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1 - International Association for Christian Education / International Association for Christian Education

International; Europe
The International Association is an organization of national associations in various European countries for the purpose of promoting the Protestant school system in private and public-law sponsorship and to preserve the values ​​of Protestant education.

2 - Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)

ANED was set up by the European Commission in 2007 to support its disability department in developing policy frameworks and guidelines. ANED therefore also follows the EU's goals for full participation and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. The website provides information on the state of the political, social and [...]

3 - ETNOEDU - Mailing list of the Société Européenne d’Ethnographie de l’Éducation (SEEE)

There is no direct reference to the connection to SEEE on the mailing list. Evidence of the link between the list and SEEE can be found in the article by the President of SEEE, which refers to the link and the seat of the mailing list in Spain. [Summary: Editorial Office Education Worldwide]

4 - Société européenne d'ethnographie de l’éducation (SEEE)

Portugal; Spain; Germany; France; Belgium; Ireland; Italy; Norway; Switzerland; Australia; Mexico; Morocco; Brazil; Europe; International
The SEEE (European Society for Educational Ethnography) is almost invisible on the Internet. However, this article by the President of the Society gives a historical overview of the foundation, goals, conferences held and its magazine Revue de la Société Européenne d \ 'Ethnographie de l \' Education (REEE). SEEE also operates a [...]

5 - European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers (EUPRIO)

EUPRIO is a European organization for public relations at universities. EUPRIO is organized on the basis of individual memberships and offers a forum for the exchange of information on public relations and for mutual support of those working in this area.

6 - European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA)

The society promotes and disseminates theoretical and empirical research in the field of adult education in Europe, for example through networks and publications as well as conferences on adult education topics. Its office is located at Linköping University in Sweden (Department of Behavioral Sciences).

7 - European Prison Education Association (EPEA)

The EPEA (roughly translated: ´European Organization for Education in Prisons´) is an organization made up of teachers, leaders and scientists who deal with issues relating to the training and further education of prisoners. All have a common interest in promoting and developing the education of prisoners. The EPEA has been approved by the Council of Europe as a non-governmental [...]

8 - Center international de formation européenne (CIFE)

CIFE (Center International de Formation Européenne / International Center for European Education) is an association that offers various postgraduate courses, colloquiums and seminars. The activities of the CIFE include studies, teaching, further education and research on problems and issues of European integration, globalization, the [...]

9 - Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services (EAQUALS)

EAQUALS is a pan-European association of language course providers whose members are committed to a common quality standard. The company was founded in 1991.

10 - European Council for Student Affairs (ECStA)

ECStA is an independent and autonomously organized association of European institutions and organizations that deal with student issues, which has set itself the task of promoting student mobility in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Process. The aim is also to improve the social infrastructure and [...]

11 - European Early Childhood Research Association (EECERA)

EECERA is an international organization designed to support and disseminate research into early childhood education in Europe and beyond.

12 - EUROLINK - Europahaus

The EUROLINK Foundation - Europe House Romania was set up in March 1997. This organization was created thanks to the persistent work of professionals, intellectuals, journalists and Romanian students. The task of the foundation is to support and disseminate the so-called European idea. It seeks a united Europe and a [...]

13 - The European Mathematical Society (EMS)

The membership of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) consists of all mathematical societies in Europe and approximately 2000 individual participants who joined through their national societies. The task of society is to promote the development of all aspects of mathematics in European countries. In addition, research and [...]

14 - Réseau européen des associations de professeurs de langues (REAL)

REAL is a network that aims to represent and bring together language teacher associations from all over Europe. On the homepage one is informed about current activities and projects as well as about the members.

15 - Formation d´Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training (FESET)

FESET (Formation d \ 'Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training) is a pan-European interest group of training centers for socio-educational work. In addition to questions of socio-pedagogical training and qualification, the association deals with participation in European programs and wants the training centers in the [...]

16 - The European Dyslexia Association (eda)

The EDA website offers general information and insights into the topic of dyslexia in the European context and beyond. The organization aims to better support people with reading and spelling difficulties, but also to promote collaboration between parents, teachers and other professionals. In addition, you get access to [...]

17 - The European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW)

The EASSW is an organization made up of over 300 schools, universities and institutions for training in the field of social work. Its objective is to promote training opportunities in this field across Europe or to guarantee a high standard, to represent the interests of the members in Europe, to contribute to the [...]

18 - European Center Community Education (ECCE)

The aim of ECCE is to promote activities in the sense of "community education" and to sensitize young people to intercultural understanding. To this end, multicultural exchange programs are encouraged, developed and promoted, intercultural learning opportunities are set up for professionals working in "community education" and networks for the exchange of [...]

