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The pulmonologist Christian Virchow answered questions on the topic in the chat.

It is one of the most common diseases in the world: the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD causes great suffering and is one of the top causes on the list of the most common causes of death. Nevertheless, smoking, which is the main cause of COPD in this country, is still widespread. The problem: The first warning signs of COPD are usually not taken seriously and are dismissed as a harmless side effect of smoking.

The pulmonologist Prof. Christian Virchow from the Rostock University Hospital answered questions about COPD in the visit chat. The protocol for reading:

Stoggi: Can biological drugs be used for treatment rheumatic diseases (for example "Humira") trigger COPD?

Prof. Christian Virchow:There is no evidence for this.

Sabine: Can you get COPD after one lung infection to get?

Virchow:Pneumonia can cause lung damage. It also depends on the type of pneumonia. This does not trigger COPD in the classic sense, but COPD can be made considerably worse by pneumonia.

Mahaut: I've never smoked in my life. Could my constant - sometimes very severe - shortness of breath with diagnosed overinflation, which has existed for years, still be COPD (38 years old, female)?

Virchow:For lifelong non-smokers, COPD is very unlikely in our part of the world, unless you would have had to tolerate exhaust gases and pollutants on a massive scale, professionally or otherwise. In principle, however, in your case I would rather assume that there is another lung disease that is mistaken for COPD, for example asthma.

Abc: I was diagnosed with COPD about 20 years ago. Before that, I went to sea for several years. I worked for machine personnel and inhaled diesel and oil vapors in the engine room for around eight hours a day. Is that where my COPD comes from? I never smoked.

Virchow:That cannot be ruled out in this case. Combustion exhaust gases can also cause this in high concentrations.

Marianne: Since I've been treating my COPD with Viani Forte, I've been hoarse often and consistently. What can I do?

Virchow:This is a known side effect. My advice: Have your inhalation technique checked, rinse your mouth after inhaling, and if necessary have a bite to eat.

Scorpio: Regarding the (early) symptoms: Is a loud high-pitched noise when breathing, especially when breathing in deeply and when speaking, typical for COPD or does it indicate something else?

Virchow:Background noises when breathing in COPD arise when breathing out. When it comes to inhaling noises, you have to think of something else.

Marianne: Is there anything known about the effects of copier fumes on the lungs?

Virchow:Copier fumes are not known to cause COPD.

Pedi: I've had asthma for 30 years, now it's supposed to be COPD III. Cortisone spray only makes things worse. Formoterol CT 12 is very good for me. I absolutely have to cortisone to take?

Virchow:It's hard to answer from here. Usually, asthma does not turn into COPD. Your doctor must decide together with you whether you need to inhale cortisone.

Tom: What is the difference between asthma and COPD?

Virchow:Asthma and COPD are two completely different diseases with similar symptoms but different causes.

Frank: Does heart failure often result from COPD emphysema?

Virchow:COPD / emphysema can aggravate heart failure, especially if COPD leads to a lack of oxygen, which then also affects the heart.

Brigitte: My father has all the symptoms, but it is said that he has pulmonary fibrosis. Couldn't it be COPD too?

Virchow:That cannot be answered from here.

Becky: Is COPD inheritable, or is it the disposition for it?

Virchow:Yes, there is a genetic predisposition to develop a special form of COPD.

Horst from M .: I have GOLD IV B. An emergency can occur at any time, which means that I cannot breathe at all or hardly at all. What medication should you have with you in an emergency kit?

Virchow:Please discuss this with your lung specialist.

Heidi: In the course of a lung examination, the letter said something about the beginning of the lung framework. Does this have anything to do with COPD?

Virchow:That cannot be answered from here.

Gabriele: Can you develop COPD from code abuse?

Virchow:Code abuse is very inconvenient and dangerous, but it is not a cause of COPD.

Biggi: What methods are there to remove emphysema?

Virchow:There are very special endoscopic procedures (valve implantation) or endoscopic-surgical procedures to reduce lung volume, but these are reserved for specialized centers. The selection of suitable patients is just as crucial as experience with these specialized techniques.

Hopsenburg: Is bronchiectasis a type of COPD? Or does it differ from this in terms of the treatment options?

