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10 things every woman secretly wants in a relationship

"He's not trying hard enough"or"He spends more time with his friends than with me": Even if it often doesn't look like that for singles, it is not always easy for women in a relationship when it comes to love. Yes, you are officially taken, but often the relationship is very different from what you imagined, especially then When the first few weeks have passed, reality suddenly catches up with you, you notice your partner's quirks, there are fewer and fewer intimate moments. Often our idea of ​​a "perfect relationship" is shaped by pictures of couples on Instagram or romantic comedies from Hollywood, and we have certain demands on the behavior of the partner. All women in a relationship secretly wish for these ten things - watch out and listen, dear men!

1. The little things matter

We women love to receive little gifts. Are you awake first? Make us breakfastinstead of hanging on the cell phone first thing in the morning. You are not at home, but are you? Write her a cute note so she knows you were thinking of her. Give her a kiss when she isn't expecting it, or give her a hug in public. It's the little things that make great love.

2. Stand by us

It can be little things that let us know that you stand by us and that you are not embarrassed about us. An example: a buddy calls and wants to do something, but you have plans with the friend. Instead of saying "Today it doesn't fit"or"I have no time"Just say that you are doing something with us. Hearing the words "my friend" from your partner's mouth can give us reassurance. We also love if you share a snapshot together on Instagram, or leave a sweet comment under our latest post - sometimes you just need a little appreciation.

3. Dress to Impress

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you can let yourself go - sorry, dear men. Make yourselves really nice when we have plans together, pay attention to your personal hygiene and may not necessarily appear in sweatpants for a movie date together - you would expect that from us too. Even if it's just a joint dinner because the fridge is empty at home: We ladies love it when you dress up for us, because it also makes normal occasions special and prevents the daily routine from returning to the relationship.

4. Tell us what you think are sexy

Do you find us particularly provocative in one outfit or do you love it when we have loose hair? Whatever it is that turns you on - tell us! We think it's nice if we still have a certain fascination for you and in addition to the emotional bond of a long-term relationship, the physical bond remains important. And you can be sure of one thing: the other way around, such compliments are exactly what we find incredibly sexy!

5. Surprises us

Many women are afraid that the relationship will become too routine, so there is often nothing better than when men take the initiative and, for example, plan an evening together that you haven't had before. Surprise us with a reservation in a new restaurant or take us to a car cinema. Buy us flowers when we don't wait. We love it when you worry because it shows us that you want to maintain the relationship.

6. It never goes out of style to be a gentleman

When it comes to love, many women like it when men take on a traditional male role, namely that of gentleman, which seems to have deteriorated more and more in recent years. Open the car door for us, let us go, help us into our jackets, pay on the first date. We want to feel special, even in a relationship.

7. Take care of us

The head hurts, we complain of period pains or are we simply stressed? Take some time for us, make us some tea or just lie down next to us on the sofa and let us know that you are there for us. We love it when we feel safe and protected in your presence and we have the feeling that we can count on you.

8. Give us your attention

If a relationship has lasted a little longer, it can quickly happen that both of them go about their own things more and more often. Are you at work while she's on the go? Send her a message once a day letting her know you are thinking of her. Do you fall asleep in front of the television? Take her in your arms or say good night to her just so she knows that you take care of her and that other things are no more important to you than her.

9. Get to know our friends

We women think it's great when you make an effort to get to know our circle of friends and learn more about our lives. You don't have to crash the girls' evening right away, but maybe just bring her on a date and see her friends. If they find you sympathetic, it will reinforce their decision to have a relationship with you.

10. We like to be the "embarrassing couple"

... at least rather than being a stranger in public. We like it here and there a "I love you"To be heard, to be hugged in public or to giggle together - even if one or the other passers-by may roll their eyes. A relationship does not only take place in secret, but also in public life. Show us that we are important to you - no matter how, no matter when, no matter where.

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