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Halo Infinite: As massive as Battlefield, epic as Halo

Benjamin Kratsch

Halo Infinite will rethink the open world: We catapult into the best sniper positions with the grapple shot, hunt over hills with the Mongoose quad and ash bases with the Scorpion tank. A bit like Battlefield 6. But 343 Industries is also heavily inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved, the first Halo. Halo Infinite in mega preview.

Enlarge343 literally fell in love with its new open world, in which we dismantle banished bases with the Scorpion, fly air strikes with the Banshee and jump Mongoose quad over hills.

In the new scenes from Halo Infinite, massive boulders protrude from the picture, beautifully refined with sub-surface scattering, after all, they should feel rough and hard. Isolated plants snake up on it, a small path leads into the mountains. The ground in front of us is wet, the rain has turned the earth into mud - no problem for the tires of our Warthog. And in the distance you can already see the impressive architecture of the Forerunner. A high-tech company that loves the hexagon, uses steel and other hard composites to create real colossi in the landscape. These should serve as a statement for the superiority of the Forerunner, the Covenant worshiped them as gods, they themselves created with the Halo Arrays and the Shield Worlds some of the largest and most impressive technical installations that the planetary systems around the Milky Way have ever seen.

This biome, this artificially created natural world is also torn open again and again, which is incredibly exciting for the design. Again and again these hexagonal edgewise structures protrude like huge pillars from the earth, for example when they support mountain massifs. "It's this idea that beneath the surface of the Zeta-Halo lies a Forerunner frame, which consists of millions of vertical hexagons that stabilize the ring structure," explains Justin Dinges, who is the Campaign Art Lead responsible for the design of Halo Infinite . "However, due to the extreme damage that the Zeta-Halo suffered from the battles, these fields are exposed, these scaffolding and bulwarks protrude from the ground everywhere, creating a dynamic landscape that gives this world a unique aura."

EnlargeThe designers are basically taking a real biome - the one on their doorstep in Seattle. And combine it with the high-tech architecture of the Forerunner, which also designed the Zeta-Halo.

“In this way we mix a beautiful real biome, which is strongly inspired by our home, the Pacific Northwest of the USA, with the science fiction of the Forerunner.” It is particularly important that the world is not only visual and emotional Level feels good, but also playful. “We have implemented what we call sick jumps, monster jumps, everywhere. You can race over hills with the Warthog and literally crash into banished bases. Or fly the Mongoose quad over natural-looking ski jumps. ”Sounds a bit like Battlefield 6, doesn't it? Finally, DICE also wants to bring its quads back with a present-day scenario in the style of Battlefield 3.

343 wants to win back old Halo fans and lets go of hisLegacy "inspire

EnlargeGameplay director Troy Mashburn references a certain mission from Halo: Combat Evolved, in which we have to secure a stretch of beach - on foot, with the Warthog, with the help of marines. The attack unfolds in Halo Infinite

"It's important to me to literally draw Xbox gamers into the experience so they don't even think about they're watching a video game," said Troy Mashburn, Halo Infinite's Gameplay Director. “I'm thinking of missions like The Silent Cartographer from Halo: Combat Evolved. It starts with the famous Halo theme as you fly over the ocean towards this island. You will be dropped off with a squad of marines to secure the beach. But it gets a lot better: A Warthog is thrown, you get behind the wheel, with a gunner on the machine-gun, and clean up properly while you dash across the island. This mission made me feel like I was in charge of the operation, intervening in the fight when I wanted to. Whether on foot, from a vehicle, with or without marines. Reliving the feeling of this mission over and over again is one of the greatest inspirations for Halo Infinite. "

EnlargeBrilliantly thought: The Zeta Halo is based on a Forerunner structure that was broken up by the war and stands out everywhere here.

343 Industries proves in an impressive way how important it is to them to win back old Halo fans and expresses this again and again in their blog posts on One of the main focuses for the creation of the game world for Halo Infinite is based on two central principles: Legacy, i.e. legacy and simplicity. “The legacy of Halo is extremely important to us. We want fans out there to experience a game with moments that will remind them of the long history of the Halo franchise, ”said Justin Dinges, Campaign Art Lead at Halo: Infinite. 343 Industries is heavily inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved, just thought much bigger: The Zeta-Halo is a huge planet, a large playground with military bases and research stations, with bases and terrain that can be used playfully. We look at the gameplay material and nod: When the locks of the UNSC Pelicans open, the Master Chief appears in his golden-green shining armor and pulls out his M5AB, his legendary assault rifle, it's all really old-school halo : The feeling of the weapon, the sounds, the covenants in their brightly colored armor in orange and purple, who come out of the bush and hold up their protective shields.

Enlarge343 has found this fascinating mix of Forerunner culture and a biome that is reminiscent of Earth.

Halo has always stayed true to its design. Games used to be more colorful, louder in their colors, and sometimes downright bright. Today, many titles work with muted colors or vary depending on the scenario - Call of Duty, for example, is very colorful and loud in the design in Advanced Warfare with Kevin Spacey. And tonally rather reserved in its younger offshoots Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with the 2020 Black Ops Cold War settling somewhere in the middle: gloomy in some scenes, with Hollywood lens flare effects in neon light in others.

I see it from a fan’s point of view. I've been playing Halo since Part One and I love visual continuity. At times, I felt that Halo 5, despite its many successes, did not sufficiently take into account player feedback. For many, graphics and design deviated too much from the course. It was important to embed Halo Infinite in very solid foundations that came from the past and to ensure that all new assets convey a legacy that resonates with all gamers, classic cars and newcomers alike. "
-NicolasSparthBouvier, Art Director Halo Infinite

343 Industries takes inspiration from real biomes to make the Zeta Halo feel organic and good.

EnlargeThe Banished cast their fortresses, towers and walls from the air from transport ships. Stabilizers then move out of these, anchoring this tower in the ground, for example.