Can homeopathy permanently cure hyperacidity

Acidification promotes blood clotting

Acidification makes your blood thicker and clogs the fine blood vessels. As soon as you deacidify, the blood becomes thin again and the heart is relieved. However, so that even the finest capillaries are free again as quickly as possible, it is recommended - as mentioned above - z. B. to raise the body temperature with base baths in order to expand the capillaries.

The warm blood can then not only reach the slag faster. They also dissolve much better in warm blood and can thus be excreted more quickly.

Acidification promotes fungal infections

Many contagious diseases or recurring fungal infections (vaginal yeast infections or skin fungal infections) prefer to seek out over-acidic people. Bacteria and viruses thrive in an over-acidic environment, while they avoid an alkaline environment. At the same time, over-acidification weakens the immune system considerably.

As a result, overacidified people tend to get infections with the Candida fungus. If thoroughly deacidified, infections of any kind can be prevented or break out only to a lesser extent.

Regular deacidification in connection with an alkaline lifestyle strengthens the immune system and the body is so vital that bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer stand a chance.

The acid-base test before base therapy

Before performing base therapy (deacidification), you can carry out a test that shows your personal degree of acidification. The so-called acid-base test according to Sander is much more informative than the usual test strip method. Details can be found here: Base therapy. Depending on the result, you can then choose the intensity of your base therapy.

Because if you only have a low level of acidity, changing your diet in combination with an alkaline mineral supplement may be enough. In other cases, a comprehensive deacidification program is required, as described below:

The deacidification program for overacidification

1. Carry out a 1- to 3-month deacidification program (a detailed description of a 1-month deacidification treatment and a 3-month deacidification treatment can be found below).

2. If the daily time required for one of the deacidification programs suggested below seems too high for you, but you still want to deacidify, then you can opt for the simplest, but nevertheless - if carried out consistently and over at least three months - successful deacidification method with active bases . Aktiv Basen is an alkaline activated water concentrate that can deacidify the body down to the cellular level. When deacidifying with active bases, you only have to think about taking active bases twice a day. That's all.

3. Eat a basic diet - even AFTER your 1 to 3 month deacidification treatment. This was just the start! Those waste products that have been in your body for many years can often only be eliminated after several months of an alkaline lifestyle. In addition, you have to consistently excrete the acids that are constantly arriving, or those that arise from mental or physical stress, on a daily basis.

4. If you continue to eat acid-forming unhealthy food, you must give your organism large amounts of high-quality alkaline minerals (e.g. a base source or the Sango sea coral) so that as many acids as possible can be removed. Every change in the direction of a healthy diet increases the chances of complete waste disposal on a daily basis.

5. Incorporate the following (or at least some of them) into your future daily routine:

  1. Start the day with an alkaline morning tea.
  2. Use basic personal care products whenever possible.
  3. Orient your diet according to the information in the article basic nutrition and healthy eating.
  4. If you are in a hurry in the morning, you can have a quickly prepared alkaline breakfast, e.g. an alkaline muesli.
  5. To add high-quality alkaline substances to your diet, you can sprinkle a plant-based base powder over every meal.
  6. Organic basic minerals such as B. the Sango sea corals are taken regularly so that the body can finally return all the minerals to its mineral deposits that it had borrowed from there during the overexploitation.
  7. Relax in an alkaline bath at least two to three times a week. If you don't have time for a full bath, you should treat yourself to alkaline foot baths.
  8. Pay attention to deep breathing.
  9. Plan moderate exercise and sauna visits into your weekly schedule.
  10. In the evening you can enjoy an alkaline evening tea.
  11. The body detoxifies particularly strongly through the soles of the feet. You can support this by further deacidifying with the help of alkaline stockings while you sleep and getting up the next morning with a feeling of lightness.
  12. Check your deacidification success with the help of pH test strips.

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