What is 14 healthy tooth points

Milk teeth
Foundation for healthy adult teeth

Baby teeth not only play a role in food intake and crushing. They act as placeholders for the subsequent, permanent teeth. In addition, they prevent a crooked eruption of neighboring teeth and thus later misaligned teeth. The milk teeth have a supportive effect in language development and sound formation. Children who have lost their milk anterior teeth early due to pronounced teat caries lack the natural, anterior border for the tongue. Many sounds can then not be pronounced correctly.

Those who start life with the right dental care as a toddler are less likely to develop tooth decay or periodontal disease. So that you can support your children well right from the start, our advice begins during pregnancy.

Dental care begins with the first milk tooth

We want your child to grow up without caries and with a healthy, radiant smile. You don't need a secret recipe for this. Because,

  • daily oral hygiene,
  • a tooth-healthy diet,
  • Fluoridation,
  • Fissure sealing,
  • Early detection examinations F1 to F3 for small children,
  • regular checks and
  • the individual prophylaxis for children (6 to 18 years)

prevent tooth decay.

In our toothbrushing school, our prophylaxis specialists also offer support and guidance on how to properly brush your teeth and give advice on nutrition.

We want our little patients to experience both dental care and a visit to the dental practice positively. Your child is welcome to take a look at our treatment room and get to know us before the first visit. We take a lot of time and adjust to each child individually so that fear does not arise in the first place. In this way, your child can gain positive experiences at an early stage and adopt them into adulthood. A good basis for healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

Strengthen children's teeth
Fluoridation and fissure sealing

To protect your child's teeth from tooth decay, we recommend fluoridation. Fluorides harden the teeth by being embedded in the tooth structure. As a result, the teeth are more resistant to external acid attacks. Food contains only small amounts of fluoride. In children, they should therefore be supplemented in the form of fluoride tablets, fluoride varnish or fluoridated toothpaste. We would be happy to advise you on the correct dosage of fluoride.

The fissure sealing offers further protection against tooth decay. The pits (fissures) on the chewing surfaces of the molars are sealed with a special plastic varnish so that a smooth surface is created that is easier to clean.

The fissure sealing is covered by the statutory health insurance for the large, permanent molars. In some cases, however, it can be advisable to seal the milk teeth as well.

Recognize misaligned teeth in good time

Unfortunately, teeth and jaws do not always grow as expected. Crooked teeth are not only unsightly, they also impair the function of the teeth. In order to be able to recognize impending malpositions in good time, we recommend that you attend all preventive and early diagnosis examinations with your child. This means that orthodontic treatment can be started at an early stage.