Is life important

What is really important in life?

Entry from May 3, 2016

Many factors seem important in daily life. But which ones are they really?

For me personally, community, security, friends, love, justice, support and health are important in life. Without community, friends, love and support you are alone and I find these things in particular that make life worth living. Everyone needs help or support from time to time and it is precisely then that it is important that you have family or friends who stand by you and want to help.

But on the other hand, I can also say that mistakes are sometimes important. Because you can grow from them and learn from them. Nobody is perfect and nobody is flawless.

For very devout people, religion and belief are also very meaningful. For me it is also important to believe in God and to hope that He will help me in difficult times, but I have to admit that I am not the most believer who prays every day. But as long as you have something or someone to believe in, everything is fine in my opinion. You should be able to show strength in certain situations.

You should show that you don't let yourself get down so quickly, but you should also be able to show how you are really doing and let your feelings run free. Everyone should believe in themselves and have a goal in mind. And even if the plan doesn't work out, change the plan, not the goal, because nothing is impossible these days. You just have to believe that it will work.

Everyone has a different idea of ​​the things that are personally important in life. Even if these things do not always seem good and right, such as always wanting to gain power and honor and giving everything for it, it is very difficult to change the person's opinion anyway. As long as you are satisfied with your life, it doesn't really matter what other people do.


What is important to us in life? I can answer the question clearly with freedom, justice, happiness and community. It depends on many factors, of course, and each one is different from person to person. Religion, self-realization, strength, adjustment, belief, help, tolerance, respect, culture, security, protection, or health - all these are aspects that trigger certain feelings in us and make us happy. Respect and tolerance, for example: in many countries women are regarded as a kind of object, have no rights and are dependent on men. In Germany there is equality and all people should treat and respect each other equally. Protection and security is also a big topic at the moment. War has been raging in Afghanistan since 1979. The population knows no protection from bombs and weapons or the word peace. IS ruled in Syria and there, too, people killed as they pleased. With us in Germany, the refugees find protection and are (mostly) treated with respect and brought to safety by thousands of volunteers.

All in all, one can answer the question that every person sees other elements as "vital". Everyone is different and so are views and needs.




There are probably certain things or people for every human being for whom one would put one's hand in the fire. These things are important to you in life and you wouldn't trade them for anything. Many are probably thinking of friends, family, school, hobbies or whatever else you like to do in your free time. For us, issues like freedom, or that one can freely believe in one's religion, are normal. In addition, many people in Germany are tolerant enough to accept each other. There is justice and of course everyone gets protection and security from the constitution and the police. It is part of everyday life to be able to express one's opinion freely, but when you think about it, many people do not have this right. They are offered no protection and do not have the right to realize themselves. Now imagine what it would be like if you had to live like that in Germany. Then all the little things, such as what you wrote in your last math test or which new toys you buy now, become unimportant. Fortunately, of course, this is not the case and every person therefore decides for themselves what is important to them, for example which new clothes to buy next. Still, you should keep reminding yourself how good it is, whether you have the latest clothes or not. But you have to remember what the latest things bring you when they can no longer be so important to you after a short time. In my opinion, material things shouldn't be given the greatest importance because there can always be something new. You should never forget how well you live when you have family, friends, health and freedom.


There are innumerable answers to this question, because this question is answered differently in each country. In Germany, some people might say that a big car and house are important because the basic values ​​that really count in life, such as health, love, family and safety, have long been normal for Germans. In Africa, food and work are very important to the people. I think that we already have a lot of important things in life, but if necessary we could also do without them, such as sports, hobbies, pets, etc. We decide what is important to us, even if there are things that are actually not that common, they are still normal for that person. But sometimes bad things like drugs or alcohol are also important to people, often they are even among the most important things. You should really consider whether you shouldn't keep your fingers off these "important" things. A lot counts in life, you should never forget the things that really count and make you happy.

It is said that you only need 4 things for a fulfilled life: awareness, balance, self-realization and fulfillment. If you follow these steps, it might work. But actually you don't always have to live according to templates, everyone contributes a part to a fulfilled life. I find that there are a lot of unimportant things in life and that you should first be clear about what they are.