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Netflix: These countries have the most and best films and series

Netflix is ​​and will remain the leading streaming provider, the company also offers its content practically everywhere, the only relevant exception being China. But the films and series often differ greatly from country to country. An analysis now shows where the best content is available. Netflix is ​​currently available in 190 countries around the world and these always share the content that the streaming portal itself produces. The Netflix Originals are available everywhere, with the license content the differences are sometimes considerable. Because the film studios and rights holders make their own deals for many countries, a film that is available in Germany, for example, does not necessarily have to be available in Austria.

The VPN service SurfShark carried out an interesting study together with the Netflix database Flixwatch. Because you not only looked at the amount of content, but also analyzed it for its quality. And the makers of the study have come up with an interesting system: On the one hand, they looked at how many Oscar and Emmy winners the countries (with sufficiently large data sets) offer. Oscar films on Netflix

South Korea with the most Oscar films

The bottom line here is that South Korea performs best and has 109 films that have won one or more Academy Awards. Moldova comes off the worst, with Netflix subscribers only seeing 36 Oscar films there. Germany (62 Oscar films) and Austria (63), like the USA (60), are only placed in the middle. Switzerland does significantly better with 85 Oscar winners.

It is also interesting to look at the total amount of content: Here, the USA is ahead with 5879 films and series. But quantity does not automatically mean class, because these productions have an IMDb average rating of 6.95 stars. In terms of quality, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia are best placed at the front (7.13 stars). Germany and Switzerland (7.01 stars) and Austria (7.03 stars) are slightly above the USA, a similar breakdown can also be found for Metacritic ratings (both see below).

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