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Memory training: You can rock your next exam with this simple trick

You studied for weeks. Did you understand everything somehow and can you actually explain it quite well? Still, is it never enough to get top marks?

I felt like that for a while and it worried me a lot. Then I realized that sometimes it is better to just memorize than to understand everything. Of course, that doesn't always apply, but unfortunately quite often. And I've always envied people who can. I find it pretty difficult to memorize it.

Do you find memorizing difficult too? Are you also wondering how others manage to beat knowledge into their skulls in such a short amount of time? So that they can easily pass exams with 1.0?

Doping during your studies ~ what is it about Ritalin & Co?

Mai has a doctorate in chemistry and explains on her knowledge channel MaiLab what tablets do to our brain and to what extent this really improves our academic performance:

However, your grade is not a question of intelligence. I have also learned to deal with it without chemical help and to improve continuously. The next exam is due for me next Thursday. I'm not interested in the topic. Besides, and in all honesty, I just want to get this over with. I will never need this knowledge again anyway and if I do, I will acquire it in due course. So I just want to get this into my head quickly and if you feel the same way, I have good news for you:

My current guest author Mirko is a memory trainer and after he was free to show me how I can double my reading speed last week, he now has a simple exercise ready for us, with which we can do things, in this case exam material, faster, easier and can remember better.

Curtain up for Mirko!

The craziest way to instantly save boring exam material in your head

Professionals from the Memory training use so-called memory techniques to remember a variety of things:

From the outside, it looks like they are endowed with a supernatural talent, but that's not the case.

They use techniques. Incidentally, these memory techniques can be learned.

Your brain can best remember the things that are "tangible". So pictures.

Information that is not tangible is very difficult for your brain to remember. For example, boring definitions, structure schemes, boring specialist texts, etc.

Let's say, as a simplified example, you have read a long text and written out a few terms that reflect the content of the text.

Memorize terms and sequences with memory training

Memory training: Memorize these 5 foreign words

For reasons of time, we assume that the following 5 terms are on your learning summary. You have to get these 5 terms in your head in exact order:

  1. Balance sheet (strange term from business administration)
  2. Neocortex (medical professionals have to deal with such words)
  3. Legal system (however that works - law)
  4. Molecule (belief the term comes from chemistry)
  5. Barack Obama (politics - who would have thought)

How would you memorize the top five terms in order?

First you would convert the term into an image and “pin” that image somewhere where you can find it again. For example in your room, in your apartment or on the way to your university.

So which picture could you take for your balance sheet? A picture of two people named Bill and Hans would be enough.

Then you imagine two people named Bill and Hans who open the front door to your apartment for you. This is about making the pictures like that crazyto do as possible. This allows your brain to save this information effortlessly.

So we are at the neocortex. How would you remember this? You probably know the movie "Finding Nemo". If you imagine the picture of “Nemo the little fish” sleeping with your “ex”, then the picture should be so strange that you cannot forget it!

Then put this picture in the cloakroom of your apartment in your hallway. So you want to hang up your jacket and suddenly you see Nemo sleeping with your or your ex.

Very bizarre. So good to remember.

How you can better memorize technical terms with memory training

How would you memorize the term legal system?

You could reach into a “system” with your “right hand”. For example a modular system from Lego. I'm just letting my imagination run free, childhood memories - sorry;)

So imagine how you go into your room and reach into a modular “system” with your “right hand”. This will remind you of "legal system" later.

How do you memorize molecule?

If you imagine a possibly overweight girl named "Molly" who is "cool", then you have it.

Imagine you go into your kitchen and suddenly it says “Molly” and she is very “cool” - that reminds you of Molecule.

I know it feels totally stupid at first to do something like that, but with a little practice you can save everything you need for your exams.

How do you remember Obama?

You could imagine Barack Obama sitting in your bathroom reading the newspaper. Then you know that Barack Obama comes last.

Then just test yourself.

Who will open your front door for you?

Right: Bill and Hans. And they both remind you of the word balance sheet.

What do you see in the hallway at the cloakroom?

Nemo sleeps with your or your ex and that reminds you of neocortex.

What are you doing in your room?

You reach into a modular system with your right hand and that reminds you of the legal system.

Who do you see when you walk into the kitchen?

Right: Molly ... and she was pretty cool. That reminds you of molecule.

Who do you see when you open the bathroom door?

Exactly. You see Barack Obama in your bathroom.

What he does there, I leave to your imagination;)

Perfect! You have just easily memorized 5 terms in sequence.

Memory training is that easy!

Have fun using it!

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