Neuroscience technology is a good career

CBC now offers an innovative neuromarketing tool that combines neuroscience technologies with traditional market research methods. Advertising costs are thus minimized, while your benefits are maximized.

See what others see & feel what they feel
  • ■ Eye tracking:
    Precise tracking and analysis of eye tracking data and search behavior.
  • ■ EEG / ERP:
    Reveals the attention status and the hidden emotions of a target group and in connection with eye tracking, preferences of a target group with regard to every element of advertisements can be revealed
  • ■ fMRI:
    For market research of CBC created - fMRI is the most innovative and sophisticated technology worldwide in this area.
  • ■ 3D virtual reality:
    Move your customers into the virtual rooms of your product - guide your customers through the virtual rooms of a house designed by you or let customers experience your car models virtually. Individual processing requests from the customer can be easily dealt with with just a few clicks.
  • ■ Area of ​​application:
    · Promotion of effectiveness measures and optimization of targeted ad placement strategies of all formats and platforms.
    · Add emotional meaning to newly designed brands, front pages, logos, which you can use to increase your sales of your products or services.

International team of consultants

CBC works with world-renowned universities and research institutes and has formed an international team of consultants to offer our clients the most professional advanced mythologies and individualized research programs.

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