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ADHD: That's how distracted our families are

Lenja had always been a bright child. A little dreamy, maybe. But above all curious and interested. Her parents would never have believed that Lenja would fail at school or have an attention deficit disorder. But on the day they started school, the child changed. Lenja's mother wrote a book about the family's ordeal - anonymously, to protect herself and her daughter. “Suddenly a problem child. From the life of an attention-defying family ”not only describes Lenja's story. The book is also a self-indictment.

The world: Your book asks a question that hits most families straight to the core: Does the modern, career-oriented lifestyle make our children sick? What's your conclusion?

mother: Yes, it makes our children sick. There is no other way to explain the incredible increase in ADHD diagnoses and other alleged disorders. The prescription numbers for Ritalin have exploded. No matter how many articles you read about it, there is no rational answer to this development. The only answer starts with the symptom: It's just a metabolic disorder. Even if it is, why is a metabolism imbalanced? One cannot pathologize a whole generation without investigating the reasons. And do we even have the right to call our children sick because they no longer function in this everyday life? Sick are the conditions to which we all submit. For example, completely unlimited working hours which, thanks to constant availability, extend well into the evening, into the weekends and into vacation. The dominance of work as a meaning and structure of life creates a restlessness and lack of ties from which everyone suffers.

The world: How did attention deficit disorder manifest itself in your daughter?

mother: Lenja just didn't work anymore, neither at school nor at home. She started everything but finished nothing, crumpled work slips and broken pens were piled up in her school bag. In the morning she got lost on the way between bathroom and kitchen, sat with socks on in the hallway and had forgotten what to do next. Lenja has always mixed up our everyday lives, but what happened in the first year of elementary school went far beyond her usual dreaminess. In contrast to before, laughter often got stuck in my throat and images of senile dementia came into my head.

The world: What do children with ADD suffer from?

mother: ADD is considered the dreamy variant of an attention disorder, i.e. ADHD