Why are roof repairs important

Roofers find: 10 important characteristics

If the roof drainage goes on strike, the tiles fall off the roof or a roof renovation is pending, a specialist is called for. There are more than 50,000 roofers in Germany. But how can you find the best roofer for your problem?


Here are 10 characteristics that will help you know if a roofer is right for you.



1. The roofer was recommended to you


"Do you know a good roofer?" - Most people still ask around for personal recommendations when looking to find a reliable roofer. You ask in the neighborhood, from relatives and acquaintances, who has had good experiences. When looking for a roofer, trust counts more than a low price.


The advantage of the recommendation: You get the tip firsthand and can ask why the person was particularly satisfied with the roofer. You will also receive a personal experience report. Customers will only recommend companies that they value and with whom they have had positive experiences.


If a friend gives you a recommendation for a roofer, they run the risk that you are not satisfied with the operation. For this reason, recommendations are usually only made if the customer is 100% satisfied with the provider's services.


If a customer comes on the recommendation of a friend, however, a roofer often has good reasons to refuse an order. It is possible that his order book is already full and he has no more deadlines. Or the job does not match his specialization.


Tip:How to find a roofer with free capacities.

2. Find a roofer nearby


If you are planning roofing work, you should ideally find a roofer nearby. Local businesses are quickly on the spot and have the advantage that travel times and costs are kept within limits.


Working with a local contractor gives you the opportunity to contact them directly if you have any problems or questions. Contact is closer and more personal when you come from the same region and literally speak the same language.


With regional businesses, it's much easier to find someone who shares an honest opinion about your experience. You can look at reference objects in your area and save yourself long travel times.


3. The roofer has excellent references


References are a great way for you to find out if the roofer has a solution to your problem and is good at what he is doing.


References can be testimonials from other customers and successfully completed projects with which the roofer shows that he has the necessary skills and abilities.


It matters a lot what type of roof project the reference is. Would you like to hire a roofer for a complete roof renovation? Then you will get a better insight into the process from someone who also had one carried out than from someone who only had a small roof repair.


See if the roofer has a website where he shares his customers' experiences and sample projects. As a customer, you not only get an overview of the scope of services, but also a good idea of ​​the type and quality of his work.



4. Five stars for the roofer? Evaluation on the net is important


For roofers, too, rating is the new word of mouth today. Check out how previous customers rate the operation of your interest online.

If you do a Google search for a local roofer, you'll see the Google My Business box on the right. Reviews from customers are published there.


You will also be presented with a lot of results from review portals. In addition to general portals for evaluating services, there are special tradesman portals on which you can view company profiles of roofers with reference galleries and evaluations.


With the multitude of review portals on the net, customers can quickly lose track of things. Does the company of your choice have social media pages, e.g. on Facebook? There, too, customers can leave ratings for roofers.

5. On time and reliably


Successful roof renovation does not only depend on the roofer having mastered his craft. He also has to be punctual and reliable. The roofer arrives drastically too late for the first appointment or lets him fail without comment? A very bad omen.


The first contact with the roofer is very important. It is a measure of how the further cooperation with him works. If the roofer cannot be reached by phone or shows up late, you should reconsider your decision. It's a sign that he's not very reliable.


6. Excellent service


In addition to technical expertise, the roofer should also focus on service quality. This includes competent advice in advance. A reputable roofer will offer you an on-site inspection and will prepare a free offer for you. In the cost estimate, the costs incurred are listed in detail and transparently so that there are no surprises for you.


A quick response to the initial contact and a speedy processing of your request show that good service is important to the roofer and that he is personally committed. If you have a problem that is burning under your nails, the roofer should be available to contact you as soon as possible.


A high level of service means that the roofer is available, patiently answers all your questions and takes the time to explain unclear processes and problems. He is responsive to your needs as a homeowner and does not try to push you into decisions that you disagree with.


It should go without saying that the roofer or carpenter appears friendly, competent and clean and treats you and your home with respect. Make sure that agreements and verbal promises are kept.


7. Quality and expert workmanship


Don't necessarily let the low price convince you. Roof renovation is not a small investment and you may be tempted to take the cheapest offer. However, caution is advised here!


There are black sheep in the industry who offer roofing work very cheaply and then do it poorly. Or, in the worst case, disappear before the work is done.


You should always question particularly cheap offers. When looking at the price, think carefully about why an offer is much lower and whether the pricing is actually realistic. Cheap providers are not always real roofers who understand their craft.


Your roof is very important to the protection of your home and the value of your home. To ensure this, a good specialist company processes only high-quality material from well-known manufacturers.


High quality has its price and always pays off compared to cheap solutions. High-quality building materials and roof systems are more efficient, last longer and have to be serviced at shorter intervals. This is the more economical solution in the long run.


Last but not least, the expert processing of the material is also decisive for the quality of the completed roof project. The investment in skilled workers is higher initially, but it pays off if you want a good roofer.

8. The roofer is a specialist in his field


Do you know restaurants that have endlessly cluttered menus? Who seem to offer everything? If you try to do everything, you won't do anything really well. This can also be applied one-to-one to the craft.


A good roofer is a specialist in his field and should communicate it that way. The advantages of specialists are obvious. A specialist for flat roofs has years of experience in flat roof sealing and has already carried out similar projects countless times.


He has the right tools, has mastered the manual techniques and systems and is always informed about new developments in his field. He can recommend the best solution for you and you benefit from his expertise, also when it comes to fire protection and building regulations. Specialists are familiar with the approval procedures.


A specialized carpenter with a good reputation doesn't just disappear after the last nail is hammered in. A professional will answer your questions before, during and after the construction work is completed.


A professionally erected roof is durable and technically perfectly executed, so that you do not have to worry about expensive consequential damage and repairs soon. And if something does happen, you can rest assured that the specialist is only a phone call away.



Experience report: MeinDach places specialists in asbestos removal


MeinDach found homeowner Michael a roofer for the renovation of his asbestos-contaminated roof. "I particularly liked the fact that I was placed with someone who has certification for asbestos removal - because not every roofer has that," says Michael. "And Mr. Sahm is up close and personal, I liked that too."


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9. The roofing company is registered


It is important that the company is registered in the so-called handicrafts register. This means that he is registered with the Chamber of Crafts and is authorized to carry out roofing and carpentry work.


An advantage: If you are not satisfied with the work of the roofer or carpenter, you can contact the Complaints Office of the Chamber of Crafts to reach an agreement or to request rectification.


Important: There is no liability for defects in the case of undeclared work. Never hire a roofer without a contract!


It is also worth checking whether the company of your choice is a master company. The master craftsman's certificate is an important seal of quality in the roofing trade and stands for professional competence and quality in execution.


10. The roofer pays attention to safety


A good roofer takes responsibility for the safety of all employees and attaches great importance to occupational safety. Protection instructions and safety precautions should be a matter of course.


Ask the roofer whether the scaffolding has been approved in accordance with the regulations and whether he is taking protective measures to protect passers-by from falling components during the construction work. Does it also protect the garden and terrace from damage?


Security also means that the roofer has public liability insurance. Roofers are at high risk of causing damage to third parties. The company is liable for all damage caused by employees.

Ideally, the company is a GmbH, because the possible risk of damage, and thus the limited liability, play an important role in this industry.

Find the right roofer in your area? It can be so easy!

Hiring the wrong roofer can be annoying and expensive. Take a lot of time looking for the right roofer. Ask the right questions and take a close look at the operation.


If you work with MeinDach, we'll do it for you. We have a network of over 2,000 certified master craftsmen and can find you a roofer in your area who exactly fits your project. And is available at the time you want!


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