Graduation is really important

How much does the final grade count?

How important is the final grade for humanities scholars?

At Humanities scholarsthe final grade is of lesser importance. First work experience and great references are in most cases a much more important selection criterion. Well-read idiots without Internships will mostly have to admit defeat to the average graduate with an impressive résumé.

Nevertheless, the censorship remains a quality feature. Some employers will certainly value this, especially if multiple candidates are applying for a position. The grade also plays a role when it comes to a scientific career: It is one of the key admission requirements for a master’s degree and a doctorate.

  • This is how important the grade is: 2 out of 5*

... the final grade for computer scientists?

Computer scientisthave been so popular for years that they don't have to worry about getting a job at all. "The job market is currently sucking up all graduates," says Stephan Pfisterer from the Bitkom industry association. Much more important than the grade are soft skills and experience with specific IT projects.

The university from which an applicant comes also has an influence. "Graduates from leading technical universities can virtually choose their job," knows Pfisterer. Of course, this also applies to Computer scienceGraduates: Those who aim high must also have the best qualifications. A well paid consulting job, for example, can usually only be achieved with a good or very good degree.

  • This is how important the grade is: 2 out of 5*

... the final grade for engineers?

In times when there is a shortage of skilled workers, employers have to lower their demands. Benefit from it Engineers- They are in demand as experts in many places. But of course the grade is not unimportant for them either. Because it says something. "Good grades are not only an indicator of specialist knowledge, but also of the ability to organize yourself, take responsibility, determination and perseverance", says Michael Schanz from the Association of Electrical engineering and electronics.

Depending on the position, the final result plays a major or minor role. Professional and social skills may be more necessary for some positions. The length of the course also influences the decision of HR managers.

  • This is how important the grade is: 2 out of 5*

... the final grade for lawyers?

Law students have to make an effort. Because depending on where you want to work later, you have to bring very good exam grades. And that doesn't mean a one or two like in the other subjects. For lawyers, the notorious full satisfaction is enough to get the dream jobs.

Eight points upwards are required to get into public service, for example. So if you want to become a public prosecutor or judge, you have no chance with poorer censorship. The very large law firms also have high demands on the grade of their applicants. It might be easier to get started with smaller law firms. The independence again, there is an alternative in which the grade is irrelevant.

  • This is how important the grade is: 5 out of 5*

... the final grade for teachers?

16 federal states - 16 requirement profiles. When teachers start their careers in Saxony, the grade has a different weight than it does in Hesse. Basically: The better the grade, the higher the chances of getting a job and thus possibly also a civil service.

Be who Teaching position-Studies with a rather moderate degree can make up for this with waiting times, for example. Points are also collected by those who sharpen their pedagogical profile because they can teach in a foreign language, for example. That is why Ilse Schaad from the GEW teachers' union recommends acquiring additional qualifications: "For teachers who have a shortage of subjects such as computer science, Natural sciences and maths can teach, the grade hardly plays a role anymore. "

  • This is how important the grade is: 4 out of 5*

... the final grade for medical professionals?

The shortage of doctors is currently playing into the cards of medical students: Since many hospitals are desperately looking for staff, a mediocre grade is not a knockout criterion. Much more important, according to Magdalena Benemann from the Marburger Bund, are points such as internship abroad, where applicants did their practical year or what other additional knowledge they bring with them.

The chances are good, especially in rural regions. In the case of university hospitals, however, things are quite different again. You have enough applicants. "University hospitals predominantly choose the first-class candidates," says Benemann. Those who dare to take the step into self-employment and open their own practice, on the other hand, no longer need to worry about their grades.

  • This is how important the grade is: 3 out of 5*

... the final grade for scientists?

At Natural scientist high demands are made on their grades. "A 'very good' is the measure of all things", says Stephan Gilow from VAA, the association for executives in the chemistry. Excellent grades are a prerequisite for a good position, and a doctorate is almost mandatory for chemists. The "Dr." continue, but it is not absolutely necessary. When it comes to the final grade, however, they also have to make an effort.

However, the right subject, internships and a fast course of study cannot compensate for excellent grades. "There is no Numerus clausus for the attitude in the economy ", so Lutz Schröter from the German Physical Society.

  • This is how important the grade is: 4 out of 5*

... the final grade for economists?

The job market determines the entry requirements: The more applicants, the more sought-after the position, the higher the requirements that companies make. Lots EconomistThose who apply to large management consultancies, for example, can tell a thing or two about it. If you want to join McKinsey and Co., you won't get very far with a final grade below one.

Other industries are already more permeable, however, it always depends on the position. Analysts are expected to have very good grades, im marketing or sales weighs social skills more: customer-oriented and communicative employees often depend on introverted first-class candidates.

  • This is how important the grade is: 3 out of 5*

Graduation - and then?

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* Evaluation: from 1 (the final grade is rather unimportant) to 5 (the final grade is very important).