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Book your direct flights to Malaga. Because of the mild climate and beautiful landscape, Malaga is one of the most popular destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. You land after a 3-hour flight at the international airport in Málaga (IATA code: AGP). Málaga is the second largest city in Andalusia after Seville, so direct flights to Seville are also offered.

Book cheap direct flights to Malaga and discover Malaga

Book plane tickets to Malaga, Spain for your next vacation and discover the beautiful Costa del Sol. It is hardly surprising that, as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga has become an important place for art museums and restored architecture. Málaga is a vibrant and modern city that carries on its heritage and traditions. Find cheap direct flights to Malaga and experience the sunny city.

Not to be missed in Malaga:

  • Learn about one of the most influential artists of the 20th century at the Picasso Museum.
  • See for yourself how pleasant the baths of the ancient Romans were as you explore the visitor center for the Roman baths. It is located next to an archaeological dig site where thermal baths dating from 400 to 100 BC were discovered.
  • Taste the local dishes and experience the lively Atarazanas Market for yourself, a beautiful example of 19th century architecture.

Hidden treasures in Malaga

The remains of a Roman amphitheater lie under the Alcazaba. Take a tour of the ruins and learn about the artifacts unearthed at the site. After that, you can stroll through the botanical garden and take in the breathtaking views. Direct flights to Malaga ensure that you arrive at your destination relaxed.

Activities in Malaga

Aside from sunbathing on Malaga's warm beaches, there are plenty of exciting activities on the water. Follow an underground river and dive into the Cueva del Gato (Cat Cave). If you prefer higher speeds, go water-skiing in the Genal Valley.

The main attractions in Malaga

Málaga is the second largest city in Andalusia and the sixth largest in Spain. Málaga is not only fascinating because of its breathtaking landscape, beautiful beaches and delicious delicacies, but also because of its large number of interesting sights. Whether children or adults: direct flights to Málaga are an ideal way to spend an equally relaxing and exciting holiday in which everyone is sure to get their money's worth.

The best travel tips for Malaga

The Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación is an incomparable building with valuable art treasures and a high tower with a multitude of bells. The Teatro Romano is an impressive legacy from Emperor Augustus and is now used for various events. Fun for young and old: Sea Life Benalmádena offers a variety of aquariums with a wide variety of underwater inhabitants.

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Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación: A building that is second to none

The Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación, the cathedral of Málaga, was built between the years 1528 and 1782. The impressive building already impresses with its imposing exterior, such as the main facade, which is defined by arches made of magnificent, reddish marble. Architectural features, impressive art and valuable art treasures ensure that a visit to the chapel becomes something very special. It also has its own garden and a beautiful, large inner courtyard with beautiful orange trees. There are other sights in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral, such as the two former Moorish castles Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro as well as the house where Pablo Picasso was born.

Discover the past: the Teatro Romano de Málaga

The Teatro Romano de Málaga, the Roman Theater, is located at the foot of the Alcazaba Castle and is easily accessible. The theater was built under the Roman emperor Augustus. It is open to the public and is now used for various events. Overall, the theater is divided into three parts: seats for the audience, an area for the orchestra and the stage. The Roman Theater has a diameter of 31 meters and a height of up to 16 meters. Due to the semicircle, good acoustics are guaranteed here. In addition, the high seats make it possible for every spectator to watch what is going on on the stage.

Immerse yourself in the underwater world at Sea Life Benalmádena

Sea Life Benalmádena is located on the famous Costa del Sol and offers pure family fun. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of underwater creatures and observe, for example, sharks, rays and a variety of interesting fish, crabs, starfish and Co. The many interactive hands-on stations are among the absolute highlights, especially for children. Direct flights to Málaga can be booked all year round. Try it out and discover the impressive city with its numerous, incomparable sights.

Insider tips for visiting Malaga

Malaga is located on the Spanish coast directly on the Mediterranean Sea. The place is very popular with tourists and attracts numerous visitors with its beautiful beaches. However, there are many other great reasons for a trip to Malaga. Let yourself be absorbed by the magic of the city and explore the special sights. Interesting museums, a rich flora and musical events invite you to visit the wonderful city in southern Spain. Book your direct flights to Malaga for your next vacation.

