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iPhone apps

Free iPhone apps to pass the time are a dime a dozen, but not every program in the App Store makes sense. Even professional apps such as for network management or business apps are becoming more and more common due to the increasing spread of Apple smartphones. We fought our way through the Apple App Store, tried it out and only collected the currently most useful free apps for you. These include practical tools for productivity, as well as free e-book readers with a free book archive.

Download the best iPhone apps for free

Pictures and descriptions of the programs are available in the following picture gallery so that you can easily form your own opinion on the app. All programs mentioned are both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c as well as the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, the iPod touch and Apple's tablets such as the iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 compatible. The apps also increasingly support the Apple Watch.

  1. OneDrive
    With the OneDrive app, you can access your own OneDrive content, as well as the content that other OneDrive users have shared with you. With the iPhone app, folders can be moved, deleted, renamed and also created. Files that are on OneDrive can also be opened in other apps on the iPhone. You can share files and photos and email the appropriate link. You can now upload files to OneDrive from your smartphone. The app also offers an automatic backup of the photos and videos taken on the iPhone. The version optimized for iOS 8 also supports TouchID for protected access to the app. The app also offers watch support. The images stored on OneDrive can then be viewed on the smartwatch.
  2. Documents
    Read, listen, look at, add notes: this app can be used to manage any files, documents, e-books and everything else. The current version has been specially optimized for the iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro - there are now new features such as 3D touch and fast folder search using icons.
  3. 1Password
    With 1Password you only have to remember one password. This is used to open the 1Password vault, in which all other passwords are stored. In the future, 1Password should also be compatible with Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition of the iPhone.
  4. Asphalt 8: Airborne
    Leave gravity behind: The iOS arcade racing game series comes with new luxury switches, stunts at full speed and an intense driving experience - thanks to the new engine that makes the best use of the specs of the iPhone 6 and 6s. If necessary, it also works with the Apple Watch and older iOS versions.
  5. Twitterific
    If you like to tweet on the go, you can't avoid this app: The Twitterific client has received multiple awards and makes operating the microblogging service child's play. The current version now even supports the Apple Watch - for everyone who wants to tweet or read with their wristwatch.
  6. Shazam
    Shazam recognizes music that is played e.g. on the radio or on television and then offers further links. Among other things, the song can then be downloaded from the iTunes store. Information about the artist or YouTube videos are also displayed. The information found can be shared with friends via Twitter or Facebook. If you want, you can keep Shazam listening to music in the background with the auto function. Shazam also offers support for the Apple Watch.
  7. myTaxi
    The free myTaxi app shows you all participating taxis in your area, you can order a taxi immediately and follow the journey in real time on your smartphone. In addition, a fare can be calculated in advance, which you can even pay using the app without cash or cards. If you need a taxi at a certain time, you have the option of reserving a taxi. The app is currently available in Berlin, Bremen, Bonn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Stuttgart, Lübeck and Sylt as well as in Vienna, Graz, Zurich and Barcelona , Madrid, Warsaw, Washington DC and Arlington VA. Thanks to the support of the Apple Watch, a taxi can also be ordered via the Smartwatch.
  8. ON AIR
    The ON AIR app shows the current TV program very clearly and quickly. The stations can be easily set and sorted, and you can see at a glance what is currently on. A tip on a program shows the relevant information. A reminder function can also be set for broadcasts, then the iPhone reminds you via push message that the TV report is now starting. The highlights of the day can be displayed in the message center using the iOS 8 widget. The app also shows on the Apple Watch what is currently running or at 8:15 p.m.
  9. DB Navigator
    The DB Navigator for the iPhone is not only suitable for providing timetable information for the railways. The iPhone app also has access to many of the departure schedules of major public transport service providers, such as the MVG in Munich. In particular, the GPS location of the next stop is a practical feature here. The exact walk to the next station is also displayed with the map function. But the DB Navigator also offers real added value for rail travelers. Even current delay information is included in the travel planning. It is also possible to buy tickets via iPhone. The support of the Apple Watch offers functions such as departure, transfer and reservation information as well as stops nearby.
  10. Opera Coast
    The web browser is designed for a very reduced surface with an emphasis on gesture control. It works very user-friendly. The app is a universal app. The bookmarks between the Coast browser on the iPhone and iPad are also synchronized.
  11. Find my friends
    The location of friends is shown with the free app from Apple. So you can see where someone - or their iPhone - is at any time. The relevant friends must of course accept the app's request. You can also switch yourself to be invisible at any time if you don't want your friends to see your location.
  12. Google Maps
    The satellite view can optionally be shown in the map display. In addition, the traffic situation and public transport can be displayed. If you tap on "Google Earth" in the options, you will see the current position displayed there.
  13. more-refuel
    The app shows the current fuel prices of the petrol stations found in the area. It can be sorted according to price, distance and topicality of the information. The fuel prices are provided by the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels (MTS-K).
  14. Google search
    The Google Mobile App is the app implementation of almost all Google services in one application; Google Now is also integrated. Voice search is particularly useful. It works amazingly well and can be a noticeable relief. With Google Googles, the app recognizes objects based on a photo. For example, an unknown building can be photographed and Google Googles can search for it.
  15. Lync 2013 for iPhone
    With the app, the services of Microsoft's Lync 2013 are available on the iPhone. These include VoIP and video functions via WLAN, presence information, chat, conferences. A Lync account is required as a prerequisite.
  16. Microsoft Word
    The current version of the free app allows reading, creating and editing Word documents even without an Office 365 account. With a subscription, the user receives even more features in the app. Word for the iPhone uses OneDrive integration, but documents can also be saved locally. A Dropbox integration is also possible.
  17. Microsoft Excel
