Police officers can have tattoos

Police officers and soldiers affected : New rules for tattoos and hair for civil servants

The law restricts the ability to wear a tattoo for police officers and soldiers. The cabinet passed a corresponding bill on Wednesday in Berlin.

According to this, the employer can prohibit the wearing of visible tattoos, jewelry or a certain hairstyle if this affects the “official function” of an official. The reason given is that public servants must show "consideration for the trust placed in their office" with their appearance.

Similar regulations already exist, but they are only based on administrative regulations or decrees. However, because it is an encroachment on the general right of personality, the Federal Administrative Court called for a legal regulation in 2017. The background at the time was the trial of a police officer who had lost his official status because of right-wing extremist tattoos.

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The new regulation is part of a comprehensive reform of civil service law. According to this, officials should get more time off for business trips in the future. Travel times that exceed the daily working hours are then taken into account from the first minute instead of - as before - from the 16th hour. In addition, the possibility of saving overtime on long-term accounts is being expanded. (dpa)

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