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Software test course: which software test institute should I attend?

software testing course

The question and answer posts for the software test are back! Yes, this post is part of the question and answer series we started a few months ago, and I will be posting it a lot in future posts.

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Asks Abhishek ::
"I want to do a software testing course, so I need your guidance on which institute to join? I prefer the institute that offers an internship after completing the course. "

Which software testing training course?

Now you no longer have to worry about finding an institute that can provide you with professional, practical and affordable education. With all of this in mind, we have developed courses for manual testing and automation testing.

How to add an element to an array

More details can be found by clicking on the following page:

Choosing a good software testing institute is always a difficult task. Many institutes fake their skills, training and experience. They also make false promises for a 100% placement. Beware of such institutes

This gives you 100% job guarantee after completing the course. If an institute claims so, you will receive detailed information about those institutes before joining. And don't expect a 100% placement guarantee from any institute.

Focus on the course content and the quality of the teaching. Institutes can only assist you with applying for interviews. It is up to you how to convert these opportunities into job opportunities by showcasing your skills at interview time.

I will recommend some criteria by which you can choose the institute.

Ask the institute advisor the following questions:

1) What is the curriculum?
2) Who is your mentor and what are their qualifications?
3) Do you cover manual and / or automation tests in this course?
4) Which tools are covered in the automation test course?
5) Will you provide automation tools for practice during the class?
6) What projects are you using for the automation test course? Live or dummy projects?
7) And ask if you have any special requirements to take the course.

What are two common techniques to first identify requirements?

With answers to these questions, it is not difficult to choose an institute for learning software testing.

What you will learn:

Would you like to learn how to test software from experts?

Best online training course for testing software

Taking into account all the problems of entry-level software testers, we have developed a software testing training course. This QA software test training is offered by experienced software test professionals with practical test experience. If you would like to join us, please see these online course details on the following page:

=> Read more about this online software testing course here

List of software testing institutes for few cities in India:

  • Training institute for software testing in Chennai
  • Software testing course in Pune
  • Software test institutes in Bangalore
  • Software testing course in Mumbai
  • Software testing course in Delhi

About you - Please share the best software testing institutes in your region.

Mahi asks:
“Hello, this is mahi. I recently joined a company as a software tester for a maintenance intranet project. I am the only tester on my team and there are no standard test processes defined in my project.

How can I initiate the test processes for my project and is there a method for testing the maintenance product? "

In my experience, it is always a better solution to create your own work process. Do not follow what is called a standard process, but rather the process that works best for you, your environment, and your project.

If you google it a little more, you'll find hundreds of different software testing processes, but all of them depend on the project environment.

So I suggest you go your own way. You have the option to create it from scratch. Choose the process that works best for you.

To get started here, you first need to follow the general process in the software test environment:
'' What is the actual test process in practice or in the company environment? ''

I am assuming that you will receive requirements documents before you start testing an application. You can start with the preparation of the test documents (use test templates) such as test plan, test strategy, test cases from requirements and have these documents approved by your project manager.

Maintenance projects are usually agile in nature. In such cases, you don't have time to write test cases. First you identify some important tasks from your project. Write BAT cases for these duties. So when you get the new build, these BAT cases can be used to run smoke tests on a new build.

If possible, try to automate the BAT process. This way you can quickly do BAT for any new build and start checking the detail build if BAT is successful. You can write test scenarios from the software requirements during development. After BAT, review these test scenarios for the build under test and generate the test report.

Hope this is helpful for you to get started!

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