How Much Insurers Earn

Salary information in the field of insurance.

Starting salary in insurance.

When starting a career, the salary as an insurance salesman is around 2,300 euros per month. The individual starting salary depends on your negotiating skills and above all on your degree and the area of ​​responsibility.

Your degree.

Insurance and finance clerks already achieve high starting salaries after completing their training: As an insurance clerk, you can expect an average starting salary of around EUR 27,000 gross annually.

With a university degree you get significantly more salary: Your average annual salary is then 47,000 euros. As in many areas of the financial industry, you earn more in insurance with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree. Master's graduates get a starting salary of around 52,400 euros. But the type of entry also plays a role: trainees earn around 3,000 euros less each year than direct entrants.

With a doctorate you will of course be paid even better: around 66,600 euros await you here when you start your career and often an assistant position on the board.

The area of ​​responsibility.

In addition to your degree, your job also plays a role. Actuaries get the highest starting salaries with an average of 52,933 euros. Even if employees in sales earn up to 8,500 euros less than their colleagues in the back office, they can often top up their salaries with bonuses and commissions.

Area of ​​responsibilityLower quartileMedianUpper quartile
Back office37,302 euros48,587 euros53,003 euros
Insurance advisor37,974 euros43,000 euros55,012 euros
Actuary45,656 euros52,933 euros60,158 euros
distribution36,525 euros40,050 euros46,934 euros

Source: (2017).