    Like Word, the Excel spreadsheet is also available free of charge for the iPhone.
  18. Microsoft PowerPoint
    The PowerPoint presentation tool completes the free office suite for the iPhone. Here, too, you can read, edit and create presentations with the free version. If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can access more features. "PowerPoint Remote" for the Apple Watch can be used to control the slide show on the Smartwatch.
  19. ATM search
    With the “ATM search” app, you can find cash within your reach. The app shows you the nearest ATMs on a GoogleMaps map using satellite positioning or entering your location. All banks are in the database so that withdrawal fees can be avoided.
  20. MyFitnessPal
    The app allows tracking of the calories consumed daily. Food can also be barcode scanned to see calories and more right away. MyFitnessPal can also be linked to other fitness devices such as the Withings WiFi scale. On the Apple Watch, the app shows, among other things, how many calories you can still consume.
  21. ZDF Mediathek
    Access the ZDFmediathek with the app. In addition to live programs from ZDF, ZDFneo, ZDFinfo and ZDFkultur, missed programs can also be viewed.
  22. Instagram
    Instagram applies the principle of microblogging to photography. As with Twitter, every participant has their own account through which followers can share photos they have taken. And just like on Twitter, there are a multitude of talented people who keep posting artful pictures of interesting situations. As a passive participant, you have various options to specifically look for good photos. A good first place to start is the list of the most popular images. If you want to get active yourself, a variety of different image filters help you beautify your recordings. The app also supports the Apple Watch.
  23. Booking.com
    Booking.com is the app of the well-known online travel portal. With Booking.com you can find the hotel you want on the go.
  24. Spotify
    With Spotify, you can access your music collection from almost anywhere in the world. You will also be suggested music by other artists that you might like.
  25. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a cloud service that allows files to be synced across multiple PCs. This app gives you access to your entire Dropbox and allows you to access pictures, videos or other documents on the go. It is also possible to upload photos taken directly to the cloud, so that they are directly available on all PCs connected to the Dropbox account. If the Dropbox client software is not available, files can still be accessed via a web interface. Dropbox also offers a widget for iOS 8. In this way, you can see the most recent changes in the Notification Center.
  26. Currency converter
    With the free app you can convert currencies from over 115 countries and regions and arrange them in any order. The exchange rates are updated automatically or manually.
  27. Departure monitor
    The practical departure monitor shows the departure times of the local public transport stops in the area. To do this, the free app uses the Deutsche Bahn database, which holds information for a large number of large German cities. Commuters appreciate the favorites function, in which frequently visited lines can be quickly viewed. The departure monitor is also suitable for searching for stops thanks to the location function and integrated map. The useful search function rounds off the good offer, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store.
  28. WiFi Photo Transfer
    The WiFi Photo Transfer app allows you to transfer pictures on the iPhone to anyone with Internet access on the same network. When the app is started, an address is displayed that is entered in the browser of the PC, notebook or other device. Afterwards, all picture libraries of the iPhone can be accessed via the browser. In addition to individual images, several can also be downloaded via ZIP files.
  29. Curmudgeon price comparison
    If you are already in the shop and want to get a price comparison, you can use the Geizhals app. The app finds the right product in no time using the integrated barcode scanner. The application is also very suitable for obtaining reviews. Users have left testimonials on many popular products. Otherwise there are also links to independent tests from the Internet.
  30. Holidays and school vacations are free
    The public holiday situation is particularly complicated in Germany. Different federal states have different holiday regulations and school holidays do not take place at the same time. Holidays and school vacations Free allows you to get a free overview of the situation. Public holidays and vacation times are recorded for each federal state and listed in a list. But even for many other countries information of this kind is available, which is why the app is also suitable for coordinating cross-border trips.
  31. Traffic jam mobile
    Especially during the holiday season, German drivers are plagued by traffic jams on the streets. Stau Mobil informs you free of charge where nothing is going on. But even before it's too late, the app can do a good job. A forecast function is integrated, which picks up on the traffic jam forecast of the ADAC. Traffic jam Mobil is not just limited to highways. The traffic volume on German federal and rural roads can also be tracked in a sub-item.
  32. daily News
    The successful Tagesschau app brings the entire range of news from the ARD online editorial team to the iPhone. This includes written contributions, live or time-shifted news television and radio broadcasts. When it comes to operation, the app does not show any nakedness. Only the playback of embedded videos provokes stuck at times. As a free offer, the Tagesschau app is worth recommending.
  33. Rechargeable battery & battery HD monitor
    Akku & Battery HD Monitor helps you to keep track of the battery consumption of your device. Depending on the charge level, the app gives you a clear breakdown of how long you can still make calls, surf the web, read or listen to music until your battery runs out of breath.
  34. The phone book
    Deutsche Telekom's telephone book quickly finds commercial telephone, fax, cellular and service numbers within Germany. You can also search in the immediate vicinity, and the route function then navigates to the selected destination. Practical: the integrated reverse search finds the name and address of an unknown telephone number. The app also offers support for the Apple Watch.
  35. RainRadar
    RegenRadar brings you precise precipitation information on your smartphone free of charge. Even laypeople can quickly see an approaching rain front on the weather map. The app's data sets are updated every 15 minutes, which is why further weather movements can be estimated very well. The RegenRadar manages without nested menus and is limited to the representation of the precipitation map.
  36. Parcel
    With Parcels you get free parcel tracking for the iPhone, with which you can handle deliveries from different delivery companies - including sizes such as DHL Express, GLS, Hermes or Deutsche Post. The structure and operation of Parcel are kept simple and concentrate on the essentials. If the parcel service provider provides precise geodata for the parcel location, it can even be viewed in Google Maps. To receive push notifications about status changes, an in-app purchase is required. The watch also gives you the latest news about your parcels.
  37. Wunderlist