Virchow:COPD can be complicated by bronchiectasis, but it is an additional disease and requires other treatment beyond COPD therapy.

Patricia from H .: I smoked heavily for 20 years, but have been a non-smoker for 22 years. For twelve years I have suffered from a dry cough with no sputum for up to five months every winter. At some point it ends. Is that COPD too?

Virchow:Congratulations on not smoking in a long time. A pulmonologist must clarify whether your coughing problems are really already COPD.

Susanne: I have been coughing constantly for about six months and have difficulty breathing, especially at night. I am not noticed by the family doctor. Is that something to think about in the 30s?

Virchow:Nocturnal cough and shortness of breath are very suspicious for asthma. You should take it to the pulmonologist.

Nico33: I have COPD II and I am 33 years old. My FEV1 is 70 percent. I quit smoking four years ago. Can COPD come to a standstill or can it be stopped, or does the disease automatically worsen despite quitting smoking?

Virchow:The most important measure to prevent the progression of COPD is to stop smoking. With that you have done the most important thing to bring the disease to a standstill. Pulmonologist check-ups must show whether it is still progressing.

Bronchiosaurus: There were two types of COPD - dry cough with emphysema or cough with expectoration in "broken" small airways. Both of these apply to me. Are there mixed forms?

Virchow:Yes, there are mixed forms.

Mr. Thormann: In the hospital, oxygen is always used for inhalation and the pressure is set to around 7 to 8. Is that correct and what does it mean for the lungs? The devices at home work with compressed air.

Virchow:The oxygen supply must be adjusted individually.

Rosa: I suffer from mild COPD, don't take any medication, and go to exercise three times a week. I haven't smoked for 15 years. A doctor advised me to take a teaspoon of turmeric every day. Do I need to take other medications?

Virchow:I don't know that turmeric is supposed to help with COPD. Whether you need medication must be decided in cooperation with a pulmonologist. Unless you have any complaints, consider this.

Ina S .: About seven years ago, COPD II (GOLD?) Was diagnosed. For three to four years it has been called with asthmoid components. My lung values ​​should still be stable, but subjectively I feel worse than before (I quit smoking seven years ago). Could it be that I have asthma and not COPD? I hate the cortisone, but I can't do without it either.

Virchow:You may well have asthma. That would have to be clarified.

Hein: Does COPD promote pulmonary hypertension?

Virchow:The school opinion is that if pulmonary hypertension is present in COPD, other causes of pulmonary hypertension should be looked for.

Jora: Can disinfectants cause COPD?

Virchow:This cannot be completely ruled out, but it is by no means a common cause.

KaWi: My mother worked with chlorine for 30 years because of cleaning work. Can this cause COPD?

Virchow:No. Chlorine gas poisoning can cause ugly changes in the lungs, but these do not correspond to the classic picture of COPD.

SIROD: I've never smoked. My parents always smoked a lot, even when I was a baby. Can I then have COPD as a passive smoker?

Virchow:Yes, unfortunately, secondhand smoke, especially in infancy, can apparently favor the development of COPD. Parents should never smoke just for the sake of their children.

Nordic: Is pulmonary hypertension also a form of COPD? Are the examination methods, diagnosis, treatment and course of pulmonary hypertension the same?

Virchow:Pulmonary hypertension is not a form of COPD. Diagnosis and therapy are fundamentally different.

Volker: What is the difference between pulmonary fibrosis and COPD?

Virchow:These are two completely different diseases. The only thing in common: Both cause shortness of breath.

Uwe: COPD and Sleep apnea, are there any particular risks?

Virchow:These are two diseases that mutually favor each other in terms of their symptoms.

Albert: Should I give oxygen as a preventative measure for COPD II?

Virchow:No, oxygen is not indicated at all for COPD II.

Hein: How do you treat the genetic form of emphysema?

Virchow:Like COPD and by substituting an alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor in weekly infusions.

Becky: At what age can COPD start?

Virchow:Very different, rarely before the age of 30.

Gabriele: When does it make sense to use oxygen?

Virchow:When there is insufficient oxygen in the blood.

Olli: How long is the average time from the onset of COPD to the end (death)?

Virchow:It is very different from person to person. An average number doesn't help anyone here.