19 - European Cooperation in Science and Technology [COST]

COST provides the framework for European cooperation in the field of science and technology, which enables the coordination of nationally funded research projects. COST helps Europe take a strong position in the field of scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes. This research initiative enables [...]

20 - CMEPIUS - Center of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programs / Natiiionale Agentur - Europe, education and training

As part of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013), the contact point in Slovenia offers information and advice on the individual funding programs (Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius). It is the "National Agency - Europe, Education and Training".

21 - Education Exchanges Support Foundation

As the "National Agency - Europe, General and Vocational Education", it organizes information and advice as well as the coordination of EU education programs for lifelong learning in Lithuania. In addition to the exchange in education, training and the sciences at EU level (Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Erasmus Mundus), prospective students also [...]

22 - Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Education - Senter for Internasjonalisering av utdanning - SIU / Norway

The SIU is the organization responsible for internationalization in education and science in Norway.

23 - Netherlands National Agency For Lifelong learning / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

The agency responsible in the Netherlands - Europe, Education and Training provides information about the EU program for lifelong learning and coordinates projects.

24 - Foundation for the Development of Education System Poland / National Agency: Europe, Education and Training

National Contact Point ("National Agency - Europe, Education and Training") in Poland As part of the EU Education Program for Lifelong Learning (2007-2013): Information and advice on Erasmus Mundus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci.

25 - Agentia Nationala pentru Program Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale (ANPCDEFP]

The "National Agency - Europe, Education and Training" in Romania is the contact point within the framework of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013) with information on exchange programs for schoolchildren, students and professionals.

26 - SAAIC - National Agency of the Lifelong Learning Program

National agency - Europe, general and vocational education: within the framework of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013), the agency operates in Slovakia as a contact point, information and advisory service and, among other things, acts as an intermediary for project partners.

27 - Center for Educational Programs, Archimedes Foundation / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

This National Agency - Europe, Education and Training in Estonia was set up as part of the EU Education Program for Lifelong Learning (2007-2013) to support projects with application, implementation and networking.

28 - Agenzia Nazionale Lifelong Learning Program (LLP)

As part of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013), the national agency - Europe, education and training in Italy offers information and advice on the individual EU education programs (Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Trasversale, Jean Monnet) , Exchange opportunities and lifelong learning in Italy.

29 - Latvian Academic Programs Agency / Akademisko programmu agent? Ra - APA (Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Study visits) / National Agency - Europe, education and training

The APA was assigned to the Ministry of Education and Science as a stately agency. As a national agency for Europe, general and vocational education, the aim is to provide information and advice in order to permanently integrate Latvia into the European higher education area and to network it at all levels of the education system.

30 - alsts izgl? t? bas att? st? bas a? ent? ra - VIAA (Leonardo da Vinci) / State Education Development Agency

The national agency was founded by the government of Latvia, in particular to professionalize vocational training and further education in Latvia within the international framework of the EU program for lifelong learning (Leonardo da Vinci) and to make it internationally compatible. Your tasks go beyond information, advice and networking and concern [...]

31 - Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) - National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

This national agency Europe - education and training is the advisory body for programs and projects within the framework of the EU education program on lifelong learning (2007-2013). It serves as a contact point for advice on projects, building networks, EUROPASS and EUROGUIDANCE in Bulgaria.

32 - National Agency for European Educational Programs - Center for International Services / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

Czech Republic
As the "National Agency - Europe, Vocational and General Education", the Czech NAEP provides advice and support for projects and programs under the EU's Lifelong Learning Program, including financial planning and networking.

33 - Cirius - Agency for information about education and training in Denmark / National Agency - Europe, education and training

Cirius is subordinate to the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and acts as a national agency, - Europe, education and training: within the framework of the EU education program for lifelong learning (2007-2013) information and advice on the organization of projects and networking are provided provided. Cirirus also supports [...]

34 - Center for International Mobility / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

Website of the "National Agency - Europe, Education and Training" responsible for the EU Lifelong Learning Program in Finland. Information and advice on the implementation of projects with national and international participation, the English language website informs young people about opportunities to study in Finland, practical professional [...]

35 - Agence Europe Education Formation France

The National Agency - Europe, Education and Training was set up to support, advise and network projects under the EU Lifelong Learning Program (2007-2013).

36 - Landskrifstofa Menntaáætlunar Evrópusambandsins / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

The national agency -Europe, education and training in Iceland serves as a contact point for advice, information and networking of projects and exchange programs within the framework of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013).

