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Care for mature skin from 50

"How to keep yourself young even in old age"

Just because you've reached a certain age doesn't necessarily make you feel old. You are probably familiar with the saying: “You are only as old as you feel.” And the condition of our skin plays a key role in determining how old we feel. The skin of the face in particular is visible to the outside world and reveals a lot about body and soul. By the age of 40 at the latest, most people therefore start actively combating skin aging and using special care products and cosmetics to ensure a more vital and younger appearance. In this article, you will find out exactly what makes care for mature skin over 50 and why it is better to start prevention at a younger age.

Mature skin - this is how the complexion and need for care change

The skin does not begin to age until the age of 50 or 60. As early as the age of 25, it continuously degrades. This process is then not really recognizable because it is a development process. This change becomes more dramatic and, above all, more visible in the fifties, which is why we usually speak of a mature skin condition. After all, no one will say that a 25-year-old woman has mature skin. Nevertheless, it is important to know when we have reached our zenith in terms of skin technology.

From the age of 25, preventive care begins

Theoretically, you should take active action against skin aging from the age of 25, because once wrinkles and the like have appeared, it is difficult or even impossible to get rid of them. There are good anti-aging creams that visually reduce the wrinkle effect, but prevention is always better than aftercare. Anyone who does not begin to take targeted measures against aging until the age of 40 or later will soon notice that cosmetics only help to a certain extent. This does not mean that when you are 25 or 30 you will already be using anti-aging products and from now on only have to look around for skin care products for mature skin over 50. However, regular use of a moisturizer is definitely recommended. By supplying your face and body skin with sufficient moisture from a young age, you actively prevent wrinkles and skin aging later in life. In the fifties, you will need more care, because now the skin on your face and body naturally loses its elasticity and elasticity. The result is: the first wrinkles and lines also in the eye region, which later become real skin folds. The ability to regenerate decreases more and more because the cell metabolism no longer functions as optimally as it did when we were young.

In women there is also a problem that should not be underestimated: menopause, technically the climacteric.

This goes hand in hand with a massive intervention in the hormonal balance, which also affects the complexion of the skin. Deficiency symptoms can lead to dry, brittle and thus wrinkled skin. Of course, the skin also renews itself with age. It just takes significantly longer for this regeneration. This is due on the one hand to the poorer blood circulation and on the other hand to the slowed down cell division. As you get older, you can also experience the first pigmentation disorders, causing so-called age spots to appear.

How to find good care for mature skin over 50

Most of us know that mature skin requires a lot of care and attention. But how and, above all, with what is decisive. First of all, it is important to know that a mature complexion is not very keen to experiment. As a rule, in your fifties you should know what is good for you and what is not. So stick with it and don't just change your cosmetics and care products. In any case, skin care products aged 50 and over should be rich and have replenishing properties. Due to the plumping effect, the skin looks firmer and younger after the treatment. But the caring properties are also extremely important. The following ingredients are included in a good skin care product for mature skin over 50:

  • Hyaluron (the optimal wrinkle filler)
  • Vitamins (especially vitamins A, E and C)
  • high quality vegetable oils (for rich skin care)
  • Plant extracts (for example aloe vera)
  • Panthenol (to soothe the skin)
  • Peptides (to reduce deeper wrinkles)
  • ideally UV protection (the sun is a direct accelerator of skin aging)

Lifestyle - an essential indicator of skin aging

The skin is the mirror of our lifestyle. It shows nutrition, sleep behavior, the use of luxury foods and the daily stress level. If you want to look young and fresh for a long time, you should live as healthily as possible. Of course, enjoyment and stress are not something that you have to avoid completely - the latter is hardly possible today anyway. But the sum makes it in the end. Permanent stress and an unhealthy diet affect the complexion and complexion at some point. Not only for the sake of skin health, you should eat a balanced diet and eat fresh and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Especially fatty and gluten-containing food just unnecessarily stress our largest sensory organ. Drinking behavior is even more important than diet. People tend to drink less as they get older. This is absolutely counterproductive for the skin condition. Be sure to drink enough water, diluted juices (fruit spritzers) or unsweetened teas. Anyone who constantly sleeps too little will also stimulate skin aging. Before going to bed, you should apply a cream that additionally supports the regeneration process. For example, the Regeneration Supreme Facial Creme from Dr. Cornerstone. This rich care for the night was specially developed for mature skin and contains valuable natural ingredients such as wheat germ extract, naturally refined oils and wool wax.

Which face cream from 50 is the best?

There is of course no such thing as one perfect facial care product for people aged 50 and over. Which product is the best depends on your skin needs and the ingredients to use. Make sure you use natural and high-quality active ingredients in your cosmetics that do not additionally stress and irritate your facial skin. You can find out whether a product is suitable for mature skin:

  • for demanding and mature skin
  • Skin care from 50 plus
  • Anti aging
  • Anti-wrinkle

The Orexcellence Day Cream Jeunesse by Decleor has been specially developed for mature and demanding skin and, with its natural ingredients, ensures a firmer and radiant complexion. Special combinations of active ingredients from excellent plant extracts (from peonies, lychee and rose root) together with essential oils from ginger and magnolia provide moisture and plump up the facial skin visually and sustainably. It is an anti-wrinkle product and a moisturizer at the same time. You don't have to and shouldn't do without applying a mask at 50. Masks provide richer and more intensive skin care than normal creams and are ideal for pampering facial skin - including a spa experience.

The Skinovage Vitalizing Mask from Babor is ideal for tired and mature skin. If you use this once a week, your facial skin will look much more relaxed and strengthened. In addition, your complexion shines and natural skin regeneration is stimulated.

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