What are the things that you enjoy

Eight things that you can only enjoy in autumn

Autumn hike. Autumn is probably the most beautiful of all seasons. When the leaves turn into a colorful natural spectacle and the ground is covered with a thick layer of soft, colorful foliage and the eye cannot even see where nature begins and ends again. Then it's time to unpack your hiking boots and experience nature in all its splendor. Without stress, without heat, but with a pleasantly warm autumn breeze and fresh, healthy forest air.

Cycling tour. If you like to explore the area more actively, it is best to do so on a bike. Especially in autumn, the most beautiful places in town and country can be discovered wonderfully by bike. Don't forget your camera! Because on bike trips in autumn you can capture spectacular, colorful impressions that you can only experience at this magical time of the year.

Heurigen visits. Autumn time is storm time. The still unfinished wine or grape must is just at the beginning of its fermentation and literally sweetened the autumn with its fruity note. So off to a wine hike and then to the Heuriger, where the Brettljause and the fruity, tangy storm are already waiting for us.

Arts and Culture. In autumn the calendar of events is bursting with exhibitions and visits to the most beautiful galleries. How about a trip to the theater or a movie evening in the cinema? A welcome invitation when the temperatures are slowly falling and warming places smile at us more than damp, foggy weather and cool afternoons.

Culinary enjoyment time. Autumn time is enjoyment time. It is the time of home-made apricot jams, home-baked chocolate muffins and apple-cinnamon teas. If you are in the mood for an autumn party with friends, you should take a look at the local punch recipe list. The preparation is child's play and can be enjoyed with or without rum.

Warming open fire. From September it will be “sweater out of the closet, long pants on” again. During the day the sun warms us with its last strong rays of sun, but in the evening the woolen vest should not be missing. To make yourself cozy and warm at home without having to activate the heating early, you can make yourself comfortable in front of the warm fireplace in the evening. What shouldn't be missing here: chestnuts and orange punch.

to jog. Put on your running shoes, out into the woods! Where else can you be more active than in the fresh air, surrounded by rustling leaves and a wonderfully colorful panorama? Not only good for the body, but also good for the mind and soul. A backdrop that you can only experience in autumn.

City trips. When the cities slowly cool down again after a hot summer, the time is ripe for a short city trip. During the day it is still pleasantly warm in the sun and not too hot in the evening. The perfect temperature to explore the cities of this world relaxed and heat-free.