Poland is suitable for higher studies

Christian Albrechts University in Kiel

One degree, two degrees: With the single-subject master’s degree in Intercultural Studies: Poles and Germans in Europe, you acquire both a master’s degree from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) and a master’s degree from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań ( Poland). This degree is an ideal prerequisite for working as a specialist in German-Polish relations, for example in the European Union, and helping to shape Europe even in times of changing political values.

When Poland joined the EU in 2004, cooperation between Poland and Germany was intensified. The aim of this master’s degree is to take a look at this special relationship from a European perspective and from different specialist approaches. The interdisciplinary master's degree is represented by the fields of Eastern European History, German Studies, Slavic Studies, Political Science, Law and German as a Foreign Language.

By linking with subjects from other faculties, you can pursue different methodological and theoretical approaches. In this way, historical, German and Polish questions are supplemented by political science, law, regional and cultural studies.

With your language skills in Polish at level A2 by the beginning of the lecture at the latest, as well as a bachelor's degree in Eastern European History, German Studies, Polish Philology or in a comparable course of study, you are ideally suited for the Master's degree in Poland and Germans in Europe at the CAU.

Your master's degree at the CAU is internationally oriented. While students from Poznań come to the University of Kiel in the second semester and thus ensure a lively intercultural (language) exchange, you go for your own in the third or fourth semester - depending on whether you start your studies in the winter semester or summer semester Semester abroad to Poland. In this way, you will study with your Polish fellow students for a total of two semesters.

A four-week internship related to Poland during your time at Kiel University supports your career preparation. After your studies, you can work in science on the one hand, but also in a wide range of professions, for example in the EU, in administration, in the media, in publishing or in the communications industry, as well as in international companies.