How is Pixar's Coco

7 things you didn't know about Coco

Disney • Pixar's Coco recently received an Academy Award for best animated film and best movie song

To celebrate the launch of the DVD, Blu-ray and the digital release of Coco, we've put together a list of fun facts about the animated film.

1. In the land of the dead, there are bone-shaped cobblestones on the streets

When you watch the movie, see if you can spot the cobblestones.

2. Marigolds are the only living plants in the land of the dead

The fact that they are the only living plants separates the land of the dead from the land of the living. Before the start of production, the makers of the film learned from research trips to Mexico that marigolds play an important role in the Día de los Muertos: They are supposed to show the spirit of a loved one the way home. And that they are beautiful doesn't hurt either.

3. Dante belongs to the breed of "Xoloitzcuintle", the national dog of Mexico

Dante is Miguel's loyal pet in the movie. Xolo dogs are almost hairless and often lack teeth, causing their tongues to dangle out of their mouths. Xolo dogs visited Pixar so that the animators could observe their behavior.

4. When someone plays the guitar in Coco, the correct notes are actually being played

The animators used videos of musicians on whose guitar cameras were installed as a template to make the guitar playing in the film authentic

5. Ernesto de la Cruz was animated in such detail that even his Adam's apple moves when he is singing

In addition, thanks to the magic of the latest facial animation techniques, de la Cruz's neck and cheeks vibrate when he sings.

6. 500 different pieces of clothing were created for the characters in the crowd

To get the look of the characters right - from the residents of Santa Cecilia to the skeleton guests at Ernesto de la Cruz Party in the Land of the Dead - the animators spent time making drawings of real Mexican folk dancers.

7. A crease in the chin of Ernesto de la Cruz is visible in his living figure as well as in his figure in the land of the dead

His thin mustache is also reminiscent of the mustaches that were popular during his lifetime. Pixar animators really think of everything.

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