhva Dhanurasana. I hadn't done a full bike for over a year because of a sore wrist. But despite great doubts and latent panic, I landed lightly, happily and pain-free on my hands.

Pankaj showed me that I am capable of much more than I think. With a broomstick.

He saw something in me that I couldn't see myself. He provided me with tools that gave me a new experience. And he was there to catch me in an emergency. So he put the guru principle into practice and showed me how I can stretch my limits - instead of telling myself that it is possible.

Perhaps the time of the gurus on the big stages is really over.

It is time to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. It is time to open your eyes to the little gurus who day after day provide some light in the dark.

Even Sadhguru himself said it: we have to shape the circumstances ourselves so that our full potential can develop. He didn't tell us exactly what that means. I guess I'll have to buy his online course for that.

On the way to self-knowledge, only one's own experience counts.

Listen to what crafty gurus have to say, honor them, practice yoga, meditate, and study the great scriptures. But never forget: In the end, you decide. Question and check what makes you really satisfied and happy. Because what brings you into better contact with yourself can only be answered by one person in the end: YOU YOURSELF.

In is the only way out.

The report reflects my subjective observations. My impression is that the overall format of the event was chosen unhappily and could not convey the actual message of the Sadhguru. We received the press tickets free of charge, and I refused payment for an article, as well as the interview. This article contains an affiliate link. I would like to thank the press team of the Isha Foundation and muxmäuschenwild for the good support.

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