Are dryer balls bad for your dryer?

Are dryer balls useful?

Find out in this article how useful it is to use dryer balls, how many you need and how they are used.

Dryer balls: an overview

Regular use of a tumble dryer is commonplace in many households. Towels become softer and drying time is significantly reduced compared to using clotheslines. With dryer balls there is an aid that should support the drying process in a meaningful way and even shorten it. However, correct handling is crucial here. Also read:How do tumble dryers work?

What are dryer balls?

Dryer balls are balls that are about the size of a tennis ball. They can have a smooth or knobbed surface and are made of plastic or felt. The weight of a dryer ball should surprise many people, because it has to be at a very high level in order to be able to separate heavier items of laundry from one another.

The question of whether dryer balls made of felt or plastic are the better alternative is difficult to answer across the board. The fact is, however, that substances suspected of being harmful to health can be released from plastic balls at high temperatures. Felt balls are therefore considered to be the more environmentally friendly and less polluting alternative, but are sometimes also a bit more expensive.

How do dryer balls work?

Dryer balls are placed in the drum together with the laundry before the dryer goes through. Here they move with the rotation of the drum and separate items of laundry from one another. This in turn ensures that the air inside the dryer can circulate better, which speeds up drying. The fact that dryer balls store heat and transfer it to the laundry also supports drying.

By loosening the contents of the drum, dryer balls also help to give fibers more space. The laundry usually comes out of the dryer a little softer and more "fluffy". The main argument, however, is the shortening of the drying process. With the use of dryer balls, a shorter running time is sufficient, which helps to save energy. (Tips for saving electricity) What do they mean Textile care symbols for the dryer?

How many dryer balls and how to use?

As already mentioned, dryer balls are added to the laundry before the cycle. The number of balls should be four to six and depends on the amount of laundry. Once the drying is complete, the balls are sorted out of the laundry and placed in an airy place. Here they can dry off thoroughly and are ready for the next round shortly afterwards.

Only dryer balls that are identified as such should be used. Tennis balls, which are occasionally mentioned as an alternative, are not a good idea. You could not only discolor the laundry, but also emit harmful chemicals and softeners and release them into the laundry. This can have unpleasant consequences, especially for people with sensitive skin. Tennis balls belong on the tennis court and not in the tumble dryer.
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