What is cashless parking

Parking via app and SMS

Pay your parking fees conveniently by mobile phone!

Looking for change, pulling a parking ticket and tickets for arriving late - forget all that!
With PayByPhone, our official parking app in Arnsberg, you can use your mobile phone to buy your parking ticket digitally on all public, paid parking spaces in the city: cashless, easily and quickly.
Absolutely reliable & safe! Your digital parking ticket will be sent to traffic monitoring immediately after booking. Traffic monitoring can view the digital tickets on site by means of an electronic license plate query

Mobile phone parking via app - it's that easy:

  • Download the PayByPhone app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Find a parking space and park your mobile phone immediately - with or without registration
  • Pay cashless parking tickets and extend them on the go (PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit, mobile phone bill or prepaid credit)
  • The valid parking ticket can be verified at any time
  • Save the location of the car and easily find it again
  • There are no additional costs when purchasing the digital parking ticket with PayByPhone

Parking by SMS - alternative to the app

  1. Open the SMS function on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter your license plate number and the desired parking time in the SMS.

    An example:
    Your license number is HSK-XY 0000 and you would like to park for an hour. Then your SMS looks exactly the same: HSKXY0000.1 - in this order and without spaces: location code / letters / digits / period / parking time. Please always put a point between the full number plate and the desired parking time, and after the point then e.g. .1, .2, .3, .4 for hours - or .15, .30, .45 for minutes.
  3. Send the SMS to the 821166
  4. You will receive a confirmation via SMS within 10 seconds. This confirmation is your virtual parking ticket or proof of payment of the parking fee.

Your parking time has expired, but are you still on the appointment?

No problem! You will receive a free reminder SMS 10 minutes before the end of the parking time with the option of being able to extend your parking ticket up to a maximum of 4 hours while you are out and about.

Please note the maximum parking time!

The general maximum parking time of 4 hours valid in Arnsberg also applies to SMS & PARK.

Billing of your SMS parking fees

Depending on the mobile phone contract, your SMS parking fees will be billed to your mobile phone bill or to a prepaid mobile phone as a set-off against your credit balance. We take care of everything else for you, such as billing the SMS & PARK system operator.

Your data remains anonymous

We only see that a certain parking time has been paid for the specified number plate. Further data, such as your mobile phone number, will not be published.

Parking ticket control even without a parking ticket

Our police officers check with their monitoring devices by means of a license plate query whether the corresponding parking fees have been paid by you via SMS & PARK.

Important information:

Our SMS & PARK service is available to all customers of t-mobile, Vodafone, O2, mobil.com, debitel and e-plus.
Please note that the abbreviated dialing numbers may be blocked for some cell phone contracts, so payment via the cell phone bill or the cell phone provider is not possible. But SMS & PARK also offers a solution for this. Other payment channels are available via the PayByPhone app, such as billing via direct debit or credit card (VISA and Mastercard). so that this service can be used without any problems.

Further information about SMS & PARK can be found on the website of sunhill technologies

Pay cashless

Pay parking fees with the “City Card Arnsberg” and “Pay One Card” as well as the EC card

With the “City Card Arnsberg”, the “Pay One Card” or the EC card, you can also make cashless payments quickly and easily.

With the renewal of the barrier systems in our parking garages and the expansion of the parking zone concept in Neheim, the "City Card Arnsberg" can only be used at the "old" parking ticket machines (please note!). The selected amount will be debited directly from your card.

You can get the "City Card Arnsberg" free of charge from us or in the city offices of the city of Arnsberg. You can also only top up the card at the "old" parking ticket machines.

The "Pay One Card" replaces the "City Card Arnsberg" at the "new" parking ticket machines. In future, this card will also be used in all parking garages. With this cash card, like the "City Card Arnsberg", you can pay cashless - but only at the "new" parking ticket machines. You can get the “Pay One Card” free of charge from us and in all city offices in Arnsberg. You can top up the card at all "new" parking ticket machines.

With your EC card, you have the option of making cashless payments at the pay machines in our multi-storey car parks. The parking fees will then be debited directly from your account.

Do you have anymore questions? Your contacts are happy to be there for you personally:

Resident ID:
In all city offices

Legal questions about parking space:
Martin Gross
Specialist service security / order / traffic authority of the city of Arnsberg
Tel. 02932 201-1483

General information on the parking area:
Martin Rüther
Tel .: 02932 201-3481

Martin Kaufhold
Tel .: 02932 201-3478

Renting long-term parking space:

Martin Rüther
Tel. 02932 201-3481
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]