Subway uses real meat

DNA testing finds problems with underground chicken (50% of chickens are non-chickens, a report says)

  • The DNA results of this fast food have yet to be included in a scientific journal and I cannot personally confirm their accuracy. However, I think they are worth considering. It pays to do your best to eat in healthier leisure chains. Especially since this would not be the first time that a fast food chain has used non-meat ingredients in its meat products. In 2014, word spread that McDonald's, Burger King, and other chains were using indigestible and nutritional wood pulp in their burgers. (6)

  • This is just one of the many questionable ingredients found in fast food meats to date. It's really frustrating how quickly grocery chains keep using questionable and unhealthy ingredients.

  • When you need something to eat and need it quickly, look for chains that:

  • Unfortunately, we often don't know what fast food chains aren't telling us. Subway previously got a "B" for antibiotics in their meat, but now it looks like their chicken sandwiches are actually half-chicken, half-soy. We often can't even trust what fast food chains tell us because advertisements that say things like "100% chicken", "all chicken" and "real chicken" just mean you are really getting something that contains one Lots of real chicken. It is similar to how one has to question "everything natural" these days.

  • Overall, we can only do our best to choose wisely, and I always strive to have more meals at home as that way you have much more control over the actual contents of your next meal!

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