Which bananas are the healthiest

Buying and storing bananas

Since conventionally grown bananas are one of the fruits that are most contaminated with pesticides, you should use organic bananas without exception. Also look out for fair trade seals if you are reluctant to take part in the exploitation of plantation workers.

When buying your organic bananas, consider whether you want to eat them unripe or ripe, because the green fruits continue to ripen. How long bananas last depends on the storage conditions. The exotic loves an airy, cool and dry place. If bananas are also hanging - e.g. If kept on a hook, for example, they can be stored for up to two weeks.

If you want to delay the ripening process, simply store the ripe bananas together with unripe fruits such as pears or avocados, which in turn ripen faster. If a banana is about to become overripe, you can put it in the fruit and vegetable drawer in your fridge to prevent it from spoiling so quickly.

You can also put bananas (peeled and cut into pieces) in a freezer bag and freeze. Frozen bananas are good for baking and cooking, for smoothies or fruit sauces. You can also use a mixer to conjure up delicious ice cream on the fly. To do this, simply mix the frozen banana pieces until they are creamy. Add a little lemon juice, a few pieces of mango or a little ginger.

The banana shows diversity in the kitchen

Bananas are best enjoyed straight or in the form of banana split (with ice cream and chocolate sauce), but they also go wonderfully in mueslis, fruit salads, smoothies and shakes. You can do without animal milk for a banana milk. B. with the delicious tiger nut milk, with oat drink or rice drink. The banana is also a pleasure cooked and baked.

A special cake is the so-called banana bread, which is a great source of energy for endurance sports. Another popular snack is banana chips. Commonly unripe bananas are sliced, fried in oil and then dried.

The sweet exotic harmonizes perfectly with savory spices such as chilli and gives hearty dishes such as curries a particularly fruity and aromatic note. The creamy banana gives chutneys, sauces and soups a creamy consistency. Are you looking for tried and tested banana recipes? You will definitely find what you are looking for in our recipe database.

We hope you enjoy cooking and an excellent appetite!


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