What is life in care

Life in old age and care

When you visit this area of ​​our homepage, you are probably dealing with questions of age for a variety of reasons - maybe you are dealing with your own life planning, your life in old age, maybe you are suddenly confronted with a situation through people who are close to you in which you have an acute need for help.

The most important question that you or your loved one should ask yourself or your loved one in all your thought processes is: What do I want or how do I want to live? If you have found a direction for yourself on this issue, we can work with you to see how we can implement your wishes and needs. Sometimes you have to make compromises.

Here you will find your personal freedom of design and you can find out what options there are for you personally.

Most people want to stay in their familiar surroundings as long as possible. There are a variety of support options in the outpatient area to implement this. Many people are anxious about moving into old people's homes. We can say from experience: Self-determined life does not end when you move into a nursing home. You can also shape your life individually in the old people's home.

We cordially invite you to get to know us personally. In conversation we get to know people's individual thoughts and wishes. We show the possibilities of the Hertener Caritas, but also advise beyond that.
Developing perspectives together is important to us - because: Nobody lives alone!