What gives people respect


Two basketball teams show each other their respect.

Respect is looking up at a person. It doesn't necessarily have to be bigger than you are. That means, there is not only respect for adults. Children also deserve respect. Respect has nothing to do with fear, but with respect. The opposite of respect is disrespect or disrespect.

You can show respect when talking to other people. For example, when you want to know a lot about the other person. If you are interested in his explanations or his experience. Then you show respect. Not only can you respect people, you can also respect certain achievements.

For example, if you see a beautiful sand castle on the beach, you show respect for the builder's efforts if you don't destroy it. Or if you applaud a play or a sports competition, you show that you respect the performance. Special customs can also be respected. When entering a church, one behaves quietly out of respect for believers. You do that even if you yourself have another belief or no belief.

Many schools have included the issue of respect in their house rules. In the past, children were brought up to fit in well with a community. Today they should also think about their own rights. This can lead to disrespectful behavior that disrupts school operations. Schools are wondering how to balance this out.

Can you only respect people?

Not only people can be respected, but all life on earth. With respect for animals and plants, it's a little different.

The animals in nature should be treated with caution. One can observe exactly how they move, feed and behave in their habitat. You shouldn't disturb them. You can learn a lot from this. Their life is especially difficult as they have to organize their life and survival at any time of the year. That generates respect in the viewer.

Plants are also not deliberately destroyed. For example, poisonous mushrooms have an important place in nature and you don't have to break them. We can enjoy rare flowers in nature and don't have to pick them. In this way, the insects can also use them as food and ensure that the pollen is spread. Anyone who treats nature with such care earns the respect of others.

  • With a bow, artists show their respect for their audience, which also applauds out of respect.

  • The military salute expresses respect ...

  • ... just like lifting the hat.