Try out instruments at the Interactive Music Museum in Málaga

A private collection of more than 1,000 instruments from all over the world is partly made accessible to the public in this museum. In the exhibitions you can admire around 300 different instruments. You can touch many of the exhibits and make them sound with interactive modules. The instruments are arranged according to the epochs of musical development and provide a clear picture of the history of music. An electronic wristband guides visitors through the individual rooms, with 14 different routes to choose from. The exhibition is particularly interesting for families with children.

Dreamy walk through the botanical garden

The Málaga Botanical Garden was laid out in the 19th century. Winding paths lead the visitor through lush vegetation with numerous exotic plants. Small waterfalls and pavilions complete the romantic interior. From the garden on the hillside you have a fantastic view of the city and the sea at your feet. Typical types of wine and citrus fruits of the region can be admired in the Mediterranean part of the park. In the center, the huge trees are so tall and dense that you almost feel like you are in a jungle. A small restaurant near the exit offers refreshments.

Feria de Málaga in August - celebrate ten days!

One of the oldest European festivals is the Feria de Málaga. It has been held in honor of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella since 1491. The royal couple personally announced the liberation of the city from the Moorish occupation in 1487. The great festival lasts ten days and is celebrated in August every year. Proclamations and parades take place in the streets. A huge fireworks display heralds the beginning of the festivities. You can experience musical events, flamenco and real bullfights during the holidays. Well worth the trip! Book your direct flights to Malaga.

Diverse cuisine in Malaga: restaurant tips

In Malaga you have the opportunity to learn about a variety of delicious dishes. The traditional cuisine includes a great variety. Freshly caught fish of the day, high-quality meat from the region or famous Spanish paella, there is something for every taste and gourmet connoisseur. Numerous taverns also offer delicious tapas. In the past these were more of a small treat to accompany a glass of wine, today they are also served as tasty and varied meals. No matter what you prefer to be served, the Andalusian cuisine is hearty and offers taste experiences that you will not easily forget.

Huge portions, top quality

In the simple ambience of the Sabor a Fuego restaurant, you feel completely comfortable and at home. It is known for its perfectly cooked steaks. Anyone who thinks that only beef lovers will get their money's worth there is mistaken. Tuna, salmon and chicken, as well as other delicacies, are served in huge quantities. You can also enjoy fresh French fries, which are still peeled and cut by hand. All of the staff, including the chef, who is happy to greet guests personally, are known for their friendliness and professionalism. The outdoor terrace, green with countless plants and flowers, is another highlight of the recommended restaurant.

Local beer and traditional food

Tucked away in a ceramic and antique shop is the small La Recova restaurant. If you are looking for the original and would like to get to know typical dishes of the region, this is the right place. There is a rather small selection on offer, each individual meal offers the highest culinary delights. There is also a daily changing dish, which is recommended by the friendly waiters. They are also happy to provide a few insider tips on the cuisine of Malaga. In addition to very tasty traditional dishes, you can also try the local beer here.

Tapas, wine and cosiness

In the Tapeo de Cervantes, the chef himself ensures an unforgettable evening. He not only surprises his numerous guests with first-class dishes, but also with his outstanding language skills. A nice conversation is quickly going on, while at the same time you get great tips for choosing from the huge range. The varied tapas are sophisticated interpretations that go perfectly with the first-class wines of the restaurant. Small and comfortably furnished, it offers a very pleasant atmosphere. It is advisable to order a table in advance as it is always very busy. Book your direct flights to Malaga, the variety of traditional restaurants will delight you!

Plan your vacation in Malaga

If you book your direct flights to Malaga between May and September, you can look forward to warm and sunny days. This is the best time to visit if you want to do some outdoor activity. The winters are cool and humid, with most of the rain falling between November and January, which is why cheap hotels in Malaga are easy to find during this time, but only partially recommendable. Direct flights to Malaga are offered all year round.