Would you use a telemedicine program

Professor gives away telemedicine program

He wants to promote the spread of telemedicine in small clinics and medical practices - anyone can download it.

He wants to promote the spread of telemedicine in small clinics and medical practices.

With the distribution of free software, the computer science professor Christoph Meinel from Trier wants to promote the use of telemedicine in small hospitals and medical practices. The scientist provides his program called "jPACS" free of charge. Using digital medical images as an example, it is intended to make it possible to experience the latest possibilities for the rapid electronic exchange of health data over long distances.

In Meinel's opinion, the telematic infrastructure in the German health care system is still like a "patchwork of pilot projects". With the free distribution of the software CD developed at the University of Trier, the telemedicine specialist wants to enable resident doctors and smaller hospitals to conveniently save digital medical images, analyze them easily and exchange them quickly and securely over the Internet. Any normal PC is sufficient as hardware.

The platform-independent software developed by a team of researchers in Trier works according to the open and internationally recognized DICOM standard. The aim is to set an example against the "Babylonian jumble" of the various systems and data exchange formats in telemedicine: "Often the modern telemedicine facilities cannot communicate with each other because the current standards are not sufficiently adhered to," complains the Trier telemedicine specialist .

jPACS stands for Java Picture Archiving and Communication System. More information on this topic is available on the Internet at www.dicom.telematik-institut.org. Interested parties can download the free jPACS software there.