What is carat gold

What does a carat mean?

The metric carat is a unit used to determine the weight of gemstones: one carat is equal to 0.2 g. In addition, carat is used as a unit to indicate the fineness of gold. It indicates the pure gold content in the total mass of a gold alloy.

The word "karat" comes from French and is derived from the ancient Greek term "kerátion", which means "horn" in German. In the past, the croissant-shaped seeds of the carob tree were often used as weight stones because they were supposed to be of a uniform size. Since then, the term “carat” has been used to denote a uniform weight. In the Middle Ages, one carat was the weight of three grains of barley or four grains of wheat. The metric carat for determining the weight of precious stones was introduced in 1875 after the international meter conference, at which the adoption of the original meter and the original kilogram as a unit of measurement was also decided. Today the metric carat is a legal unit in the states of the EU and Switzerland.

What does carat mean in diamonds?

As with all other gemstones, the weight of one carat for diamonds is 0.2 g. However, it should be noted that carats only provide information about the weight of a diamond and not, as is often assumed, also about its size. How many carats a diamond has can be determined using a diamond scale. In the case of cut diamonds such as brilliant-cut diamonds, the carat can also be determined by measuring. In addition to color, cut and degree of purity, carat is one of the most important criteria for determining the value of a diamond. The size of a diamond alone, on the other hand, can be deceptive, as the cut often makes the gemstone appear larger or smaller to the human eye than it really is.

What does carat mean in gold?

In addition to determining the weight of gemstones, the term carat is also used to indicate the fineness of gold. Since pure fine gold is too soft for jewelry processing, alloying partners such as silver or copper are usually added. Carat indicates how much pure gold there is in such a gold alloy.

One carat of gold in an alloy corresponds to 1/24 by weight, i.e. 4.167%. In Germany, however, it is legally stipulated that jewelry stamps, also known as hallmarks, must indicate the purity of gold jewelry in parts per thousand. This is usually expressed as a three-digit number. For example, 333 gold has a gold content of 333/1000, i.e. 33% gold and corresponds to 8 carats. The higher the gold content or the number of carats, the more valuable the jewelry is of course.

What are the main types of gold in carats?

24 carat gold is the finest gold and consists of 99.9% gold. It is naturally golden yellow, but it is also very soft, so that it is rarely used for jewelry making.

22 carat gold consists of approximately 91.6% gold. It is also very soft and less suitable for jewelry with set stones.

18 carat goldhas a fine gold content of 75% and has a nice, warm sheen. Chains are made from it, for example.

14 carat goldconsists of about 58.5% gold and has a warm yellow tone. It is cheaper than 18 carat gold and is therefore particularly popular in jewelry production, for example for watch cases or bracelets.

8 carat gold has a content of 33.3% fine gold and a light yellow color. It is the cheapest gold variant, and it also makes the alloy with other metals harder and more resistant than other types of gold. It is therefore particularly suitable for making jewelry, such as rings and earrings.

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