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Fortran is a programming languagebelonging to her The beginning was primarily of a procedural nature. With the numerous further developments, Fortran now also has object-oriented structures.

Originally the Programming language designed for use by engineers and mathematicians and used for research purposes.

The Name Fortran is made up of the Words formula and translation togetherwhich means something like translating a formula. This means that the name is closely linked to the actual purpose of the language.

Fortran origin & history

Fortran was from the American John W. Backus designs and develops. Backus is in the theoretical computer science known, because together with Peter Naur he did the so-called Backus-Naur-Form developed which is used to describe context-free grammars in formal languages.

He was then Programmer at IBM and submitted a proposal for the development of the programming language to his superiors at the beginning of the 50s. IBM then started the project for the design of the language and the development of a corresponding compiler. Backus headed the working group himself and after only six months the first Fortran program was translated and implemented in 1954.

The The competitor at that time was the assembly languageSo that Backus has optimized the compiler for Fortran to such an extent that the language programs run as fast as assembler programs. 1957 came the Compiler finally hit the market and has been continuously developed to this day. The current version of the The programming language is Fortran 2018.

Using Fortran in Practice

Fortran was originally made for the Designed for use in math and numerical fields.

That show for Example of special constructs of the languagethat do not have high-level languages ​​such as C and C ++. This includes, for example, a power operator or the automatic assignment of the integer data type to the variables i, j, k, l, m, n, which are often used in programming as counter variables.

The Fortran programming language therefore comes to theoretical calculations are used and is found mainly on mainframesthat perform complex calculations. Since Fortran had to contend with an ever-increasing competitor, namely C, over time, a further development of the language was necessary.

Since the Version Fortran 90 has object-oriented structures in the languagewhich allow a wider use, for example in the technical field and in engineering. The ongoing development of the programming language clearly speaks for it.

Fortran - Definition & Explanation - Summary

In connection with the Lexicon entry Fortran the following aspects are to be kept in mind:

  • programming languagethat to her The beginning was primarily of a procedural nature
  • Fortran was originally made for the Designed for use in math and numerical fields
  • Persistent Further development of Fortran speaks for the programming language