37 - National Agency for Lifelong Learning Belgium (Flemish) / National Agency - Europe, Education and Training

Netherlands; Belgium
Within the framework of the EU program for lifelong learning (2007-2013) the "National Agency - Europe, General and Vocational Education" is responsible for the coordination of information and advice on projects and programs as well as networking with domestic and foreign partners in Flemish-speaking countries Belgium.

38 - Agence Francophone pour l`Education et la Formation tout au long de la vie

The "National Agency - Europe, General and Vocational Education" of the French-speaking area in Belgium coordinates projects with domestic and foreign partners within the framework of the EU program for lifelong learning, advises and informs applicants and acts as a national partner.

39 - Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency was set up in January 2006 by the European Commission. The Agency is responsible for managing certain parts of more than 15 Community-funded programs and actions in the fields of education, training, active citizenship, youth, audiovisual and culture [...]

40 - National Agency for Lifelong Learning: Austria

The "National Agency - Europe, General and Vocational Education" has been a partner since 1995 for initiating and promoting projects within the framework of European education programs. The ÖAD, which operated the two national agencies for Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates, is also commissioned as the national agency for the new European program for lifelong learning [...]

41 - European Network on Teacher Education Policies (ENTEP)

ENTEP aims to promote cooperation between the EU member states in the field of teacher training and further training and the exchange of experiences in theory and practice on educational policy through national and international measures. In line with the requirements of lifelong learning in the knowledge society, higher standards for schools and teacher training should be [...]

42 - Hospital Organization of Pedagogues in Europe (HOPE)

HOPE is an international NGO that brings together teachers from all over Europe who teach sick children in hospitals or at home. The main goal is to ensure that every young person with a permanent illness can receive the extensive and best possible education that will meet their needs. The work of HOPE consists of a [...]

43 - European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Leadership and Management (ENIRDELM)

ENIRDELM is both a horizontal (multiple countries) and vertical (multiple roles at different levels) network of school principals, school administrators, teachers, researchers and consultants in the field of education management. The members work in networked structures (annual conference, website, joint research and development projects, [...]

44 - EENet online the European Experts' Network for Education and Technology

With the new information and communication technology (ICT) the information acquisition, information management, information storage and information distribution in our society are completely changing. The radical change from an industrial society to an information society affects all areas of life and presents the educational system with new types of [...]

45 - Economics of Education in Europe

Europe is a forum for educational economics research in Europe, provided by the European Expert Network for the Economics of Education (EENEE). EENEE is an EU "think tank" funded by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The network is coordinated by the Ifo Institute for Economic Research at the university [...]

46 - European Network for Education Research on Assessment, Effectiveness and Innovation

This page provides information on the development and main results of the work of the European Network for Research in Education in the Areas of Assessment, Effectiveness and Innovation (EU-AEI). The EU-AEI was developed within the framework of socio-economic research in 1996 and presented a comprehensive report in 1998, which can be found on this page [...]

47 - Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Training (DECET)

DECET is a network of European organizations. In the practice of early childhood education, in training, further education and counseling, it promotes the development and implementation of educational work that combines respect for differences with the goal of equality. The general orientation of the work of the network is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. [...]

48 - European Network of Experts in the Social Sciences of Education and Training (NESSE)

The European network of experts in the sociology of education (NESSE) is still in the development phase (as of January 2007), so it does not yet have its own website. The coordinator is the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique (INRP) in France. The aim of the contract is to improve policy development in the field of education and training in [...]

49 - Association for Educational Assessment-Europe (AEA-Europe)

The website serves as a platform for the Association for the Assessment of Education in Europe to discuss developments in the field, which also includes academic and vocational training. The AEA-Europe is supposed to promote the cooperation and the maintenance of contacts between organizations and persons who deal with the assessment of achievements in the education system [...]

50 - The European Standing Conference of History Teachers' Associations

EUROCLIO is a non-governmental organization recognized by the Council of Europe, which represents its members, the associations of history teachers in more than 40 countries with around 65,000 subject teachers (as of 2006). The EUROCLIO website serves as an information and communication platform, among other things with regard to publications, teaching materials, [...]

51 - European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL)

EFQUEL is a European network with more than 70 member organizations. The foundation serves as a sustainable and proactive network and offers the European learning community valuable services, in particular database services. The EFQUEL website informs interested parties about partners, members, benefits and activities. The purpose of the foundation is [...]

52 - Eurodoc

EURODOC is the European association for doctoral students and young researchers. Eurodoc currently consists of 26 national associations. Eurodoc brings the voice of young researchers into the European discussion process on topics such as the Bologna Process, 7th Framework Program, European Research Council, European Charter for Researchers, etc. Further goals are the improvement [...]