Betty: I'm a smoker and every three to four weeks I have a dry cough for about five to six days. Is that a sign of lung disease?

Virchow:Coughing is never good and should be investigated.

Herbert: After a lot of physical exertion during the day, I suffer from shortness of breath and a somewhat dry cough at night. Hypersensitive bronchi were diagnosed. How is it differentiated from COPD. I haven't smoked for over 30 years.

Virchow:That sounds a lot more like asthma to me. You should clarify this with a pulmonologist.

Dietmar: I have had COPD for several years, today according to the pulmonologist GOLD IV, but so far without an oxygen device. I am currently using Spiriva and Foster. Are there any newer drugs? With those just mentioned, I often have problems in my throat, in other words "a frog in my throat" with tough mucus that only comes out by clearing my throat. I'm already taking the medication with what is known as an inhalation bomb, but it doesn't really help.

Virchow:You seem treated pretty well. I would recommend discussing these issues with your pulmonologist, who will also decide if you need oxygen.

Piroli: About four years ago my family doctor diagnosed me with COPD due to the low breathing volume. Since then, the tidal volume has been measured quarterly (currently ~ 85 percent) and I inhale Seebri Breezhaler 44 every day. Is the diagnosis acceptable?

Virchow:It appears to be a mild form of COPD. Your doctor will decide together with you whether you will need Seebri on a permanent basis.

Manni: Can fine dust be a trigger for COPD or asthma?

Virchow:Fine dust is an essential component of cigarette smoke and can therefore also trigger COPD.

Nicolle: How do you notice that the oxygen in the blood is no longer sufficient?

Virchow:The doctor can measure the oxygen in the blood and then make a decision.

Hannelore: I have COPD IV. Can you still count on an improvement?

Virchow:Individual therapy methods are definitely an option here. It will hardly improve on its own.

Monika: COPD was diagnosed in January. Have no shortage of breath, do I have to take Bretaris right away?

Virchow:Your doctor must decide this together with you.

MEGGIE: Is it possible that Spiriva inhalation triggers cardiac arrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation?

Virchow:Ventricular fibrillation is not known to be a side effect of Spiriva.

SilkeF:My mother suffers from a dry, sometimes excruciating cough. What relief options are there?

Virchow: That depends on what the trigger for the cough is. It doesn't always have to be COPD.

Andi: Would it be advantageous if there were many contacts with children against whooping cough to be vaccinated?

Virchow:Yes, whooping cough vaccination is always good.

Karma: Does constant green phlegm, which is usually lumpy and which you have to cough up, indicate COPD, or is it more bacterial and can you have this phlegm examined?

Virchow:This is compatible with COPD, but it can also have other causes, for example bronchiectasis.

Alex: How do I get rid of smoking?

Virchow:There are many techniques, for example with medication. Discuss this with your doctor.

Grabi: I have COPD IV and an elevated diaphragm on the left. When I get breathless, I pee and can breathe better immediately. Is that normal?

Virchow:That is a very special observation. Not normal for COPD in general.

Christiane: I was diagnosed with a slight overinflation of the lungs. I get breathlessness after stressful situations. Can stress worsen overinflation?

Virchow:Yes. But it sounds more like asthma.

Angelika: I go to the gym instead of doing pulmonary exercise, about two to three times a week, I incorporate breathing therapy exercises. Is that OK? Or should I go to lung sports after all?

Virchow:It's totally ok.

Friedrich: Is COPD contagious?

Virchow:No, that is impossible.

KaWi: My mother can only move with a walker. What exercises to strengthen the lungs can you recommend?

Virchow: Discuss this with the doctor, rehabilitation and pulmonary sports group if necessary.

Gudrun N .: Can an examination of the sputum determine what type of COPD it is?

Virchow:No, this only determines which bacteria may be in the sputum.

CMPundMUC: Does COPD also exist in non-smokers, what causes need to be discussed, e.g. also pollutants in the environment? What is the percentage of non-smokers involved?

Virchow:In our part of the world, COPD diseases that are not caused by smoking or passive smoking are extremely rare.

UB: Are fatigue and exhaustion a common side effect of COPD?

Virchow:There are many causes for this, COPD can be one of them.

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