Is there any way to cure myopia?

How can I improve myopia?

Synonyms in the broader sense

Medical: Myopia

Astigmatism, astigmatism, farsightedness

English: Myopia, nearsightedness (American), shortshightedness, purblindness


Just about one myopiaThere are exercises to improve myopia in spite of constant screen work or a lot of reading. These exercises serve to mobilize the muscles that adapt the lens of the eye to long and near vision from their constant close focus and thus to train them.

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Exercise 1

This exercise should be done while standing by the window or in another place from which one can see very far and can look at distant trees, mountains, houses or even clouds. Then hold your index finger for approx. 20 cm in front of the tip of your nose and fix your finger with your eyes for a few seconds. Then you look for a few seconds at a distant place (tree, cloud, house, mountain, ...). You then switch back and forth a few times between the two eye settings.

exercise 2

To the muscles around that eyeTo loosen up, which can also lead to impaired vision due to cramping, let your eyes circle slowly for a few seconds. Before repeating the exercise again, there is a short break.

Exercise 3

For this exercise, move your eyes as far to the right as possible and then as far as possible to the left. Then the same down and up. Then pause for a moment and then repeat the exercise.

Exercise 4

Whenever the sun shines, you should sunlight to look at the eyes. To avoid glare and damage to the eyes, close your eyes while facing the sun.

Exercise 5

For this exercise you take a newspaper or a book and pick out a single word that you can only make out vaguely from a certain distance. Now you fix a letter from the selected word until you can see it more clearly. This exercise is aimed at focusing on the Eye musclestrained.

Exercise 6

If you already have Wearers of glassesyou should try to take regular breaks without glasses or other visual aids to avoid wasting or cramping of the eye muscles.
Since this is often difficult if you already have severe visual impairment, so-called raster glasses (or also called pinhole glasses) recommended. At this "glasses“There is a plastic with small holes in the places where the glasses normally sit. If you put on these glasses, whether far-sighted or short-sighted, you train the eye muscles and relax them at the same time, while you can also see relatively sharply again. The grid glasses take getting used to, but at the same time very effective for eye training. Drive is not allowed with the glasses than sunglasses however, it is suitable.

Exercise 7

For this exercise to improve myopia, imagine looking at an analog watch. You start to look at 12:00 o'clock, then slowly let your eyes wander over the dial to 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., etc. When you get back to 12:00 o'clock, repeat the exercise counter-clockwise. In total, the exercise is performed twice (in each direction).

Exercise 8

You can do something particularly good with your eyes massage do around the eye. To do this, grab the bridge of your nose with your thumb and middle finger. At the same time, the index finger is placed directly between the eyebrows and the three fingers involved are then started to move slightly apart and towards each other.

Exercise 9

At a particularly quickly noticeable Relaxation performs this exercise. To do this, place both middle fingers on the middle of the forehead and perform even circular movements while slowly moving the fingers sideways over the temples and down close to the Ears along to the base of the ears.

Exercise 10

The easiest but no less effective exercise is the following. For this one yawns extensively and again and again, which makes the whole Eye muscles vigorously tense around the eyes and then relaxed. Yawning also increases it Tear productionwhich makes the eyes wet with liquid.

Exercise 11

This eye relaxation exercise will also Palming called. To do this, place one hand slightly arched over the loosely closed eyes and try not to touch the eyelids. For about 2 minutes you should let your thoughts wander completely and try to relax fully, breathe evenly and calmly, before you cover your eyes again and feel the refreshment of palming. This exercise is particularly suitable for relaxing during strenuous work at a computer screen and can be performed while sitting or standing to relieve the back.


If the exercises are carried out regularly and grid glasses are worn from time to time (exercise no. 6), the eyes are given support so that the nearsightedness can improve or at least stagnate.

Improve myopia so that you don't have to wear glasses?

An improvement in myopia to the point of regaining 100 percent vision is not possible through eye training.
Rather, one can delay the progression of myopia through exercises.

But there is the possibility of one Laser therapyor one operative treatment of the eyes.
During laser therapy, the cornea is flattened and the refractive power of the cornea is reduced.
Laser therapy is low-risk and suitable for people with myopia up to approx. -6 dioptres and astigmatism up to approx. 4 dioptres.
Dioptres over -6 treated with a corneal curvature of up to approx. 6 dioptres is usually no longer treated with the laser method, but with the Implantation of collagen lenses.
These lenses are surgically placed on top of the actual lenses, like a permanently implanted contact lens. However, special lenses are used here.

with children

Myopia in children is widespread. In addition to the correct use of the visual aid, the following things should be observed with children:

  • The eye should be so much daylight received as possible. However, the eyes should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Reading should not be done too close to the eyes. This can weaken eyesight. One should make sure that the child has a certain distance to the reading source and has enough light for reading. Short breaks in reading, during which one fixes the eyes on things in the distance, can counteract the development of nearsightedness.

  • A balanced, wholesome diet having lots of fruits and vegetables is important to be able to supply the eyes with nutrients.

  • Long use of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and televisions can cause or worsen myopia. Therefore, especially with children whose eyes are still developing, you should always make sure that this use is limited.
    The German Ophthalmological Society recommends that children up to the age of three not be allowed to use cell phones or tablets. Children aged four and over should use these electronic devices for a maximum of 30 minutes a day.

in old age

Myopia through eye training can hardly be improved in old age.
Most of those affected already got their nearsightedness at a younger age, so that the eyesight is now only through the Laser therapy or the Lens surgery can be improved or even canceled.

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Homeopathy To Improve Myopia?

There is an improvement in myopia through homeopathic remedies not possible.
Rather, accompanying symptoms like Eye pain, Redness or one More stress on the eye be homeopathically treatable.

If you have a lot of work in front of the screen, you should Jaborandi C5 help relieve the strain on the eyes.
Also Schüssler salts are said to help improve blood circulation in the eyes and improve elasticity.

In general, homeopathy should promote the regeneration and relaxation of the eyes, as they can often be heavily stressed with nearsightedness.

In addition, there are the following homeopathic remedies that can be taken for migraines, eye pain or redness.

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