Have you ever had a dream together?

The 7 most common sexual dreams and their meanings

It is very likely that you have woken up a little excited and confused because you had confused dreams in which you acted in sex scenes. These dreams can get puzzling, depending on who your sexual partner is in the dream, but in any case we want to reassure you, because it doesn't happen to you alone.

Sexual dreams are a normal part of life. In fact, we could say that we all or almost all of us will have them at some point. It's also normal to dream about having some type of sexual activity with someone other than your partner, even if it initially makes you feel guilty.

The main dreams with their interpretation

Although deciphering the meaning of sexual dreams for everyone is not an equitable process, there are some common themes that occur in sexual dreams that have an interpretation defined by most experts. They are as follows:

1. Sex with a stranger or a friend

This dream could indicate that your libido is high and your needs are not being met.

Instead of worrying too much about this dream, speak to your partner and explain your wishes openly, even though you understand that increased sexual activity is one of two things and that the other side doesn't need to feel obligated.

2. Recurring sexual dreams with an ex

This dream can mean different things depending on how often it appears and how long you've been apart from your ex. Maybe you are still getting used to your new partner, or maybe that ex has left a mark on your life that you haven't been able to erase.

If you've just broken up, you may need some time to adjust to having sex with a new partner. But if you've been having sex dreams with the same ex for a long time, it can be a sign that something is wrong and you should consult a professional.

3. Sexual dreams with BDSM

BDSM has connotations related to slavery, discipline, sadism, and masochism. This dream may be influenced by having an authoritarian mother or father, or it may have to do with a desire to take the initiative.

If the dream got you excited and you want to try it out, there's nothing wrong with it, provided your partner agrees.

4. Oral sex

It is very common for people who have grown up to receive messages, directly or indirectly, that oral sex is uncomfortable and dirty, and therefore that they secretly want it.

Many people are reluctant to practice oral sex, but if you are genuinely curious and this practice is present on your mind, talk to your partner and experiment with it in a way that you are not uncomfortable with.

5. Sex with a teacher

This dream may indicate that a person is fantasizing with a feeling of being loved by an authority figure. This usually happens when someone had a charming, narcissistic father who didn't pay them as much attention as they would have liked.

If you are craving the attention of an authority figure, you can choose to speak to a professional about how to work with your feelings.

6. Sex in the bathtub

Oddly enough, there are people who are sexually excited when they see an inanimate object.

The shape of a bathtub can suggest some kind of mental connection to someone that is exciting.

There is nothing perverse, wrong, or unnatural about it. As long as it doesn't hurt yourself or someone else, you can fantasize freely.

7. Sexual dreams full of dirty words

You may unconsciously want to free yourself of your worries about how others see you, and saying thick, dirty words during sex is your way of rebelling against that image.

However, if you intend to put it into practice with your partner, you need to make sure beforehand that you do not find this type of language uncomfortable. Communication is key to learning more about everyone's tastes.

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