How fast is the free standard delivery from AliExpress

AliExpress shipping to Germany

Whether Amazon, Ebay or Zalando: Shopping is shifting more and more from traditional shops to the Internet. Online trading is booming. Among the market leaders, in addition to the very large American companies, is AliExpress - We explain what it is and how shipping to Germany works.

Patrick Moeller

Last Updated on 13 September 2020

AliExpress in general

AliExpress is part of the Chinese parent company The Hong Kong-based multinational company can be mentioned in the same breath as world market leader Amazon.

The online giant is not only represented with a German website in Asia, but also in Germany. In general, Alibaba is trying very hard to integrate into the European market.

It's best to compare AliExpress with Ebay. If you look at the company concepts and the company structures, both companies are very similar. However, AliExpress is not only aimed at end consumers like Ebay, but business customers can also order their goods, possibly in large quantities, from the Chinese mail order company.

Contrary to many prejudices, AliExpress is an absolutely serious company. Although the products must meet Chinese standards in order to be offered on the site, the majority of the goods are designed for the European market. There are only a few articles that are not allowed in Germany.

In addition to the products, AliExpress strives with success to guarantee secure, stress-free payment and delivery for the customer and to keep dubious sellers away from the platform.

Orders on AliExpress

The process of an order at AliExpress is certainly already known to everyone from other online platforms. Probably the only difference worth mentioning is the proof of legitimation, which is required for the free registration. You confirm your identity with the help of your identity card number or the number on your driver's license.

After you have finished creating a user account, you can start shopping straight away. After you have selected the product and, if necessary, color, size and number of items, various shipping options will be suggested to you.

At AliExpress you can choose between many transport options, which vary in price depending on the duration of the delivery. Since the goods have to be brought from China to Europe, shipping can be a little more expensive. When offsetting the product costs with the delivery costs, however, AliExpress is still cheaper in most cases than Amazon.

How do I find the right retailer on AliExpress?

Customers from Europe are often skeptical of the Chinese online markets. Many believe that only dangerous, illegal, poor quality goods are traded on the Asian trading platforms. In addition, the fear of possible fraudsters is great.

However, the dealers and the products offered on AliExpress in no way do justice to this bias. Of course, as on any online platform, there are black sheep, but the vast majority of all dealers on the site are extremely serious and professional.

Tips for making the right purchase

Use the reviews on the platform as a guide. You receive an unfiltered opinion on the products via customer reviews.

Depending on the order numbers of the articles and the respective retailer. If the seller has high sales, you can assume that you are dealing with a trustworthy and experienced online retailer.

Security of delivery

When it comes to delivery, you can choose between all major shipping providers. From express shipping, where the goods take three to five days, to delivery by Airmail with a delivery time of around 25 to 40 days, everything is included.

Each shipping provider has its advantages and disadvantages. DHL is relatively inexpensive, safe and fast, but there is a high probability that packages sent with this provider will be checked by customs. If you have your goods sent to you by Airmail, you usually have to be patient, but customs seldom inspect these parcels.

If you have any questions about your delivery, customer service will be there for you within 24 hours. You can easily communicate with the AliExpress employees in German or English.

Payment options

Payment is only made by credit card in order to make possible fraudulent schemes impossible. Alipay can be used for this.

Alipay is an app developed by Alibaba. The online payment service, which is based on PayPal, is intended to provide additional security when buying on AliExpress. The money is only withheld by Alipay during payment and is kept until the product has been delivered to the customer. If the goods do not arrive at the end consumer or if there are any defects on delivery, Alipay will reimburse the amount of money to the buyer.

What do I have to watch out for in customs for AliExpress products?

Customs monitor all transports of goods that are imported into Germany from outside the EU or that leave German soil for foreign countries. If your package is held at customs, you will receive a letter in which the further procedure is described.

The most common problem is parcels without an invoice, as customs have no information about the package contents. If this is the case, you must explain in writing or on site what is in the delivery addressed to you and how much you have paid for the goods. If you paid more than 50 euros for the contents of the package, you have to pay 19 percent import tax at customs. Under this limit, goods from other EU countries are exempt from import tax.

Guarantee of AliExpress products

If after a certain period of time problems should arise with a product purchased on AliExpress, you can always contact customer service. Electronic devices are warranted for one year by AliExpress.

However, the Chinese online retailer is usually very accommodating when it comes to exchanging defective goods, regardless of whether the guarantee has already expired or not.

Purchasing illegal goods on AliExpress

The Chinese online markets are often falsely presented as pure fake shops, where only false branded clothing, watches and other goods that are illegal in Germany are sold. It is not so.

Nevertheless, you can also purchase products on AliExpress that are illegal or semi-illegal in Germany. Half gal means that the possession of the goods in Germany is tolerated, but the sale is punishable. If such a product is imported for personal use, no criminal complaint will be filed. However, if the customs secure the goods, they will be confiscated and destroyed. There are different categories of illegal or semi-legal products that can be purchased on AliExpress.


First of all, it should be made clear that the “weapons” sold on AliExpress are not sharp pistols or rifles. However, items such as stun guns, very powerful laser pointers and gas pistols with very high firing power violate the German Weapons Act. Most of these objects are legal in China and can therefore also be offered for sale on AliExpress. However, since owning such objects is a criminal offense in Germany, you should always do your research before ordering similar items from Asia.


Counterfeit clothing as well as watches or other accessories are mostly produced in China and shipped from there to Germany. In theory, buying these products is not illegal as long as they are intended for your own use. However, if the customs secure the goods, they will be destroyed. If counterfeit items are imported from Asia on a large scale, customs may conclude that they intend to sell counterfeit branded goods. This behavior is then displayed.

AliExpress is not an online retailer for luxury goods or branded products. The branded products offered there turn out to be replicas in almost all cases. If you read the product information, you will usually find a warning describing the article as plagiarism.

Alternatives to AliExpress

Anyone looking for an alternative to Aliexpress can look around at DhGate. This online market is actually designed for business customers who want to purchase goods in large quantities from Chinese producers.

However, there is also the option of purchasing items there as an end consumer. The Chinese business-to-business e-commerce retailer offers several advantages over AliExpress:

  • There is a German website
  • The price range for bulk orders is immediately visible
  • Shipping is always included in the price
  • Very fast delivery times
  • Large suppliers are checked by DhGate and marked as trustworthy
  • There is a general overview with ratings for each supplier and each product
  • DhGate takes care of the security of your delivery


Ordering from AliExpress, as well as from other Internet retailers from China, is not a great adventure. The products mostly meet European quality standards and are often cheaper than comparable items on European or American sites. Of course, as everywhere on the Internet, there are black sheep with bad products or dubious behavior. However, it is easy to avoid these sellers if you do a little research about the retailer and the product.

Of course, so-called fakes and other goods that are illegal in Germany are also offered on AliExpress. However, this is due to the legal differences between China and Germany. If you are not sure whether the product is allowed in Germany or not, you can research it accordingly on the Internet.